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SST - Anchor or Leader?

If you were to use SST for bigger programming, where would you place it? As an anchor or a leader?
BBS, SSL, FSL all really excites me and I really enjoy doing them, but when ever I make the switch to SST for 2-3 cycles, I ALWAYS make my best strength gains… without exception, and this is truly what motivates me.
In about 13 weeks I’ll be having a meet, and the programming for this is already done, thanks to Jims great help! But it would be great to know where to put it for future programming, as it really does me good!
Any additional information if greatly appreciated!

It can be both. Depends on a lot of things.

Such as how the last set is treated or what are you refering to?
Would you rather use FSL for long term strength gains or would you use SST for this? I guess these two topics interest me since SST is writting with passion in the 2nd edition book but so is the FSL Multiple sets in the beyond book. I’d really like to hear your opinion on this Mr. Wendler!

If this information is too comprehensive for this forum, would it then do any harm if i did the SST program until the new book came out? So no leader or anchor until I’d gain the information from this book.

It refers to how each part of the program (from main lift to assistance to conditioning) is treated.

SST is fine until you fully understand how I have made long term programming a cinch. HINT: you don’t need Soviet Sports Degree to do it.

Thanks for the reply!
I understand the point of the hint - I need to stop ‘over-complicate’ things - Do higher volume, lower intensity and move on to higher intensety, lower volume - Big main lifts peppered with bodyweight assistance, start light, progress slow and break records right?
Right now I am doing the 12 week program you helped me put together - which I really appreciate!

This will hopefully give me even better results than the SST have done before.

If one would use it for leader, then I guess it would be with 5’s pro for main lift, and higher volume on the assistance?
For anchor, my best guess would be to do 3/5/1, pushed for PRs og week 1 og 3 with additional joker sets og week 3, and lower volume on the assistance?
Conditioning would probably be pushed during the leader and backed off during the anchor.

If used for leader, would one add volume to the main lift, so it equals the 5 set that is normally used in Leader? Something Like this:
Squat - 5x70%, 5x80%, 5x90%, 2x5xFSL or SSL
SLDL - 8x60%, 8x70%, 6x80%

With throws programmet after the total volume, condition being done ‘easy’ 3-4 times a week (following your guidlines) and mobility done everyday.
When doing it for anchor, just switching out the 5’s pro with 351 pushed for PRs and taking out the 2x5xFSL.

Was something Like this Gonna work, and follow along your principles? Or would the only Thing to change be the total volume of assistance and the way you handle the Working sets on the main lift?
Or would 2 cycles - 5’s Pro/SSL 5x5, 2 cycles - 3/5/1/FSL 5x5 be best for increasing strength, as you approved this on another topic for me?
I’m trying to figure out how to program 18 weeks of training toward nationals powerlifting meet, where the goal surely is strength, and I guess when you writes: if you have any doubts on what to do for assistance work and you want to get strong, follow this templet", and I sure am in doubt here…

Thanks in advance! Bear with me, I’m trying to stay as true to what your books says and what you say on this forum…

I think you are making this horribly, un-neededly complicated. Just do the above.


Thanks. I’ll do this.
And thank you for putting me in my place - I truly overcomplicate things, and I needed this.
One thing I can’t seem to simplify is how to program what you’ve said for 6 cycles rather than 4. I have 6 cycles, including deloads, prior to my meet. Would it be 2/1 repeated or 3/3 or even 4/2?

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Well, subscribing to your private forum certainly helped to simply everything! That was great!

How do you subscribe? I can’t get on there and have emailed but no response… thanks

Click on ‘Settings’, then click on ‘Paid Subscriptions’ and you’re good to god :wink:

Could the 5x531 be used for leader on the mainlifts instead of 5’s Pro? It looks fun and something that’d be great for deadlifts!

No. Please don’t bastardize the program.


Got it thanks, loads of great information on there!

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I won’t. Thanks for answering Jim!