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The other thread reached its max number of replies and wouldn't let me respond...so I am starting this one focusing on Infamous.

I'm not a hardcore gamer. I play Spiderman video games just because I like to swing around New York and I could probably still play San Andreas for a few hours without doing any missions...but I do like this game and judging from the reviews it is getting, I am not alone.'

The premise is:

A bomb goes off. You wake up in the aftermath unaware of what the F happened trying to escape ground zero before shit falls on you and you die painfully. Passing an electrical generator causes you to absorb the electricity (something you couldn't do before) and you start to notice physical changes.

The game involved finding out what happened, why you suddenly have powers...and it involves a Moral dilemma with most major choices that either make you more good and heroic...or more evil. Each path has a different set of powers and power ranges. You could effectively finish this game as a good guy and play it again just to be evil.

Unless you are some video game junky who plays games from start to finish over 40 hours straight, I doubt most will be finishing this in under a week or two unless they simply don't have anything else to do.


Funny, I just PMed you about starting a 3.0 thread.

Thanks for the info about Infamous though. Looks like I'll have to pick it up.

Here was the last thing I posted in the 2.0 log. The new KOTOR MMO trailer. Don't know about the game, but the trailer sure looks nice.



Sounds like my kind of game, is it out on PC?


For what its worth, I was hooked on this shit all weekend. I was actually mad at myself for spending so much time playing it when I could have been doing other things...but it is done that well. The story is evolved enough to not be childish and the "Karma angle" was a good choice to add to the game.

It will probably take me over a month to play this all of the way through or much longer considering you actually enjoy just fucking around the city....and the missions are actually interesting as well.

Some of the missions in other games are just boring and time wasting activities. These make you seem like Jason Bourne but with the powers of Storm from X-men...or more specifically Johnny Ohm (for those who don't know who this is, his powers match up perfectly so do a search).


That's probably the best selling point you could have said. Now I really want to check it out.


Nice trailer, and KOTOR was great. This being a MMO though... it sucks by default. I'd much rather they make KOTOR 3.


Yeah, after watching that trailer, that's what I really wish was going to happen. I don't think I have the spare time to play an MMO.


They all seem to suck for anyone with half a life. All about the bling, no story to tell at all. I keep waiting for someone to make Baldurs Gate 3.


Deus EX was the same way as far as choosing what path to take...seemed like a cool approach but that game just dragged on and on.Never did finish it.I'm still waiting/hoping for a good mouse/keyboard set-up for PS3.I know some think that's lame but I can't shoot for shit with a console controller and can't afford to by a new graphic card every year for my PC.


wow, how many posts is too much?


Apparently exactly 1,434. Any more than that and the entire internet explodes.


They need some geeks to work on that problem.


Hmmm, I liked Deus Ex... Played it back when it came out.

The second deus ex game seemed fishy to me... Only played the demo, though.


Hey, this is the place for all things geeky, right? I haven't read a good fantasy book in ages, anyone care to make recommendations? I like George Martin's stuff, Raymond Feist(two with Pug as the main character as I recall). Last series I have been reading is Steven Eriksons' The Malazan Book of the Fallen. I loved the first 2 or 3 books, but later on I kinda lost interest. Some post-apocalyptic stuff would be cool to read, also... like Stephen Kings' The Stand.


Pre-ordered The Conduit recently, and going to pick up Infamous for the 360 and Madworld for the Wii in a day or two.

June's going to be a busy month for gaming.


PS3 exclusive unfortunately. Prototype comes out next week though and it's multiplatform. I think it's also supposed to be kind of a free roaming playing as a guy with crazy powers game.


From the sound of all this, I swear I need to pony up and just buy a PS3


Infamous isn't on 360 to my knowledge.


That's it, I'm getting a PS3 in the not too distant future.


It's all about the story, the graphics and the game play. If they make a game that can beat this one on all levels, I will pre-order it now. The free roaming and ability to interact with damn near everything short of actually being able to go inside buildings (can't ride in cars either because they apparently would explode if he were to sit in one) makes this game what it is. The PARKOUR motion makes climbing a building more interesting to look at than when Spiderman does it.