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Training Logs

Start a training log for any goal. Keep track of your progress, stats, PRs, training details, nutrition plan, and supplements. Take a look at other logs to share tips and motivation.

Supplements and Nutrition

Ask questions about your diet plan, discuss different approaches to nutrition, post recipes, and ask questions about general supplements.

Biotest Supplement Advice

Biotest Supplement Advice is your place to ask questions about which Biotest supplements are best for your needs. We can also help you devise a supplement plan that works best for your schedule, your goals, and your budget.

Christian Thibaudeau Coaching

Coach Christian Thibaudeau's exclusive free coaching forum. Ask questions about any of his intense programs, ask for a review of your current workout, and find more training advice.

Jim Wendler 5/3/1 Coaching

Coach Jim Wendler's free forum specifically dedicated to the 5/3/1 program. Ask about any of the different training templates, find out how to fine-tune 5/3/1 for your goals, and get feedback from other lifters who've followed the plan.

Ellington Darden Coaching

With more than 75 books published, and 50 years of hardcore experience, legendary physique and fitness icon Ellington Darden is here to set us straight, and tell it like it is.

Bigger Stronger Leaner

Becoming bigger, stronger, and/or leaner is what 95% of us are looking for. Ask about your current training plan, find out which program would be best for your goals, or post form check videos to get technique tips.


Discuss competitive bodybuilding, men's physique, and classic physique competitions. Have a show coming up? Start a thread to log your progress and get feedback from experienced competitors.


Discuss competitive powerlifting, ask about the best methods for building strength in the big three, and get advice for training up to your next meet.

Figure Athletes

Discuss competitive women's figure, fitness, and bikini competitions and the training and nutrition required to look like those physique athletes.

Powerful Women

Get advice specifically for women's needs. No three-pound weights or step aerobics here. It's just intense training. If you're a lifter who happens to be female, start your training log here to share training tips, nutrition advice, and motivation with women who are serious about getting results.

Over 35 Lifter

This is the place for the lifter with plenty of "life experience", whether you've just started training or have been at it for 20 years. Discuss the tips and tricks that get top performance from a time-tested body or start a log here to join men and women who prove age really is just a number.


Everyone in the gym was a beginner at some point. Ask questions and let more experienced lifters help you figure out the best training and nutrition plan for your goal. You can also post form check videos to make sure you're using proper technique from the start.


Discuss professional and amateur combat sports (boxing, MMA, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, etc.) as well as getting tips to balance specific strength and conditioning work with your own martial arts practice.


Post your questions about cardio/conditioning exercises and plans, bodyweight-only training, kettlebell and other non-barbell lifting methods, obstacle racing, and any training that pushes the endurance just as much as the muscles.

Olympic Lifting

Discuss competitive Olympic-style weightlifting, ask about the best way to train the snatch and clean & jerk, and post form check videos to refine your technique in the competitive lifts.


Discuss competitive strongman contests, ask about how to use the various implements and how to best train for the balance of strength, speed, and endurance strongmen need. Entered a show? Start a thread to get advice and encouragement from other competitors.

Injuries and Rehab

An injury doesn't have to keep you out of action forever. Post the details of the problem you've suffered and get advice from other lifters who may have gone through it already. This advice is not a substitute for professional medical care. Consider listening to your doctor when treating an injury.

Off Topic

Need a break from talking about lifting and diet? This is where you can discuss anything from sports teams to movies and television to your relationship troubles. Looking for new music for your workout playlist? Trying to find jeans that fit your monster quads? It's all off-topic.

Politics and World Issues

Political situations, national and international issues, and religious topics. All the heavy subjects you're not supposed to discuss in "polite company", discuss here. State your views, argue your side, and defend your positions, but remember to keep it civil.

Rate My Physique Photos

Post your before and afters to get an honest, brutally honest, assessment of how you've done building your physique and what still needs work. NSFW pics will not be allowed.

T Replacement

Ask questions about Testosterone Replacement Therapy, get help interpreting your lab bloodwork results, and discuss treatment options with lifters going through the same situation. This forum is not a substitute for professional medical advice.


This is not a place to ask about sources, labs, websites, distributors, or brands. This forum is intended for the discussion of safe and effective methods of using anabolics and managing post-cycle therapy (PCT).

Forum Feedback

Post your questions or issues regarding the technical functions of the website and forums. Constructive criticism (note the word constructive) and questions about site functions are welcome.