Not only W, but increased margins in the Senate as well.

As of now, the Republicans have picked up at least 2 seats in the Senate for 53 total – and they lead in FL and AK, which would give them 55 seats, an overall pickup of 4 seats.

In the House, the Republicans are projected to get at least 225 seats, which is basically treading water – I think they had 227 going in. There are still some seats that are up in the air, but overall it will be almost exactly the same breakdown as last session. With all the gerrymandering, no one expected much change in the House.

Overall, very good stuff.

Damn, I was hoping for a thread with only W, or :^) or even :^( for Kerry supporters.

Oh well.





And gas @ $3/gal. by x-mas.

When I heard that Daschle was out, I nearly wet myself with joy!

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[quote]gamecock13 wrote:
And gas @ $3/gal. by x-mas.

Yeah, we control that! Do you really think Kerry would have talked the Saudis down in their price?

you you

Doesn’t really matter who’s in office, in approx. the last year crude has went up about 13%/barrel ($46 to 53) but we’re paying a 45% increase at the pumps ($1.20 to 2.20, here anyway). I bet there hasn’t been that big of a cost increase in the refining process, and yet there is no call for an investigation in price gouging by the current administration. So it hits all of us in the shorts every day. Could it be because Rep.'s have big bucks in oil, or they just don’t care about the everyday user? Believe me, I’d be all over the Dem.'s if they sat on their hands and did nothing too. However fact is, we’ve got a big oil President. This affects every single one of us somehow and I see nothing in the near future to change it, or anyone in the current administration even trying to. Sorry.

Where are Lympy???..Elkhuntr???..Vrooom???
YEP…we told you so!!!

To all the girlymen liberals…Ha…Ha…Ha!!!


Shouldn’t we just start a gas thread?

If anyone paid attention, you would know that with oil company strikes, a major oil company in Russia running into trouble with the government, the lack of enough refineries in America, plus the Hurricanes shutting down some for a time.

Then the war, and risk of Terrorism (the last item worth about $15 a barrel) then you understand what is actually keeping oil so high. But it is dropping, too slowly, but it is dropping.

Oh yeah, the China effect. Their growing economy of 1 billion people is creating a humongous demand for oil.

So don?t expect $1 a gallon gas again.

ewe ewe



Just a little conspiracy theory of my own. Maybe the administration is letting the gas price get slightly out of hand to sway consumers into buying more fuel efficient cars, Thus forcing car companies to focus on producing more fuel efficient cars, and alternate energy transportation. Could be the case. I don’t necisarrily view it as a bad thing anyways, better to slowly shift focus on fuel efficiancy than some dissaster down the road when some middle east country gets into a big war and the oil supplies get cruched.

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