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Bulldog and the Bullpup Training



Well the old one is filled up onto a new one.

I guess the thing to do would to be to reintroduce myself for any first timers who are clicking on this new log/blog.

Im 39 years old. Father of two boys 11,12 whom I rant about regularly. Im married to a wonderful wife who keeps me in line. I work full time and Im very active in are area Youth Football program.

I compete drug free ( not that it matters)and unequipped in the USAPL and NASA.I have been back at training for a little over 2 1/2 years after a very long layoff due to life issues,health problems and a damn shoulder injury. Ive been lifting on and off going on 20 years plus In that time Ive competed in BB, Low level Strongman and now power lifting .

Training program: At this point my program is in a state of evolution. Its a combination of different principles; 5/3/1 ,Westside along with a few others with my own twist added.

Goals: At this point just get stronger end of story.

I have to warn anyone new that your not going to find anything ground breaking in my training log. Every once in awhile ( alright, quite often) I'll rant to vent over things that kinda bugs the hell out of me.Be it in regards to lifting or other life issues.


Cheers to an awesome new log :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


just sitting down waiting for something to happen in these parts...


The new adventures of Bulldog!!


Im not sure me continuing with a log warrants any cheers. More then likely a collective groan.


Check in Saturday afternoon. I should be posting some training numbers.It always good for a laugh or two. Luckily Im almost over my "bug"(thoughtful provided by my children). Im going to head to the local YMCA and try to do some pulling.


Fun for all ages :slight_smile:





warm up : the normal

Front squats : 135 x 5/ 225 x 3 / 275 x 3/ 315 x 3
cleans: 135 x 5 / 185 x 3 / 205 x 3......slow with no power

rack pulls (below knees): not worth mentioning ,Lets just say that a warm up weight stopped me dead in my tracks

Pull throughs : 3 x20 x stack

Sit up : a few sets.

To my displeasure I found that I'm not recovered from my bought with the "bug". I knew this going into the Y today but pride over ruled common sense. You know breakfast taste great after the second or third time. I hope another day of rest will help. Next week is supposed to be a heavy week for me.If today was a indication I'm going to be very disappointed in my performance.


I miss you're old avatar.


I think your avi should be that beautiful fence of yours.


Don't borrow trouble by worrying about next week already. You'll probably be feeling a lot more recovered by Monday.


Despite our best efforts, sometimes Mother Nature wins. Lots of time before next week. How is your appetite? I think that is a big reason that illness screws up performance...not enough fuel in the tank.




Hey !!! Don't say mean things about my fence :frowning: (sob)

Your right, I shouldn't get worried about next weeks training. But it hard to do since last week ended up being a bust. Like I mention above ,the coming week is a heavy week with the intensity range in the 95% plus range. With the following week being a deload.


I wish, Mother Nature would kiss my big hairy rear right now. My appetite is alright except for Wednesday when I was doing my best to keep from vomiting. Neither the wife nor myself are over this yet. Right now all I'm noticing is allot of fatigue and a dull ache all over.


I now realise as of late what I'm missing in my training, It isn't a type of exercise or any type of program at this point. I realize Ive become too complacent. Ive become too cerebral in my training and less visceral. Im not bringing a "Im want to rip someones head off" mind set, when I train like I use to . It time for me to start getting more aggressive and just go to war against the bar.


You got that right! As the saying goes " Attitude is the most important piece of equipment in the gym!

Ups... maybe I should give you a translation of that...

Go Bulldog!!


This sums up perfectly what I feel I'm lacking too. I train hard and I'm very consistent, but I don't train "fired up".

Unfortunately I don't know how to get that aggression I want. I've tried listening to harder music but it's not working.

I guess as far as touchdown celebrations are concerned, I'm more Barry Sanders than Deion Sanders.


In all seriousness I'm going to write that down and place it in my garage. Thanks my man.


I guess that's is a question you can only answer yourself. For me in the past it was easy when I was younger. I use to suffer from major anger issue in my younger days.