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North Korea Artillery Fire Hits South Island


North Korea on Tuesday fired dozens of artillery shells at a South Korean island, setting buildings on fire and prompting a return fire by the South, Seoul's military and media reports said.

Seoul's YTN television quoted a witness as saying 60 to 70 houses were on fire after the shelling.

The military confirmed the exchange of firing, without providing more details.



Wow, they really want a war don't they?


Apparently. I wonder if this is the event that will bring it forth...



Its been a long time coming. This will be interesting.


You say interesting, I say bloody worrying.


So what were you guys doing the night World War III started?


It is slightly worrying, I just say interesting so as to stay detached.


If I wasn't on there dooorstep (I'm in Japan) I would probably agree with you mate.

Still, I don't think it will amount to anything. I reckon they are just flexing their muscles because of the new guy in charge.


Two days ago, or so:
Nothing really more to say.

No big war (lol).
Just old, fat dictators, who won't allow their dynasty to lose power, messing around.

Nothing will escalate.
NO(!) big player wants this, especially now.

There will be some artillety shooting, perhaps some sniping, followed by some ostentatious maneuvers and that's it.




I think it was Joe Biden who said during the primary season "mark my words" an inexperienced President like Obama "will be tested by international crisis during his first six months in power by an international crisis."

Well he was wrong about the time, but let's see how wonder boy reacts to this mess.

Funny how bowing, cow towing and apologizing for America doesn't intimidate our enemies.


It is like a wounded animal lashing out. Let that regime die without full scale war.


If anything, North Korea might be wanting a war. Their economy is fucked, they have all this defense/military spending and all these military resources that they never get to use, and most likely a general public that doesn't know wtf is going on ever. A war might help pull them out of declining as a country. Don't give it to them.


North Korea does this every once in a while to let the world know "HEY WERE A POWER COUNTRY HMMKAY!"


OK guys stick with me, this is China testing Obama once again, think of the supposedly jet trail of the coast of CA. Also anyone who has read any Korean History along with Mao teachings knows that NK is a puppet of China, only used as a buffer. Mao used the NK regime to start the Korean war and if Kim refused he was gonna invade them. That is why the US took a big interest in this war back then, as it was also backed by the Russians.

This in my opinion is not just saber rattling, think of a few months ago when a SK naval ship was sunk killing 46 soldiers. Also NK just announced a second uranium enrichment unit.

Pb Andy may be right and lets hope thats all..but I was there for 1 yr and I can tell you in peacetime its no joke. Right now its big time serious there for out troops. I can almost guarantee weapons and real ammo has been issued at least I hope so. I honestly do believe China is behind this..read some history on the regime. Also China supplies them with everything how else can this poverty stricken nation have nuclear bombs. China is testing Obama once again and this time if he fails they might go something more drastic.


I can't wait until Kin Jong-Il is dead.


Austin it does not matter when Kin Jong dies they are all puppets of Mother China.


I don't buy the puppet mother china arguement. China has more to lose from a war in NK than the Party Cronies in the north do. The resulting refuge crisis would be insane and China/SK would have to invest significant amounts of money in any post-war solution.

I think its a power move to have Kim's 'son' to have a position of 'power' to negotiate from, they must running short on Johnny Walker Blue in the Pyongang.


Dropkick read up on history maybe China has lost some influence with NK, but how else can a country with no income and starving people still have money for an Abomb.


Good point, but why hasn't China done more to shut him up and get him to stop being such a dick? It seems to me that China is in the best position to deal with this, but doesn't.