Are My Legs Too Small For My Build?

Hi guys,

This is my progress from almost 140 Kg(2018) to current 115 Kg. Height 6’3 3/4(192.5 cm).

I am just doing my sports specific training.

The body fat analysis says the muscle mass ratio is just normal on all muscles except for the visceral fat. 50+ inches of waist down to 40 at the moment.

I feel like my legs are way too small for my build and I am seeing some improper symmetry in my physique.

How should I build my legs while on sports specific training (this is not negotiable).

Any advice ?


Squat relatively heavy and squat often.

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Is the size okay or looking non-symmetric

Yes, post your full body.

Also, nobody except you cares if your legs aren’t big enough. So you either want bigger legs or you don’t.

If you do, what does your leg training look like?

That depends what you want to look like, or what you want to perform like? What’s your aim here?

Like I said, I mostly do sport specific on field training and do legs once a week.

I just want to perform well to be honest, because of covid, I was staying away from Gym and visiting only once when the gym is almost empty.

Just wondering, your username says strongman goals, by any chance by incorporating strongman sort of training will help me to perform better In my sport ?

I mean I am a big fan of strongman and I see that it is the only sport that covers conditioning, endurance, strength, grip etc and I watched a strongman athlete train once, he became completely exhausted after the training, not even in a position to walk and he was pretty big, muscular and fast.

Any word on that ?

First performance, followed by looks. Want to put on some muscle by next year after cutting down some fat as the hits I am taking are bit rough

I can’t imagine how having bigger legs will hurt either of those goals, personally.

Putting on muscle mass will lower the speed and have to train extra to maintain the muscle mass as sports specific training will burn lot of energy

If you are not familiar with Dan John, check out his stuff. Very performance centered.

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Assuming that what you mean by sport specific is training specifically performance-based for your chosen sport, then so long as you are improving on the field of play, and you don’t have any medically discernible structural discrepancies, you should be fine regardless.


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If you believe your legs might be too small for your body, they most definitely are, and probably way too small.

My only solution is weights (squats) and leg machines: heavy AND high reps. IMO, only the very gifted can significantly improve leg size outside the gym.

Hi, thanks for being honest. I did feel they are skinny, are you comparing my height and my legs or my visceral fat or overall build ?

The season has just started and have to work alot on footwork, conditioning, speed, position specific training and this is not negotiable. Should I continue like this for the season and in the off season should I work on building them or should I start building now itself, my legs are pretty big since as a teenager, but the sports training is bringing the size down and fat is almost gone and legs are getting smaller and I can see there’s pretty less muscle. What should I do ? Can I incorporate strongman training my strength, size as I see they are pretty big

Don’t you have a coach who should be helping with all this?

What exactly is sport specific training? You’re being exceptionally vague about what your training is like. Hence the lack of specific responses.

Sport specific training:

Position specific training for Quarterback
Off field classroom film study

I am in Europe Sir and in lockdown
So until I get access to good coaches, I have to work on my own training

Keep doing these.

Are there stadium steps you can walk/run?
A weighted vest?
Pull/push sleds? Pull anything heavy?

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