Are My Legs Too Small For My Build?

Yeah, this says nothing lol.

Position specific training for principal dancer
Off stage classroom film study

Guess what? I just switched a few words and I’m describing ballerina training.

Reminds me of the line in Forever 531:

“Basketball is a unique sport: it requires strong hips, legs, midsection and arms. It requires you to be in good shape, be fast and be explosive. It requires good footwork and total body awareness. This is totally different from football that requires strong hips, legs, midsection and arms. It requires you to be in good shape, be fast and be explosive. It requires good footwork and total body awareness.”


Position specific training:

I play Quarterback,
So I practice QB skills in this part.
Passing drills, Target practice, Ball placement drills along with WRs route running and 1, 3, 5, 7 step drops.

I do footwork drills that are specific to QB position and then some general speed and footwork drills.

As you can see I am still overweight and especially in the tummy region, so I do some conditioning drills on my own and sometimes a PT is available I will go train with the PT outside at a park.

Off-field classroom training:
I take online classroom training from a Top QB guru in the states, he teaches me reading the defenses, decision making skills, and also he teaches me to read my opponents’ film and my own film as well

Yes, I know, it’s not orange, it’s Red.

Its good for training without pads and not too tight, just fits a proper size, but with pads, it’s bit tight. So I just use this pair of jerseys for normal training

No Stadium steps.

But I can get a weighted vest.

Yes, I have access to various sleds

If memory serves … sorta. I remember somthing about him saying somthing about currently trying to walk on TCU in a August post. But as pointed out it would be a violation of NCAA rules since he mentioned playing semi pro ball.

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OP thought had a legitimate chance to make it to an NFL 50 man roster …At 30. …With Fat-Asian genetics

-then again his preference was for the Cowboys, so given the shitshow that is the NFC East he’s prob in with a shot :rofl::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::rofl::rofl::yum:

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I love how the “before” pic is just neck up. :rofl:

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Everyone is going to have egg on their faces when the OP shows us pictures and highlight reels of him an action

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If you have a coach, do what your coach says. You don’t need to focus on anything specific weightlifting-wise to improve your QB game

I disagree. CrossFit (seriously) covers all of those as well.

That’s not really how it works. And, right now, your excessive body fat is lowering your speed. But a bunch of us already told you that in August. We also told you that back in 2018. There’s nothing new here, it just isn’t sinking in.

Nope. Proper nutrition would go a very long way to solving that issue. It’s clear you give your diet close to zero attention, as evidenced by the fact that you’ve lost a whole 12 pounds in the last six months. Someone your size eating halfway decent while doing consistent sports practice and legit conditioning would’ve improved much more in that long a timeframe.

Also, back in August, you said your coach wanted you between 235-240. How pissed is he that you completely ignored what he told you to do? And are you still wasting $1000 a month on a QB coach?


Thanks @Chris_Colucci.

I went back and read my own response in that thread. It was magical, as if concocted by a poetic wizard with experiential knowledge of the tribulations facing a D1 walk-on. I stand by it.



I had to come to Europe because of classes being online and also just to point out the leagues I played for are considered as amateur according to NCAA as I already got checked with various compliance officers at various schools I am interested in

You can see the fat in my face right ?

I will definitely post once I am finished with the visceral fat loss, thanks for the encouragement.


Just to explain a bit further,

I had to fly to Europe in September and Gyms were in lockdown since November and the first 2 weeks of my time were spent in Quarantine and by the time I got settled and getting ready to start my training everything got locked down. So that has put in a problem, but I understand and agree with what you said as until mid January I didn’t realize how important my diet was. But after that I stopped eating outside except for coffee at Starbucks. I am learning to cook my own food that supports my nutrition, I took a consultation with a nutritionist and really working hard since mid January to get things straight.

So, are you saying a QB with Higher muscular mass can actually maintain the speed without any Compromise ?

Does that makes sense ? What I am trying to say ?

I mean can I have extra muscle mass on me without sacrificing my speed and footwork ?

You have too much mass to be fast or quick. It is not muscle that’s the culprit.

I’m not trying to be mean, but you’re wasting folks’, and your own, time.



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Okay, I will get rid off of my visceral fat mass and then I will come back here.