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Trump: The Third Year


Very informative.

(Would like to hear him; in the same simplistic style; lay out the who’s and why’s we have historically gotten into big Wars).


Is five hours of him about that exact topic enough?



Thanks, @loppar!

This will DEFINITELY have to be some on-and-off weekend listening…but I’m on it!

(I take it it’s pretty good though?)


Trump will be addressing the Nation tomorrow night on the “Border Crisis”.

Folks…come Hell-or-High Water…Trump is going to get that damn wall…


That awkward moment when illegal crossings are at historic lows but the word Crisis is just so damn catchy.


That akward moment when you stop paying and demotivate the people actually catching terrorists coming into this country https://www.google.com/amp/s/taskandpurpose.com/sanders-terrorists-border-2625280420.amp.html


To be fair, he probably had no idea that would happen.

Shits actually hilarious.


Yeah, I’ve read all of his books. He’s the archetypal smug British upper class twat but he’s a great historian.

There goes the American exceptionalism. This is Populism 101. The regime media whips the base into a state of frenzy, then the Great Leader announces he’ll address the nation over the (insert non existent crisis here).

The Great Leader will announce that there’s no time for political niceties and legal procedures because they (Jews/liberals/Soros/lizard people/pick your enemy…) are trying to destroy this great country literally this very moment and one simply cannot wait to spar in parliament/courts with such formidable globalist enemies hellbent on executing their diabolical plans and swarming this country with (ISIS/migrants/Arabs/lizard people/take your pick) so one has to take decisive unorthodox action and (do something theatrically populist and/or against the law to weaken the checks and balances)

I think at least a dozen autocrats or wannabe autocrats have done this schtick in the past two years with varying levels of acting prowess…


Nazism and fascism were reactions against liberalism and one could say that the liberals at the time underestimated men like Hitler and Mussolini. But it was a lot clearer then what a liberal was than it is now. In that piece who does he define as being a liberal today and how does that definition compare to what a liberal was over 100 years ago? Because to me, it seems like those who are labeled liberals today are more populist than liberal.


One other thing, @loppar…the 2020 campaign is in Full Swing…

Even the slogan is out…“Promises made/Promises Kept”…and “The Wall” was a big one.

(Very “Nero-ish”?)

I really think that this is all a “Wins and Losses” game for Trump.


of course Trump had no clue what a shutdown was. He can’t be bothered to research or listen to people. Except Fox apparently.

That liberal media though.


I believe he uses it as both a philisophical term and a shorthand for modern political parties that hold the moniker.

I’d have to check out his long form work on it to be 100% sure.


Okay so be honest people. Who else had their mind blown when the latest cheetoh line ended up being a blatant lie.

Pathological af


Can’t let facts get in the way of wasting taxpayer money on a symbolic boondoggle:


You know Canada’s thanking it’s lucky stars they aren’t brown these days


(From the article):

“On the northern border; which is of little concern to the Trump administration; Customs and Border Protection stopped 91 people listed in the (terror) database — including 41 who were not American citizens or residents, NBC reported. State Department reports on terrorism have expressed more concern about [suspects traveling in from Canada ]”.



Wait til he finds out he doesn’t have the ability to shrink crossings as much as Obama did. The tweetstorm is going to be epic.


Well Obama killed the Economy, so of course the illegals didn’t want in. Worst recovery ever! Sad!

(Predicting the tweet, not srs)


I woulda went with “Well Obama is soft on crime, so of course he forced the border agents to quit arresting people”

But touche