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Programming Leader and Anchor Without Getting Hurt

Hey Jim, and everyone else reading!
First of all I’d like to thank for all the time investing in helping me last time! It was great and I appreciate it!
I listened to all the information you gave me and started to try it out. Here are some things I experienced:
1: BBS with FSL percentages is too tough on my low back.
2: I’ve had shoulder surgery in the past. I dont have any shoulder pain or issues at the moment (at least it’s minimal) but I can sense with the Bench Press BBS will catch up with my shoulder in the future. The Press BBS does not seem to impact my shoulder in any ways other than soreness!

For those reasons, I was wondering if what’s shown below could work out?

TM: 85%

2 cycles (leader):
Mobility/Warm Up
Jumps/Throws - x10
Main Lift: 5’s Pro
Supplemental: BBS for squat & press, SSL 5x5 for Bench Press and SSL 5x3-5 for Deadlift
Assistance: Push, Pull, Single Leg/Core - 25-50 each category
Condition: WV Walk 2 Miles x3 Week

2 cycles (anchor):
Mobility/Warm Up
Jumps/Throws - x15-20
Main Lift: 3/5/1- Pushed for PR’s on week 1 & 3
Supplemental: FSL 5x5
Assistance: Push, Pull, Single Leg/Core - 50-100 each category
Condition: WV Walk 2 Miles x3 Week

  • After the last anchor, I have a week of deload before a meet.

Thank you in advance!

Only thing I’d change is the core/single leg for Leader to 25 total (keep stress down on low back/abs). Other than that, you got it.

Great! Thanks a lot Jim! Have a nice day, and best of luck with your training for the NOV Meet!

Any news about when the new book will be available?

Jim, if I were to add PC to the above templet on the squat day, what should be I pull out of it? (thinking of push/pull you often mention). Would something like the assistance be enough, or should it be something along the lines of doing SSL instead of BBS?
I really appreciate the time you take to answer these questions!