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Trump: The Third Year


Well…the New Year is here…so it’s time for an updated thread.

I really don’t have much to say about Trump as we go into 2019; but not to worry…

It won’t take long…


Happy New Year.



Is that supposed to be Trump…or Al Davis? (It looks more like the late “You ALL can Kiss my Ass” Al!)


It’s Al.

Just riffing on Trump’s latest “we gonna win so much” blurb, for my across the ideological aisle colleagues here. :wink:


Well nothing has changed. He’s still playing President and he’s still lying.
I’m just hoping that mueller’s report comes out soon and it is as devastating as I think it will be but no matter what it says his base of 25% will still support him and another 50% won’t care.


Doesn’t this read as something Cardi B or one of the Kardashians would write? This is high school drama queen stuff right here…


Give me 45 days to file my taxes. We’ll see how happy/pissed I am with him.


I just ran across this in the Globe and Mail today, a Canadian newspaper. It is about the odds of whatever happening, and they had a section on the US:

The United States

Odds that the Democrats will begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump: 91 per cent

Probability that the House of Representatives will vote to impeach Mr. Trump: 37 per cent

Odds of Mr. Trump’s conviction after an impeachment trial in the Senate: 11 per cent

Probability than Donald Trump will be President in 12 months’ time: 91 per cent

Odds that more of his current or former associates will be indicted: 100 per cent

Odds that Mr. Trump will get to nominate at least one more Supreme Court justice: 72 per cent

Odds that his nominee will be confirmed: 82 per cent


High school drama queen stuff? Pretty accurate, yeah.


I never had faith in him despite some good ideas he has simply because I knew they were only ideas that would never be put into action.

He saw an element of the population that had been neglected and exploited it for an election.

He is scattered, unfocused, and narcissistic. I like some things about him though.

I didn’t vote for him. I’ve only voted once.


So… the Wall has already been built and Mexico paid for it? I’m willing to bet that in the run up to the 2020 elections talking heads on FOX will repeat the mantra “The President promised the wall and delivered! And it didn’t cost US taxpayers a single dime!”


Enlighten yourselves.




Is it really still even debated that the media is biased against Trump? Where are the libs that haven’t had their duh moment yet?


I would say those “duhless” libs are the ones that hang breathlessly on the words of their leftist prophets in the MSM and entertainment industry, believing Trump to be evil, GOP to be complicit, and tens of millions of conservatives to be misguided or uneducated.

Apparently, there are tens of millions of these leftists. You are fortunate to have risen above their sorry state, and realized that it is mostly about a tiny few maintaining a narrative that allows them to control the majority of power and assets.


I wholeheartedly believe all of these things. It’s absolutely not reliant on recognizing the industry Trump was taking pot shots at before he was even a thing is biased against him.

Of fuckin course they’re biased against him. In other news, the coal industry is biased against Hillary.

I think the GOP controls the majority of power and assets personally.

Source is state and national % of GOP vs Dems, and the GOP still being the party that pulls in wealthy people

Agreed on the few running things. But that’s been a thing for all of recorded human history, and likely isn’t going anywhere, regardless of party affiliation.


They’re both slimy.


It amazes me how each “side” not only demonizes the other side…but also tries to claim some moral high ground…


Does media have the responsibility to remain objective and unbiased?


As a concept? Sure I guess it’d be nice. Imo to a much lesser extent than our POTUS remaining objective and unbiased, but I definitely see your point.

It’s important to remember capitalism is a thing, the media isn’t publicly funded, and they’re a direct result of what people want to consume.