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Trump: The Third Year


I think we’ve said all that needs to be said. Have a good one!


Understood. You too, man.


He’s not the first, but he’s in a different category. Nixon was obviously bad, but he lied mainly to cover up wrongdoing - Trump does all that and more. He lies casually in hopes of getting things he wants (big or small) or just to get a headline, and does so pathologically.

There’s a million examples, but the one that serves as the perfect example is his lie about the imminent middle class tax cut that he let fly right before the mid-term elections - there was no such bill and Congress wasn’t even in session.


Has anyone noticed Trump’s bizarre remark about how the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was justified because of “terrorists” (?).

Yes, I know it’s Rachel Maddow. Yes, I know she’s smug, insufferable, much dumber that she thinks she is, that she plays loose with the facts and I can’t stand her. But in this particular segment I cannot find any factual mistakes.


How is it the press’s fault that Cain is a pervert? How is it the press’s fault that Republicans bailed on him?


I don’t think Trump said that because he reads Soviet news but he just assumed that must have been the reason since he is ignorant of global dynamics.


No, no no. This is a Putin move from a month ago to retroactively rebrand the invasion of Afghanistan as a “anti-terrorist operation”. Seriously, outside of Russian fringe right circles (and I’m sure the Donald doesn’t read Russian) there wasn’t a mention of this theory in English anywhere.

I’m not buying the theory that Trump came up all by himself with the exact same reasoning as rabid right-wing Russian propaganda, recently legitimized by Putin himself.

Last month, Russian lawmakers took another big step in the same direction by approving a draft resolution that seeks to justify the Soviet Union’s war in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989. The formal vote on the measure — proposed jointly by lawmakers from the United Russia and Communist parties — will be held before the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops on Feb. 15. Hailing the decision, Communist lawmaker Nikolai Kharitonov called it a victory for “historical truth.”

The real historical truth — without quotation marks — was made public with the partial declassification of Soviet archives after 1991. The decision to invade Afghanistan was taken by the Politburo in December 1979; the measure was euphemistically titled “On the situation in ‘A.’ ” The first contingent of the USSR’s 40th Army crossed the Amu Darya River into Afghanistan on Dec. 25. Two days later, the Afghan dictator Hafizullah Amin – whose request for assistance served as the pretext for the invasion — was murdered by Soviet special forces in Tajbeg Palace.

The war lasted for nearly a decade. Among its consequences were 1 million civilian casualties; the rise of Islamist fundamentalist groups (backed by the West as a counterweight to the Soviets); and the collapse of the Soviet economy, which precipitated the end of the Soviet Union, which is now so lamented by both Putin and the Communists. The estimated cost in human lives for the Soviet armed forces was 15,000 dead and 54,000 injured.


I didn’t say it was the press’s fault that Cain is a pervert. My claim was that republicans were prepared to carry black candidates to front runner status. Then, early on enough, the mainstream media widely reported on allegations. Later still, the same mainstream media reported on the fact that the candidates’ support eroded after said reporting.


Frankly, I think republicans got tired of watching their candidate’s history coming back to haunt them. Cain especially seemed to be a hit. But, he was abandoned because of sexual assault allegations. But, before that, Cain was the t-party ant-establishment guy before Trump even ran.

After that, I think far too many republicans became apathetic about personal failings. Even noting how the left still seemed to have a love affair with the Clintons. Talk about sexual assault allegations and victim smearing…Combine that with the racism smears, PC, and progressive identity politics…Well, seems to me Trump became a big ole’ middle finger.

Heck, before Trump, Bush (the guy everyone seems to love all of a sudden–he gave candy to Mrs. Obama!–didn’t care about black people (Katrina).

So, a big ole middle finger.

And the same crap that led to Trump is still going on.


That is weird, especially because it was contemporary news of world events. I remember seeing stories about it on TV here, and I was only 7-mid teens.


Trump is for sure a symbolic middle finger to progressive liberals and progressive society… which is going off the deepend (but not nearly as widespread as the media would have you believe).

But, lets keep some perspective here. Trumps antics and behavior are so far off the scale of respectability, and so numerous and constant that it is impossible to even compare previous political misbehavior from other folks. The sleaziest politicians typically have one or two scandals and are either apologetic or hide it fairly well. Trump ticks the box for damn near every scandal, and DAILY says and does things that historically would have been huge scandals for previous presidents.

Trump has a similar number of women accusing him of sexual misconduct as Slick Willy.
Trump provided less aid to and gave less Fucks about puerto rico than Bush did in the Katrina shitshow.
Trumps election misconduct is likely to turn out far worse than Nixon’s.
His foreign policy screwups(specifically russia and Saudi Arabia) are either terrifying ineptitude, or tied to protecting his personal interests.
Etc, etc, etc.

FFS, is all this really worth it just so “you” don’t have to call a biological women by her preferred pronoun the one time every 2 years you run across that kind of pretentious person?

I just honestly do not understand how he still has millions of staunch supporters.


I didn’t vote for him. And still won’t. I didn’t post for a rather long time because I lost a bet against Zeb. I didn’t imagine he could actually win. Not in a million years Well he did…I will vote for whatever pro-life candidate–who has only eyes for his/her spouse–that looks to have a chance at beating him in the Primary. If that fails, I will not vote for Trump. But, there is a reason people felt compelled to vote Trump. And, I think it’s to push back. And, if we aren’t very careful, they’ll do it again.


Yeah i meant the general “you” not you personally. Just don’t go off the deep-end and vote for someone who wants to ban porn (like Santorum), cause then we got issues ha!.


Best excuse for wanton lust I’ve ever heard. Well done.


Any of you guys here voted for Trump because he promised to build a wal… I mean a fence…that technically already exists?


That’s a nice 2020 slogan, isn’t it?


I remember that supposed genius Condi Rice saying that the insurgency in Iraq mimicked that in post war Germany. She even mentioned the werewolves. This was all a myth she, or her speech writer, heard somewhere and never questioned. I could see Trump believing the terror angle in the same way. I just don’t see him as being as hands on when it comes to the Russians.


Need support for your promised wall… I mean, modest fence paid for by US taxpayers? Fire up the falsehood machine:


You don’t need to agree with anything he does to support him. You just have to believe that the other side is worse.


You gotta get out more. Most people are fucking idiots.


Well this sucks. Mexico was prepared to pay every dime of a massive concrete wall. Rumor is they won’t give us anything for a measly fence.