Football Conditioning for Obese Athlete

Hello everyone,

I am 30 years old and I just started playing football as a QB to a local team in Hungary. We train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am very fat at 300 lbs. I have a 50 inch waist and I am getting tired easily during training. My coach is looking at me in despair and he is controlling himself not to yell at me as a respect of my age. I really feel embarrassed. I want to get better and be the best.

I am actually looking if anyone could help me on what should I do to not get tired easily and keep my conditioning and endurance through out the training. I am looking for a experienced personnel in football conditioning and endurance to help me train. I am willing to pay monthly $100 to train me via online. That’s the amount I could afford now, but if I am seeing results, I will pay more. I also want to lose my body weight and get in shape. My QB coach said that I have a terrible footwork, so he told me to train with the Defensive line to improve my footwork.

Lastly, I am asking for your suggestions in my case. Every comment helps. Thank you.

Eat less. That’s my free gift to you.


A 300 pounds QB? Damn! It shouldn’t be that hard to lose weight if you’re very fat. At first just cut the obvious crap (soda, chips, candy etc) and try to eat a bit better. Go to the gym also if you can and starting lifting. That’s what I did when I was playing

How tall are you?

You don’t need anyone experienced in football to help you. You’re currently so out of shape, the fact that you play football doesn’t really matter other than the fact that it counts as regular activity and exercise.

Your footwork will automatically improve when you lose 50-75 pounds. Eat like this.

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, do this:

In 3 or 4 weeks, do this instead.

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I have personally found the easiest way to lose weight without getting meticulous about it is to create a relatively short list of foods you can eat and only eat those foods. Something like the Vertical Diet for example (note, I’ve never do the vertical diet it’s just an example).

Me, for example,
Breakfast: 1/4th Egg casserole

Chicken bowl

My list is:
Steak (usually fatter cuts like Ribeye)
Chicken (I prefer thighs for their taste and higher fat)
Pork (usually chops - maybe once a week)
Ground beef, chicken, or turkey (egg casserole)
Seafood (Flouder, Salmon, & Shrimp mostly)

Veggies (with dinner mostly, but I eat less than I probably should)
Fruit (a couple pieces a week usually)

See protein
Oils (olive and coconut mostly)
Butter (from grass fed cows)

You can make some really delicious filling meals with just the above, it cuts all the extra crap out, and you don’t have to really think about it.

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