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SA22C TRT HCG Thyroid Log


Sometimes with trt you need to do your own experimentation. I support u .

Not sure if it’s the testosterone or my e2 finally being not low, my flaccid penis has never looked full. Now at 41 it is. I mean I don’t remember exactly in early teens. But like you it did not bother me cause it was ready when needed. I thought I had a grower. It could also be the daily Cialis helping with the flaccid look but I know when my levels were not right even on Cialis it will look shrivelled. My testes sometimes retract almost inside to. Most days they are finally hanging.

Btw I just inject testosterone at 88 mg a week in 2 injections.

Good luck. Keep us posted.


Thanks alot brother. Brady is a really great fellah. I really appreciate your mini story. Makes me feel good. Thanks for reading some of my posts. See how I go aye :wink:. Interesting you’ve had changes in your testes and flaccid penis from just the correct ratio of T to E. That’s great to hear.


Big difference is I don’t care about fertility. I actually tried HCG months ago after 2-3 shots I felt terrible. I suspect it was the sharp increase in e2. I never tried it again - Probably because fertility is not a concern.

I also respect all the guys in here. I mean we all want the same thing. …


I think I understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and I really hope you find something that works, but I just can’t wrap my head around the “why” and “how” of the approach you’re taking.

You’re thinking (if I’m understanding correctly?) that you’re going to take meds for a bit and “reverse” a situation, and then try to put them down and hope the effects of the meds stay. I don’t think (though I don’t know for sure admittedly) that it’s going to work like that. I think you’re going to find that you’re putting all this excess strain on your body and when you stop, it’s all going to go back to where it was and maybe even worse due to the excessive swings? I hope I’m wrong.

I do support you brother, but I can’t shake the idea that you’re putting yourself through hell for not a lot of net gain? I don’t understand why? It’s almost like a perpetual state of denial lol!

Anyways…here’s hoping to the best for you bro and again, I truly do hope you prove me wrong.


You make me laugh mate :grin::wink:. In a good way. Hahaha. Love it.

I’m pretty much doing the style of a restart followed by a PCT. But I’m doing it whilst on TRT doses.

I have little doubt that a PCT of a SERM for 6 weeks or longer will get my body to function like it should. But I’m very doubtful that once the SERM is ceased. My body will go back to its old ways. Since its been that way for 10 years now.

See this is what I should of done after using alot of steroids all those years ago. But I didn’t. So its never too late to try. But as others have told me. Alot have tried. Some successful with SERM treatment, others not. And others only successful on the SERM. And there’s no way I’m taking a toxic SERM for the rest of my life. So in the end if its the case. Like many others. TRT will be my only option. (That just made me take a big breath of air, but that’s the way it is.)

So happy days. I’m not like having crazy ups n downs or mood swings or anything. When I took much anastrozole, yes. That was ugly. I could not function properly. But when I feel my E is getting back to a higher range now again, especially after my hCG shots. I can handle it. But it just makes me have great lethargy, brain fog, I feel a bit mute and just a general well being of feeling down for no reason. So I put it down to the hCG. I’ve kept a log of everything I’ve done so far and it all started from the 1st hCG shot. Whether it’s spikes E and makes me feel irritable or my body just doesn’t agree with it. IDK. But it does make me hornier and is having an effect on my testicles. So I’m going to stick it out. I’m forced to try combat the E spikes with SMALL doses of anastrozole again. I have no choice. I’ll let y’all know in a week or 2 what’s going on there. :+1: Cheers brother. Much respect.


Alrighty so. It’s still not time for 3 week update yet. But I remember Hostile or Systemlord or someone else stating that hcg effects then negatively.

I’m just wondering if there are any others out there? Willing to share their story?

I’m talking even on low doses of 200iu E2D.

It may be helping keep my testes low and flaccid penis look fuller but I’m suspecting it’s having negative effects on my quality of life.

To bmbrady and others. I haven’t touched an AI since last speaking with y’all. I don’t feel it’s needed on me atm. Hopefully never.

Anyway. I’m not going to delve into everything yet as to how I’m going but n all the rest of it. But I’m going to trial no hcg for 2 weeks, from today. And see if the negative symptoms subside.

I’m not really here trying to figure out why the hCG is making me feel this way. (If it is) Just if others have experienced the same.

I’ve felt the e2 spikes n rushes etc etc, stimulating nuts sensation on high doses of hcg.

This is different (or just not as potent) and still making me feel shit. TBH I feel its sending my thyroid into overdrive. It feels inflamed /swollen and I’m just not myself. Like really off. It’s an ugly feeling. My thyroid is going fucking bonkers right now.

I just started a fresh job 2 days ago, I’ve met a new girl and I just can’t pull it together. If hCG is the cause, then 2 weeks off will tell. I know ill exp shrinkage quick and testicular pain. Because that’s what happens to me. But I need to eliminate if hCG is the cause.

If nothings changes and the thyroid doesn’t settle. Then I’ll try stopping the thyroid supplements for 2 weeks after that…

You may think I’m crazy not stopping the thyroid supplement first.
It could be the cause. But I’m trying hcg first. No use stopping both at once. I’ll never know which one it was if the thyroid settles down n I feel normal lol. :wink:. If anyone feels I should try stopping the thyroid supplement first. Speak up. Pics of the supplements ingredients are in my log. About 20 posts back.

Anyway just a quick question/update with not much thought process behind it lol cheers boys.


Too elaborate slightly on how I’m feeling because of the thyroid. Whether or not hCG is the culperate, is yet to be determined.

But its making me just feel sketchy. I can’t be myself. I’m usually the loud funny fellah who makes people laugh. That’s why friends n family love me. I’m good for talk n laughter.

But atm when my thyroid literally feels like it’s going buzurk. I can’t even look people in the eye properly and be myself. I can’t talk like myself. I’m just not me… I hope hcg is the cause. Cause I don’t have to guess anymore but also it would lead to another problem on TRT. Trying to look after the nuts in the long run. Could just hit it 4 a week at a time and whatnot, but anyhow. Thyroid is going bananas. Feel sketchy as F***


It’s as if I can’t handle my emotions with my thyroid going bonkers. I’m not upset or easily offended or anything. And I’m not down in thredumps of like happy as F*** either but. I just can’t get a grip on myself. And the thyroid seems to feeling crazy whilst I feel this way. Hopefully no hcg will tell if its the cause cheers.


Also DHT results finally arrived. Remember this was 8 days after starting TRT. Because of complications with initial testing.

The results were :

Serum Dihydrotestosterone: 6.0 nmol/L (0.4 - 2.5).

I’ve aways been a Horny Mofo. I know there’s more involved then DHT but yeah. Having that high is OK with me. (unless a smart cookie points out why it’s not) Cheers.


Just to throw more chaos into the mix. Apart from what I’m feeling atm due to my thyroid.

My morning and arvo temp calculations over a week. Compared with my sis. Hers was always a degree or so higher. So there’s the comparison.

Average morning temp was 35.97 degrees. Arvo. Was 36.54… I already know I have a some sought of thyroid issue. Hypo, hyper, who’s knows. It’s changing atm with the meds…possibly.

Whether it’s from my thyroid or not. I looked at pics of me recently when I was 18. My eyebrows were as thick and dark as anything. Like over the top. Today, age 29, they are light and sparse at the edges. I’m talking a MASSIVE difference… So much so, I remember a few years ago, I shaved them off to see if they’d grow back thicker as I’d noticed it years ago. But they grew back the same lmao. Thin, sparse and not there lol :grin::muscle:


HCG made me feel mentally depressed. Like very down on life. Went away after I stopped. Now was it HCG itself, or a rise in e2, who knows.


Just so you know, I’ve un-edited your thread title. It makes zero sense to change the title of a thread so long after it was first created and after it’s gotten so many replies relevant to the original topic.

There’s nothing wrong with starting a new thread in order to discuss a new topic, despite what random people in the forum may say.


Yeah it was you saying it Roscoe. :grin:. I’m off it now and the thyroid supplement too, so let’s see if it eases up over the next week :+1:. Whatevers going on wity thyroid it’s not fun. It feels like it’s in overdrive and it’s making me sketchy lol :grin:


Nws. Thanks Chris. I knew you’d change tbh, like other times, and I ran the gauntlet for some quick responses lol. I’ll start a new thread if I have specific questions :+1:, Cheers.


Alright. So. Got a fair bit to get out. I’m in a bit of a mood. So here it goes.

Since starting TRT there has been many ups n downs.

My protocol has been changed many times and still haven’t even wrote on here, every single detail of it yet. 100% that’s reasoning behind alot of the little issues I have ran into along the way and already talked about.

Tomorrow is 6 weeks since I started TRT doses of AAS. It’s also about 5 weeks since I started hCG to recoup teste loss from 10 years ago.

I’ve always stuck to my 125mg of test a week. 62.5/62.5… Except when I took too much anastrozole a few weeks back. I had to combat it. I habe not taken any anastrozole since I sent Estradoil too low (very ugly feeling) no emotions lol.

I’ve done shit loads of different hCG doses and frequencies the past 5 weeks… My nuts are prob as good as they’ll get. I decided about 2 weeks back anymore large doses of hCG was unneeded.

I’ve felt the surging rush from Test.
Ive felt the low as feeling of crashing Estradiol.
Ive felt the high Estrogen spikes from large hCG shots. And everything in between.

I’d also been taking a thyroid supplement that was sending my thyroid into overdrive and making me feel uncomfortable in many ways.

To refer too my last posts. Stopping the thyroid supp has eased up the uneasy feelings coming from that.

And I restarted hCG again at 150iu E2D while on TRT.

Tomorrow is 6 weeks so I should organise bloods. But I’ve recently started a new job and am working 6 days a week atm. But I will get onto it as I’m suspecting, maybe, just maybe, my Test dose is too high for me. MAYBE.

The reason I’m writing this is. With the all ups n downs from everything n all the in betweens.

I’m still not 100% with my TRT yet.

There could be many reasons for this. But ill try and explain what I’m feeling.

For about 2 weeks now I feel either my body n mind are still adjusting to having lots of Test flowing around. And it is starting to get easier in a sense (if that makes sense.). But I’m still off. It’s not like before TRT. Or like any of the things I’ve done to myself like Low E, high E and thyroid supps sending it into overdrive.

Its just I don’t feel 100% or that great. I’m a bit sketchy. Like I’m high in a sense. That’s how I feel like I have too much seretonin and dopamine flowing around n it’s making me a little off chops/smacked out. I even look a bit funny and different and it reminds me of my drug days. My eyes are a little dropped, and I’m not really happy. Just meh.

There’s were times over the past 6 weeks where I felt good/better. But at the end of the day this feeling I have, has sought of always been there since starting TRT doses.

There’s probably shit loads more to delve into but yeah. Thoughts anyone?

I’ll try get bloods soon. Should I lower my T dose. Will my mind and body adjust to this soon and should I stick it out. I am.m confident and happy, it’s just I’m bit smacked out. Like off chops. But not in a fun way. Sought of like the day after feelings of good nights back in the day. If that make ms sense to anyone.

I’ve started a new relationship along w this new job. And I’m just not myself. Better more confident to a degree while on trt compared to before but still meh.

The last thing I’ll say and this is hard to admit, but, it could be because of my alcoholism from 18-29 yrs of age.

This new job and new relationship are the first I’ve done without alcohol in my life. And maybe I’m still adjusting to that too.

It’s been 4 months or more since I last drank alcohol. And I’ll never be going back. That’s a fucking sad life.

I’ve always been a very outthere, loud funny boisterous human. But when I look back now. Alcohol was also involved. (being you drink every afternoon)…

I felt I came out of it fine. And the past few months were good but thats when I knew something was a miss and had to get hormones in check from abuse of AAS 10 years ago that booze had just been masking.

So I’ve felt amazing on TRT and absolutely Fd from my own doing. BUT. Now it’s fairly stabilised I just feel I’m a bit skiddish. It feels like it’s from the T.

Has anyone else experienced this, lowered their T dose and felt amazing… Or on the other foot. It could me too low… But I highly frigging doubt it with the way I feel lol.

I can control it/myself my feelings. But I’m just a bit off my head. And I look a bit a smacked out. Not a good look for my new girl. So any advice appreciated. Thanks.


Not at ALL man…get this done. Over the last few months you have put your body through the ringer and have asked a lot of it. Find a steady course here. Keep your T stabilized at a steady dose for 6 weeks and see how you feel. Anything else also stabilize. Until that is done you cant expect to feel anything other than your body/mind in a constant state of trying to stabilize and maintain some sort of homeostasis. THAT is what your body wants, what it craves. It wants stability so that it can deal with all of the other curveballs constantly thrown at it via emotional stress, endocrine function maintenance etc. Even if nothing else had changed you could probably chalk your feeling up to your body, and mind, adapting to living without alcohol. Now throw a complete endocrine disruption into the picture and this is going to take real time.

Take your time, stabilize, get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, eat well, explain the situation to your lady, and just calm down for a bit.


Thanks bro. You still keeping tabs on me :wink::+1:.

The “sad life” , for me anyway, was about drinking everyday. Others may enjoy, so go for it.

Everything you said is correct. Tbh I think dealing with this new relationship could be apart of it. Like all my emotions feel new to me in a way. I’m starting to get a handle on them. It could be because of a still adjusting without booze. But I do feel I’m over that. Maybe not? It’s more then likely adjusting to having hormones in a good place. We’ll a major change to my endocrine system as you said. I’m not stressed . I am calm, but over analyse shit alot, it’s just my nature. So I’m trying me best to chill out.

I hope more time stabilised as you said, I can feel more grounded. It is on the right path. Just have to see what happens. I’d hate to see myself on large amounts of AAS again. I’d be a fucking lunatic.

I can’t tell this bird yet about starting TRT. She’s a personal trainer/nutritionist, but I still feel it’s not the time to be saying things like that. We’re very open and honest with everything but she doesn’t need to know that yet. Hopefully I’m in top of it all in a few weeks.

I’m defiantly keeping up water, exercise, diet is good. Just feel lil bit smacked out. Gotta just chill out I guess lol. I’ll keep updated. Try get bloods too. See where I’m at anyway. Cheers brother. Thanks for the response. Appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Oh, ok…I read that wrong. Yeah sad and wasteful. You are on the upswing brother so keep up the good work and enjoy the new relationship. I haven’t felt that feeling in 23 years. NOT that I would trade what I have with my wife but those are cool feelings.


Yeah cheers mate. Sick****. I do feel better/diff to yesterday. I’ve got to learn to embrace the new me. N run with the new charged feelings, and not try to not accept them if that makes sense :+1:


Any TRT experts experiences on going to E2D shots, instead of 1 every 3.5 days. Leave a message :+1:. I’m considering changing to E2D.