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Trump: The Third Year


And this fact scares the ever loving shit out of me.


I’m not scared about what they are saying as much as their cluelessness. Now, if they really believed what they say then it would be different.



This is when I start having much more faith in our “System” of checks and balances and our Constitution…and the realization that it will weather these pseudo-socialist and Trump both.


This…even more so after listening to her on “60 minutes” tonight.

Ocasio-Cortez certainly is no where near the “Apocalyptic/America-as-we-know-it-will-be-destroyed” She-Beast that Hannity and the like have been ranting about…

Naive and idealistic is more like it.


One other thought…this Idea of the “direction” of the ParTIES (plural).

While both appear to be getting “pulled” toward ideological poles…I think we have to let the “dust settle” 1) Post-Trump for the GOP and 2) this strange “euphoria” that’s seems to grasp Congress when a large number of “new-comers/game-changes” come on Board for the DEMS. (in the past 20-30 years; this isn’t the first time we’ve had all of this publicity around new “game-changers”).

Now…I think both parties will be changed over the next 5-10 years, for sure…but IMO, what that will look like specifically is unclear.


You have a special Hate-On for Hannity. I’m fairly far right and I haven’t listened to talk radio for… 8ish years. You seem reasonable and not like the type to listen to daytime talk radio when it annoys you, so my guess is your coworker in the next office blasts Hannity and it drives you nuts.

One could argue that “free” single payer healthcare, “guaranteed” jobs, “free” college education is a pretty “apocalyptic” direction. Not necessarily more so than the Socialist policies eroding the US since 1913 or so… just faster than our current decline.


Those things, at least not all of them, won’t be happening.


But we’ll see more of it. Socialism becomes more attractive when capitalism looks like it’s falling down on the job, and capitalism always looks at its worst when the version in play at the highest level is the cronyist version.

Which we have now. And it reached peak cronyism with the election a grifter president whose primary goal is to use the office to enrich himself (and hiring cabinet members who do the same - see the former Secretary of the Interior, for example).

AOC and her young, naive ideological brethren have wrongheaded solutions - but they’re not wrong that there’s a problem.


If I had to guess, the GOP will become more populist/nativist and anti-globalist while the DNC will tilt further to the open border left while further embracing status quo economics.

That’s assuming that the debt bomb doesn’t explode, of course.


Well rejoice. If it was apocalyptic it’d be budget related. Since that’s fubar’d either way at least people will get free shit along with their out of control federal spending instead of walls and armies.



Never have and never will listen to Talk Radio.

I most certainly don’t seek him out (nor Rachel Maddows or any MSNBC taking head, for that matter…)…but Hannity is a FOX talking-head that is hard to avoid even if you wanted to.


No they won’t.

Even Anderson-freakin’-Cooper was challenging Ocasio-Cortez last night…

He did everything but shake his head and roll his eyes with some of her assertions and “solutions”.


And on the “other” side you have the Demagogue Trump…who is not wrong in pointing out that there are problems…but blaming it all on Democrats, Putin haters and dirty little brown people; while offering the “solution” of massive tax cuts, massive increases in Defense Spending, Border Walls and overall Government by Twitter…


Must watch. It will only take 20 minutes.


I very much enjoy Niall’s work. I was pleased to see him admit that the only reason he supported remain was because he was mates with David Cameron.


Lol. No balanced budgets ever again! From anyone! Insolvency, it’s one thing everyone agrees on.


Evergreen post.


Excellent piece from John Gray.


I always loved John Gray and his steadfast pessimism :slight_smile:


He and Peter Hitchens have polished my jeremiad outlook to a mirror sheen.