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Qs for Trump Supporters


When he makes moves like this, though, you can kind of understand why people are concerned it might be moving in that direction.

Not to mention this:


Can we have a rational discussion without histrionic lefty talking points please?


Sigh… Obama admin openly courted and feed stories to Media Matters.

Again, if you folks paid attention to the last 8 years, you wouldn’t be as worked up over the next 8. There will be very little difference in these areas from Trump, except instead of attacking Rush and Fox, he’ll hit CNN etc.

Nothing new under the sun.




Putting reporters in a basement room with blacked out windows is a bit much though, don’t you think? How do you think the right would have responded if Obama did the same?


How is this equitable to what’s happening now?


We’ll stick with WWII because dude here obviously knows all about Hitler, Stalin and what is or isn’t an accurate parallel.

Propaganda is used by everyone, from freedom loving founding fathers to evil despots and dictators. The British used a god damn shitload in WWII, and some of whom was given to them via the terror bombings. But more-so to the point, they used the fact Greece repelled the completely inept Italians as a massive propaganda tool, and pushing El Douche out of Egypt too.

The truth of the matter is the Italians were arrogant and outclassed, losing due to them sucking more so than others being vastly superior. (Although the heavy tanks in Egypt were very nice, and the generals there vastly better than anything Italy had).

Didn’t matter Churchill would take any and every ounce of propaganda he could to keep his people in the fight and moral high.


No. I have zero sympathy for the press as a whole right now. They did this to themselves.

You can’t openly shill for one side so much and expect me to give a flying fuck about you.

They’d look just as ridiculous as the left does now…


If we allow everyone to go everywhere all races would go away and we we would all become a shade of brown because everyone would intermix .

Borders preserve people and culture. If you love diversity then you must favor borders


Lol, whut???


It’s the Tren talking. He’s going to go full Benoit soon.

J/k of course.


It’s at the point dude is obviously just trolling.

No rational person can possibly believe the nonsense he has said in this thread.


I’ll just leave this here. Voter fraud. It is happening. To what extent? Dunno. Worth at least a cursory look no?



Historically nations have been codified ethnicities. It’s not racist per se but there is certainly a race element to the concept of a nation.



Sounds like a white supremacist nightmare. :joy::joy:


Actually it would be scarier for the reverend Jackson and Sharpton. If everyone is the same color and culture, how are you going to get power through race baiting.

I doubt white supremacists marry other races. They just inbreed to extinction.


:joy::joy: easy. Switch to classism.


See how that works in Brazil which is the demographic trend in which America is heading towards.

African Americans have the highest quality of life of any sizeable African population in the world. I’m sure you’ll love it when that goes away :slight_smile:


LOL you make sense from time to time. This is not one of those times.


You have got to be fucking kidding me with this nonsense. What complete bullshit.