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SA22C TRT HCG Thyroid Log


Brother, I’m not going to preach at you anymore. You’ve heard me say the same shit so many times that I feel like I sound like a parrot to you.

The only thing I will say is this…I think you have a really misguided understanding of the term “stabilize” lol.

Sorry to hear you say that man. I’ve been married to the same woman for 24 years and I can completely understand that statement. The difference is, a few years ago, that little bit of being comfortable and complacent, (along with struggling with low T even though I didn’t know it yet) almost cost me that marriage. Not going into details but I will say this…we hung in there and made some changes. That feeling you are referring to has came back and came back stronger than I ever realized that it could be. My wife and I are best friends now man and we both feel like teenagers again (emotionally speaking).

It’s very easy to get comfortable when you’ve been with someone for that long, but that’s a dangerous place. Not trying to give you relationship advice here bro, but just telling you from experience that a long term marriage doesn’t have to be so so. It can be fucking awesome! What’s the key?


Don’t ever do it! Never leave ANYTHING unsaid and even a white lie, even if it’s to spare someone’s feelings, is just that…a lie. Every untruth in a relationship puts another brick in the wall. Once we figured this out, the walls came down and we learned what a marriage was supposed to be like.

Just to add, I’m not picking on you @sa22c , I’m just using your example. If you decide later on that this bird is the one, you might want to re read that last paragraph.


I have no real complaints about my marriage of 14 years (been together 23) I was honestly just saying that that NEW feeling is something I haven’t had. That being said being in love with someone for a long time, and fostering the relationship, leads to new feelings all the time. I have no real issue It is amazing at times.


Ohh I love ya bm brady :rofl::sunglasses::+1:.

I don’t hide anything. But there’s no reason to mention TRT at any stage soon. Trust me.

Ev 3.5 days is OK for now. But I feel E2D could keep me even more balanced :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. NH Watts was just talking bout the new feelings that come with something like this. I don’t wanna get ahead of myself, but I’m 29. And I do feel diff with this one. She brings the good out in me whilst also allowing me to be by wild self. I stayed over hers on friday night. So the relationship has taken the next level. But she just seems hot cold, hot cold. So I’ve just got to play it out n see what happens. Anyway back to TRT. E2D could be of great value to me I feel… What’s your definition of stabilise lol???


My apologies for misunderstanding the intent of your statement. I took it in the general sense that people “usually” mean… I see people getting complacent all around me all the time and I feel bad for them. They are the epitome of why very few people marry someone and stay married anymore nowadays. It’s sad but it kind of fits the modern day mentality. People “try” life the same way they try a new recipe. They are most of the time completely oblivious to the fact that there is a world around them.

I know this isn’t you guys and I’m just being my normal philosophical self, but when I hear someone say what you said, it usually means trouble ahead. Again, sorry for my misunderstanding.

Well, I’m kind of old fashioned in that department… To me stabilize means that you make up your mind and stick with it. I guess I’m saying it’s the opposite of indecisiveness.

I had a boss tell me once a long time ago, “Brady that’s exactly why I hired you and that’s exactly why I don’t ever want you to go. Most people get faced with a thousand decisions at one time and then freeze up. They never get anything accomplished. You, you look at them all, consider the consequences as best you can based on what info you have, then you pick a path and ride it to the end. You make decision, and even if it may not be the right one every time, by God you DO something!”

I guess he was trying to tell me that he liked my bulldog tenacity. Lol.

As you said, back to TRT…in the TRT world, stabilize means choosing your poison, making up your mind on a protocol, and executing. And then when you execute, you don’t change ANYTHING for at least 6-8 weeks, and when you DO change something, then there should be a reason for changing. For example, E2 or Testosterone going bonkers and not leveling off, or leveling off at an unsatisfactory amplitude. In the game of hormones, you have to really take the old saying literally…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! There’s just way too many moving parts to willy nilly “try” shit unless you don’t have a choice.

I’m not trying to be negative bro or piss on anyone’s boots… I really do care about people and I try to speak from the heart. You come off to me as the type of guy that enjoys the thrill of experimenting with new things. ie…

That’s a great quality to have and I do that myself in certain areas, but with TRT bro, experimenting too much can really fuck you up. When it comes to your hormones, everything gets affected as a result of any change, including mental stability and your heart. It’s one of the reasons that Drs treat this shit as such a taboo. They don’t want the responsibility of fucking with people in a way that could eventually kill them.

I really am just trying to tell you to be careful here bro.


No problem man. I can see how you could misinterpret.


You’re far more patient than I am. OP is going to follow the wind whichever direction it blows depending on his immediate mood. He hasn’t listened or followed any solid advice that’s been given, which is why I haven’t offered any additional suggestions because they’re falling on deaf ears.


Come onnnn Hostile. Yes I have. You’re the one who I was listening to the most and then you stopped replying. Fair enough if that’s how you feel mate. No worries. Anything, anyone writes here I take in believe it or not.

I can stick to my current protocol now of 62.5mg ev 3.5 days. I have no intention of changing to Prop. I just asked the question as it seemed a smart choice on E2D shots…

I’m just finding a peak a little too much 2 days after the shot. And a smaller dose of E2D may avoid this. I’m only trying to get the best out of TRT n stay with it. I’m not up for continuing changing things. I also don’t think I will try a restart in another 6 weeks (3 months since starting TRT) like I had originally planned.

I will get new bloods soon and go from there I guess. Its been a wild 6 weeks to be honest. My life is changing for the better. I’m starting to feel like my old confident self again, but without alcohol on my life. So it’s wonderful. I habe energy to burn. I’m not sitting on my ass feeling sorry for my self anymore.

To say I follow the wind whichever way its blowing on my immediate mood is bullshit mate. I’m just asking for advice and going on what I feel.

Yeah I made alot of changes in the beginning as I was trying to regain nut size and I made the mistake of taking too much anastrozole but fuck im only human. I’m trying to get TRT to work at its most possible best for myself. That is all I’m doing.


Yeah I guess I can stick to ev 3.5 days for now. I. Don’t want to have to through anymore changes atm to be honest. My body is stabilising to this protocol. Just wanted to see people’s experiences with E2D shots and if they felt more equal all week round.


I truly want to help, but when you ask for advice and it’s given and subsequently disregarded, resulting in you doing irrational protocols for your situation and circumstances multiple times, I feel like I’m wasting my own time better spent elsewhere.

You’ve also changed protocols so many times, I’ve lost track of your current protocol, what you’re currently experiencing/dealing with and what to suggest moving forward, which is why I suggested what I did initially to prevent flying blind, which is where you currently find yourself.

I think Brady alluded before that we’re not robots. You cant always make a change and expect immediate results that continue for the long term. Often a change will be made with an interpreted subsequent acute change, but then said acute change does not last or continue.

I went through the same thing you’re going through now; wanting fast relief because you’ve been suffering for so long, so you jump from protocol to protocol and drug to drug and supplement to supplement in hopes of finding the answer and the cure to find some peace and live a “normal” life.

Over the years I’ve learned that we’re not robots and changes sometimes takes weeks or months to manifest. I’ve also learned that everything has a cost. Some thing that may give you more energy may also make you more anxious and raise your blood pressure or interfere with sleep. Some thing that may make you calmer may make you drowsy or slightly depressed.

My best recommendation right now is to just continue whatever you’re currently doing for 6 weeks and get full labs again to better reassess if any changes are needed, based on how you’re feeling in 6 weeks combined with your labs. On top of that, research and learn everything you can about gut health and reducing inflammation. Our gut is truly the interface between the external world and our physiology.


Thanks for the in depth reply. It’s truly appreciated buddy :+1:.
I will take your advice and report in a few weeks or sooner, and get my bloods soon, just for an update. It will be about 7 weeks in, next week.

Protocol has been steady with Test for a good 4 weeks on 62.5 mg every Monday morning and Thursday arvo. And 150 iu’s of hCG E2D has been ongoing about 2 weeks or less now.

Everything is written in my calender along with my thoughts sometimes. I will post it all up one day for future readers maybe needing advice.

I’ve looked into gut health after your initial recommendations. I spoke about it many posts ago.

I will continue with what I’m doing in regards to that and get the relevant tests for that in 6 weeks also. (3 months altogether roughly)

I’m only asking advice again regarding an E2D change, as, it’s as simple as this…

With all the drugs I’ve done in my life. Nothing in the past 6 years but that’s beside the point I guess. I feel off my head sometimes and I look it.

If this is how my body is reacting to exogenous test because of the extra dopamine and seretonin flowing around then I either need to get use to it and hopefully be able to control it more one day so to speak. Or I need less Test. Or I need smaller more frequent injections. That’s my reasoning behind it anyway.


I’ve re read through my log and I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone that has given advice with any concerns I’ve had so far.

I especially want to thank the regulars that always dish out sound advice for me. Its truly appreciated. @bmbrady77 I’ll pay particular attention to you in this post.

You’re very philosophical and articulated in your comments and sound well educated. I can’t thank you enough for the time you’ve put into your messages to me so far. Maybe it has taken a while for it to all sink in or I needed to re read them a few times. That goes for everyones advice but I do listen.

Apart from me changing my protocol alot at the beginning, even though I took everyone’s advice into account. I wasn’t going directly against sound advice. The biggest thing I’ve learnt from re reading my log is to just give myself more time to stabilise.

For the regular boys. The new relationship that started 3 weeks ago has ended I’m pretty sure lol. I think I was coming on too strong. I’ve had definitely over 50 partners and this is the only one I felt connected to where I could settle down. Based mainly on humor level and like minded way of thinking. She was born 4 days before me. So I think I let my emotions get to my head and it showed. Clearly…

So I’m just trying to say, it’s been a few days since we aren’t really speaking anymore. And my emotions have settled a hell of a lot. I don’t seem to look like I’m off my head sometimes and smacking out. So I guess that played a big part in me feeling off the past 3 weeks. What can I say :rofl:.

Maybe I need a bit more time to concentrate on myself for a little while longer before trying to embark on finding a partner, now I feel that time has come.

I’m pretty certain over the next few weeks I can hopefully “stabilise” further. I am starting to feel more grounded and like my old self years ago, but concentrating too much on that Sheila, thinking I’d found the one, was not healthy for my mind.

So thanks to everyone for being here for support regarding TRT concerns. :v::grin:


Man I really don’t know what to say. I’m so used to people thinking I’m “off my rocker” because I get too philosophical sometimes! lol!

Sorry to hear that it’s going south with your girl. That’s hard on any level. I guess the take away for you would be this…In TRT…In finding a life partner…In EVERYTHING in life really…

You gotta learn to LET it happen…you can’t MAKE it happen…


Yeah well it is hard to take in sometimes :rofl::+1:… Your philosophical ways :man_facepalming:.

I guess I do struggle with that in life. I hate unknowns and have to always be on top of what I’m doing… Decent Test levels are starting to make me more calm in that regard. I can feel it. So that’s a positive.

Yeah I don’t know. I guess it’s been so long since I felt proper happyness with a woman since I’ve turned my life around and I guess I came on too strong n scared her away… I can live with that. Thats no problem. But the happy emotions that were involved with that, seemed to take over my mind/body and I’d look off my head a bit n I’d lose myself thinking about it or being around her… So I’m hoping once I adjust to TRT further that won’t happen again…


I’m realising now, that after the past 3 weeks. I’ve squashed those feelings of happyness with alcohol n what not for so long and now that I allowed myself to feel happyness with a woman and not just for sex, that I really struggled with those emotions and 100% TRT is apart of it too. So like I said. Hopefully it becomes easier in that regard. And like you said. Just take things as they come. Relax. Dont stress. Be happy and embark on my new journey :+1:


This is all positive change. Finally connecting with someone is great but understand that this connection you finally felt may have some to do with your hormones as well. Getting balanced myself has changed a lot of aspects of my life including how I look at love etc. So you say you found someone that you finally connected with but it may just be you and your body and mind were finally ready to connect with someone. Make sense?

Keep at it and get back out there and find another sheila (Im American but just had to use it)


Hahaha. Yeah it’s all apart of the parcel. I’ll definitely ring her in a couple weeks. See if she picks up. If not, no worries. Its interesting what you say :+1:. Cheers aye, your advice is always sound :ok_hand:


Hello all =] I’m going to get bloods soon. I would love to know where my levels are at, especially Estradiol and SHBG. Just want to clarify. I should be booking them the day before my next test shot? Correct? Thanks everyone.


Go the day of your injection. Administer your injection after your blood is drawn.


Thanks highpull. Legend :v:


It’s only been 4-5 days since I stopped using hCG (just for a little while). I don’t feel bloated anymore, I’ve been urinating a hell of a lot more, so I can only assume estrogen has stopped rising? I woke up this morning (my only day off work, Sunday), and I feel like absolute shit still. I looked like I haven’t slept, dark circles, look and feel terrible. It’s hard atm to book a blood test with my new job. I haven’t taken an Anastrozole for around 5 weeks now. This morning I decided to take 0.33mg (pill split in about thirds 1/3… I will take only another 0.25mg - 0.33mg with my next shot on Thursday if needed. I have no energy, the past week I’ve been sleeping after work, feel tired l the time like before starting TRT. It’s been about 8 weeks on TRT. I don’t feel good at all atm. I hope it’s just Estrogen a little high making me feel this way that I can manage with small doses of anastrozole, cheers.