Pumping Iron

Just saw a commercial on Cenemax (shit, I can’t remember how to spell it!) with Arnold advertising the uncut Pumping Iron. It’ll be on that particular cable network (note artful dodge at spelling it again) in November!

cinemax bro. aka skinnamax, as i like to call it cuz they have the best soft porn on cable! and yeah, i saw that teaser too, cant wait. i havent been able to find that movie anywhere

Great! Loved Pumping Iron.

I swear to god (the God of Iron), that if someone can tape it and send the copy to me, I will provide this wonderful, wonderful, person with a “one of a kind” drawing - like a Barbarian, and sitting next to him would be his loyal wolves and maybe a babe…Anyone interested?

Patricia, soon as I find out when it is, I am your man. Herc

According to his fan website, the show is coming up on 15Nov 8PM EST on Cinemax.
The DVD edition of this will be coming out in December or early 2003

I am soo happy, I think I will cry…

Get the file sharing program called Kazaa
and download it for free.


You can get pumping iron of someones ftp.

Use program called kazaa and search for pumping iron. dload it and enjoy! Its free!

Yeah, I downloaded it off of WinMX, takes a while though. Also, check ebay, last time I did I say several copies for cheap. Half.com has some, but they are more expensive. Can’t wait to grab the DVD when it comes out.

BUT are any of these copies this uncut version?

I’m not sure if Patricia meant that she wanted a copy of the orignal or the new ‘uncut’ version guys. Apparently they were re-releasing Pumping Iron with extra footage that wasn’t included in the original movie as part of an aniversary special. I have been waiting AGES for this since they announced it some time ago. Living in Australia though we may never get to see it. If someone does get hold of a copy, I will gladly pay them it. Thanks.

Just want to add my voice to those who are wanting a copy of the tape. I’m here in Japan and can’t get the damn thing - I can’t draw, but I promise to give maaaadd props to the person who gets me a copy! (And, of course, I’ll be happy to cover expenses…)

Patricia - I will pay for a drawing of me ala Conan. Couple of babes, maybe a wolf and a tiger. Sitting on a throne holding a battleax and a bottle of ale. Somthing along the lines of Frazetta (sic).Can you make it big? Like 24" by 18". Contact me through Michelle.

Hmmm, kewl. I tell you what, I was JUST asked for some painted comic sample pages, and I’m working on some other samples for a, hopefully, upcoming project AND on top of it all: working on a online comic book. SO…I would LOVE to do this for you. I will seek out your contact info via Michelle!

that was me …“to huck” - BTW. Didn’t want to be rude!