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Bulldog and Bullpup Log Part 2



Well the old one is filled up onto a new one.

I guess the thing to do would to be to reintroduce myself for any first timers who are clicking on this new log/blog.

I'm 39 years old. Father of two boys 12,13 whom I rant about regularly. I'm married to a wonderful wife who keeps me in line. I work full time and I'm very active in are area Youth Football program.

I compete drug free ( not that it matters)and unequipped in the USAPL and NASA.I have been back at training for a little over 2 1/2 years after a very long layoff due to life issues,health problems and a damn shoulder injury. Ive been lifting on and off going on 20 years plus In that time Ive competed in BB, Low level Strongman and now power lifting .

Goals: At this point just to get stronger end of story.

I have to warn anyone new that your not going to find anything ground breaking in my training log. Every once in awhile ( alright, quite often) I'll rant to vent over things that kinda bugs the hell out of me.Be it in regards to lifting or other life issues.


In all honesty there a little too much "Me" in that boy.



warm up : light db movements

M presses: bar x 20
100 x 5
125 x 5
150 x 3
175 x 3
200 x 3
220 x 3

CG bench : 2 x 6 x 285

Bent rows : 3 x 5 x 235

Shrugs: 3 x 15 x 305

Fat bar arm curls : 3 x 6-8 x some weight

That's all she wrote.


You don't say?


Just a little..... :slight_smile:


And that is one of the great things about you and your blog. Rant on!

Nice work. At first, given the pic, which I thought was a bullpup, I couldn't reconcile the numbers with the lifter. Then I went...duh...


I think its groundbreaking that you aren't gonna be groundbreaking.


Are you sure that you really want to encourage me?


UUGGHHHH.....Matty? Maybe i'm just tired between work ,coaching and lifting. But I'm lost on what you mean.


A new log already? Jeez.

Hit anyone yet?


Yep new log. I talk too much.

Nope not yet. But damn ! I really want to. Nice thing is those individuals deserve it. Ive move up to more then one.


AHA! Much like fungus and herpes I am back.

I see you have some new bulldog pictures.


Damn. Now I feel the need to see a doctor.


Of course I want to encourage you. Better to get it out here, where we can share it, than to need your wife to bail you out of jail.


Seriously Poundstones a Bad ass.

But when I was watching this I was laughing my ass off. Because I assume that's his wife/girlfriend cheering him on. Then I though does she sound that way when there in the sack. I know there something wrong with me. But about 29 seconds in it gets funny if you listen and think about.


Good point.


I am literally laughing so hard my eyes are watering. It's affecting ym typing. You are a sicko, you deviant scumbag!


Lol...that was funny! You are so spot on. Talk about performing under pressure.


HAHAHAHAHAHA! Perfect dry sense of humor!!

I have a heavy bag or a big tire and sledgehammer when I need to let off steam when I am angry.


i always add "while in bed" to he end of my fortune cookie saying its always good fun