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Help Me Build the Ideal Proper Physique - A 32 Y/O Quarterback

Hello folks,

I got some questions regarding both sports and physique training. I was 6’3 300 lbs back in 2018 and I am now 6’3 265 lbs. I don’t know what is the ideal weight for a Quarterback is, but I don’t want to be one of those skinny Quarterbacks.

This is me back in 2012 when I started playing football as a QB. I wanted to build a Bigger, Stronger and leaner and muscular Physique but I ended up looking SKinny and lean.

I am losing weight like how did 8 years ago, but I don’t know how to build a thick muscular Physique. This is my current Physique after losing 35 lbs

I am able to hit big numbers in Bench press, squat, dead lift and military press and training extra hard on my arms and fore arms as my fiancee likes big arms, I am just hitting big numbers but in my physique, I am not seeing any muscle. What is happening here ?

I think this is what happening inside, my body has lots of fat and less muscle so that only when I am getting skinny that actual muscularity is being visible, am I being right ?

Please help me to build an ideal body for a Duel threat QB. And also the mistakes I am doing and not being able to see proper muscularity.

I want to be the fastest, strongest and amazingly muscular athlete, and I am not rushing at all. I am working out with patience with long term goals. Please help me. Thank you.

Who are “those skinny Quarterbacks” you’re talking about? I think you have things backwards.

You ended up looking far, far more like a quarterback than your current pictures suggest. If you want an “ideal body for a dual threat quarterback”, you should look up what dual threat quarterbacks look like. Hint: it’s not like what you look like right now. You’re not eating right or working out hard enough, and it’s showing. The good news is, all you have to do is do what you did to look like you did before and you’ll be on the path to your goal.

Should i call it now…or wait and see how this thread pans out?


I’m confused. You’re 32 years old right? Did you play in College? For UT (as your shirt implies)? Obviously you did not move on to professional football so…my question is, what is your goal? To be a “dual threat” QB on weekends with your buddies?

To be honest, you’re morbidly obese with no visible muscle tone or definition. Your belly fat is literally hanging over your shorts. I find it hard to believe you’re even active at a minimum level.


What happened that you gained so much weight as a young, active guy?

I don’t know either, but a quick Google brings up this semi-formal chart stating the average NFL QB is around 6’3", 225 (as of a couple years ago). Not sure how that compares to how you were back in your playing days, but it might be a target to keep in mind.

What are your current PRs on those lifts?

Your training and nutrition don’t match your goal. That’s exactly what’s happening.

Lay out your current weekly training (weights and cardio) and diet so we can see what needs fixing.



No Sir,

I play for a semi pro team in Texas and even at semipro level in Texas, games get pretty serious and rowdy.

What an incredibly weird thread


I was in my peak shape and physical conditioning untill February 2014 and we were getting ready to start our season, and suddenly my mother died in India and also I faced a serious loss in my business later, so I just stopped working out or doing anything, and found comfort in just eating and eating and went from 220 lbs to 300 lbs, later I was diagnosed with depression, paranoid and anxiety, and was put on anti depressants

I just didn’t workout or train until 2018, and in 2018, I went to Hungary and started playing football on the defensive line and I was 300 lbs at that time, but I started working out slowly and currently pushed down my weight from 300 lbs to 265 lbs.

Bench Press: 275 lbs
Squat: 330 lbs
DL: 400 lbs
Press: 190 lbs

I am currently following JW 5/3/1 for almost 1.5 years, I bought the 2.0 version book and doing according to his templates for 3-4 days a week + daily 5 mile walk + Abs+ Arms+ some extra sets on legs.

November 2018 weight was 296 lbs
August 2020 was 267 lbs

My QB coach told me to keep it between 225-240. He used Cam Newton as an example saying he is around 235-240 and calling him a Defensive End playing QB.

My personal QB coach is an Bills Alumni and played a season for the bills as QB, he is 6’4 240 and he tells me to keep it between 235-240, I am worried I might be getting slower if I put on more weight than standard 215-230 QBs.

The opponents we play really got some strong hitters and our team QBs were unable to keep up them, even though it is semipro level. I am already 32, and I want to keep up with those hitters, there are some dudes who are reaching 45s and yet they hit very hard.

I am currently on the Defensive Line till I lose my body weight and get back in shape,

@ 267lbs?

Playing D line in a semi pro league?

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Sorry to be a buzz kill but your definition of “big numbers” is a little different to most people on this forum. For example - we are fairly even on bench and press. But I deadlifted 405lb 10 times last week, and squatted 405lb twice. And I wouldn’t class myself as having “big lifts”.

I also can’t understand the time line.

You played QB in the states - then moved to Hungry and played DL?
I mean QB is massively technical role. The ability to get an 8 inch ball through a 7 inch gap does not depend on your weight really. Does it?


I am not an American. I was introduced to Football in 2012 in the UK. I started playing for a Welsh team, I started as a QB, as I was in peak shape at that time, so I started playing QB until 2014. Feb 2014- Mar 2018, didn’t play anywhere, just was under the healing process and in March 2018 I went to Europe (Budapest, Hungary) and started training with a local football team
There are 3 divisions in this football team, First division is where the well trained and skilled athletes play, and second and third divisions for developing athletes, and the coach put me on D line and told me to play this position untill I lose weight.

I played in Hungary from 2018- Jan 2020, and then in January 2020 I came to Texas for school and was not playing but just doing some lifting.

From May 2020, I started playing for a local Texas team and they had some exhibition games and some few games to generate some revenue, my american coach told me he would make me QB if I lose weight and get back in shape and improve my skills. So I started paying $1000 per month on private QB training and also Playing D line for the team.

Playing the D line really helped my conditioning,
And also after coming to the states my businesses did well, and I made friends with a business man, who is a close friend with Jerry Jones. I asked him if he can get me a tryout with the cowboys to play QB. He told me to have an impressive film to show it to scouts and coaches, but told me not to have any high hopes up as I am getting very old sports wise.

I am transferring to TCU(horned frogs) next year and requesting the NCAA to give me special eligibility based on the grounds that I come from a no football country.
So, I am just working hard to atleast get a tryout for the cowboys after going as walk on at tcu and then getting a reel/tape at tcu and then showing it to cowboys.

My doctor also told me to motivate myself and work hard to keep my brain/mind active and it will help my depression, anxiety and paranoid to ease down.

That’s my story Sir

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I played QB in the UK.
Then played D line in Hungary,
Now I am in the states training QB and playing D line simultaneously

Those are pretty much my numbers, but I’m a 47 year old academic and weigh 100 lbs less.


The thing is the football used in the games are not constant size. For example , the ball used in the NFL, is bit less wider, easy to throw a spiral on it and the ball is Wilson Duke.

But at college level, you play with Nike Vapor and Spalding balls, these balls are much wider and difficult to grip. So for someone trying to throw a spiral properly, you have to train on various balls, I have 4 sets of 3 types of balls and practice throwing spirals and accuracy every alternative days. And for someone like who didn’t grow up playing with football/catch it’s bit difficult.

Back in the UK, we didn’t have a coach to teach us how to throw, our team gave us YouTube tutorials and told us to learn from them. While I was playing in the UK all of my throws were wobbly, it is after training under a personal QB coach in the US, I started seeing better spirals.

In a year of crazy is this quote of 2020, anyone???


I know that it’s impossible to get a tryout with the cowboys, but I just use it as a motivation to train better and hard.

Guys, I know y’all might be thinking I am trolling or something, but I posted my pics and told my story genuinely, yeah you can make fun of me for trying to get a tryout with the cowboys and all, but please help me guys apart from the Jokes. It would be appreciated if you can guide me on to something to become a bigger, stronger, faster and agile dual threat QB