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Qs for Trump Supporters


Question for you BOT. What makes America, America and how do we preserve that?


Are you just trolling?


What’s going on with Trump’s Russia ties?

You dont preserve it, things evolve or become obsolete.


On borders, it is not a revolutionary thought that all people should have the same rights as all other people.

This includes freedom to choose where you live, work or travel.

I understand it is “utopian” but so was the idea to abolish slavery, or universal healthcare, or running water.


Also understand that not everybody sees immigration applications, passports and travel visa’s as protection.

I see it as signing government claims on my tax dollars and restrictions on my movements.

I mean isn’t that in line with a lot of the thoughts of government overreach and limiting the power of the government(s)?


No. The role of government is to protect the individual rights of it’s citizens. Life, liberty and property. Therefore it is reasonable to decide who gets to come into a country. Governments are justified in denying entry to whomever they feel is a threat to their citizens.

When governments restrict citizens movement from their country, that violates the individual right to liberty. (example Soviet Union)


This made me think about North Korea.

Think about this, guys. This is a place that restricts movement within it’s Country.

The thought of that just fries my brain when trying to imagine what that would be like.


Should Michael Flynn be in prison?

Do you think Trump was connected to this in any way other than an innocent benefactor?

Should Clinton be in prison? Should Nixon have gone to prison?


Probably to all 3, but after you ascend to a certain level, politicians don’t have to follow laws, so ultimately Flynn will be fine. God bless Murica


Moot points really. Because of the political nature of their crimes they were rightly not prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It’s 3rd world banana republics that use law enforcement to go after political rivals.

Every prosecutor wants to put away a dirty mayor/governor/president. That would be a huge feather in their cap. But it just isn’t done that often in the US.

Think Scooter Libbey. They got him on the weakest of technicalities.

The burden of proof to put away politicians in the US is super high. They had to find $90,000 cash in William Jefferson’s freezer before they would look into bribery allegations.

You often complain about Nazis. Well they were really good at imprisoning their political rivals. Look how that turned out. You need the burden of proof to be super high to prevent political witch hunts on either side.


Yes on both counts


Dunno, I’ll wait for further details on what he actually did. Him being fired is a strong indicia that it is more than just “misleading” the Veep.


Flynn isn’t a political rival. He was acting National Security Adviser whom committed some form of treason.

I know this isn’t what happens but when the elections are over the rival stuff needs to end and congress needs to do their job for the people. (Removing the money from politics would probably solve a lot of that.)


Probably not. They still have power to fight over. Dick measuring contests never really go away.


So uhhhh, Trump Press Conference?


Highly entertaining.


Press Conference is an example of how two different movies can play on one screen (left hated it while right loved it)

-From Scott Adams blog


I didn’t think a lot of rights loved it, I mean even Fox News had at least a segment that went in on him.

Not sure who the Jeff guy is who doesn’t want to “upset the apple cart” but if he is a member of the press the truth should be the only thing that matters.


Oh if only that were true. Its all about views, clicks, and being first.

Publish now, apologize later.


There was a press conference?


Sort of like a game huh?