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Qs for Trump Supporters


Is this a joke post?

They’re illegal immigrants and Obama did the same thing but with a narrower criteria for his raids.


Obama deported more illegals than ANY US president EVER. I’ll even repost a liberal source so you believe me. There is nothing NAZI about having borders. Every country has them. You need to stop feeling your way through issues.

Also no full scale federal voter fraud investigation has ever taken place. There are millions of dead and duplicate names on voter roles that could be abused. What does it hurt if we go through and strike names off the list. In fact you should be begging for a full scale investigation of voter fraud by the FBI. If your contention is that there’s no fraud then it will make Trump look bad right? Don’t you want Trump to look silly(er)?

More importantly is the project Veritas video of Mr. Creamer bragging about bussing people to poles and saying he committed voter fraud. He also admitted to hiring people to cause violence at Trump rallies right there on video. Mr. Creamer visited the White house 342 times and met with Obama 47 times. Dems dismissed these videos because “editing” and Pelosi refused to watch them. I don’t know how you can take “We’ve been bussing people to the poles for 50 years to fight you assholes” out of context.

Some voter fraud does indeed happen. How much? Let’s investigate. If they do and find like 10 cases, no big deal. Faith in elections restored. If they find a million cases, no big deal. Prosecute the bad guys faith in elections restored.


The original article in question? Yes, it was fake news.

It was sensationalist bullshit pushing a narrative. It provided almost zero substance as to anything other than to continue CNN’s devolution into a tabloid. [quote=“BOTSLAYER, post:276, topic:225882”]
purposed cabinet already included Bannon a known neo-nazi

Proof of this claim? I’ll wait. But you won’t be able to.

Stop using false talking points.

No. Not even close. Read a fuckign history book. Jesus Christ.

This nonsense is a complete and total insult to those that suffered under the Nazi’s.

Being this ignorant and partisan is embarrassing for you.

Seeing as they have ALL done this, I’m going with most people don’t care, no.


Try it like this:

If we’re going to start asking Obama to prove his claims we’ll never get anything done around here. We just have to mindlessly support him…

or this

If we’re going to start asking Bush to prove his claims we’ll never get anything done around here. We just have to mindlessly support him…

or this

If we’re going to start asking Clinton to prove his claims we’ll never get anything done around here. We just have to mindlessly support him…

I swear you guys have to be like 19 and are completely unaware of the last 240 some odd years. Trump really isn’t all that different than the folks that came before him on most things.


Not true. Trump is a big meanie. Also he embarrassed the hell out of the entire establishment (politics/media/law). He gave them a black eye and called them losers afterward.

They are out for blood. They will not rest for the next 4/8 years.

Good. Let the media/congress/courts fight the president. A broken government is less able to oppress it’s people.


Agreed. Trump isn’t different (but that’s kinda my point). Guy ran on a campaign of LOOK HOW FUCKIN DIFFERENT I AM ERYBODY. I’M NOT GONNA BE A TRADITIONAL POLITICIAN.

Fast forward a year, and he’s scumming it up with the best of them. Also as devil’s advocate. Not a lot of past presidents tried throwing the entire democratic process into question, so I guess at least he’s a little different!


I guess you could say people had HOPE it would CHANGE

Again, this has all been the case before. All of it.

We’re a Republic, so who cares.

He is, but not that substantively.


I would challenge anyone to read a biography of Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt and FDR and then tell me that Trump’s behaviour has no analogy with other Presidents.


He also didnt demonize an entire culture and make it part of his campaign.

1st, this thread isnt about Obama
2nd, Obama was an ok president but in the end extremely disappointing (health care to millions who didnt have it is great, he did great things with the budget but he still didnt end any wars or help the wealth gap)
3rd, The USA hasn’t had a decent president since Kennedy

Borders are Nationalist by definition which is Racism at it’s core. You are telling somebody based on an uncontrolled variable that they are not allowed to cross a line and that because you were born in this place you are better. There is nothing more nationalist/racist than that.

You really think I wouldn’t be for that? I don’t think it is coincidence that every president has been reelected the last 3 running. I don’t care that he claims it IF he at least attempts to prove it.

I actually like a lot of the things he said too. Drain the swamp, dont trust the IC, elections and systems are rigged etc. I just never trusted a man who abused the system his entire life to fix it. That and his demonizing people with tans and/or muslims is Nazi Germany all over again.


And I would challenge you to look at what he says and is doing and tell me he doesn’t have more in common with a dictator like Il, Putin, Stalin or Hitler.


Bro. The feels are strong. It’s okay to care this much, but maybe lower your dose.

National borders are not racist. Vetting people who come here and making them get work Visas is good. The process needs streamlining. Breaking laws is bad. Crossing borders without the correct paperwork is illegal in every country on earth.

Islam has a terrorism problem. Pretending that it isn’t there doesn’t equate to moral superiority. Asking/checking someone if they have terrorist ties before they visit isn’t NAZI.


This is by far the dumbest line of thought. You have almost no grasp of the rise of these people or their obvious stated goals and actions.

Again, read some history and until then drop this false narrative.


in-fucking-believable someone actually thinks otherwise and isn’t trolling


Ha not a chance :smiley:

Just because something is legal or illegal doesn’t make it right or wrong.

Compared to Christian extremists? Whom are literally in the White House as we speak. Which do you think poses a greater threat to the “democracy” of the USA?

That is not even kind of what is happening.

To reiterate:

Attempting to censor media that doesn’t cater to Trump (propaganda is heavily used by dictators)
Demonizing foreign cultures
Placing a ban on people based on their religion

That is as Nazi as it gets.


Would you think it is ridiculous that you couldn’t travel to Florida with out special permissions based on your birthplace?

Do you think it is ridiculous that people have different rights based solely on their birthplace?


Islamic terrorists kill more people on earth and in the US than any other extremist group. That is without question.

Also it isn’t a ban. It’s a travel stay written by the Obama administration that lasts for 90 days. We used to ban the entire USSR and nobody batted an eye. Personally I would rather just vet everyone from everywhere.

To visit China you have to fill out a 10 page questionnaire about all of your beliefs on everything. Who you associate with, why you are visiting etc… and liberals aren’t crying about China’s restrictions. Because they love China, but they hate Trump.

Remove your hatred for Trump and think about sound policy. Put it on a personal level. Do you vet the people who visit your house? Would you just let anyone in without knowing anything about them?


What exactly is wrong with demonizing the culture of criminals? Illegal immigrants ARE breaking the law


During the Troubles, there were restrictions and security checks on any Irish names and passports coming into the UK. The UK has not sunk into some kind of Orwellian abyss, run by a tea-drinking despot.

This is consistent with the the rest of the globe, actually. If your wife was pregnant, came to Ireland and gave birth, your child would have 0 rights to Irish citizenship. The same is true for the Swiss.

So I do not share your alarmism on either point.


Aren’t you a Mexican National?


Also Trump isn’t censoring media. He’s calling them names.

If he were to pull CNN’s FCC permit THAT would be a huge problem. But the president can call the press names.

Does that make him look small? Yeah. But so do most of his actions.