Elbow Sleeves for Zercher Work

Does anyone have some good recommendations for sleeves for zercher work? This is the only thing I plan on using them for.

I sourced a cheap pair of MMA forearm guards (under £10). Just rotate them round to cushion the inner forearm. I also ended up using one on my shin, as band-assisted pull-ups was causing discomfort in that area. That was a bonus.

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I bought some I don’t even remember where. Could have even been the local pharmacy, and they work just fine. I would say pretty any would work. I also don’t use mine for anything else. On that note: I love zercher stuff!!

Cut up pool noodle is probably the cheapest solution.

Pretty sure I’ve seen Thib recommend putting knee sleeves on the arms instead of elbow sleeves since you just want the cushioning and not necessarily support.

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Knee sleeves would likely be a bit thicker as well (more cushion).

I have used my fat grips for zercher work. Not super comfortable but it works

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I use my old knee sleeves.


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The pussy pad you see some people using for normal squats has always worked fine for me on zerchers.

Is it strange that I can tell from one post I’d despise hanging around you IRL? :laughing:



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I used to squat with a towel on the bar because I saw a picture of Arnie squatting and he had a towel on the bar. I didn’t look at internet forums back then to know it made me a pussy :laughing: (looking at that bar, that covering might be the only thing holding it together)

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I always thought the old guys were more hard-core. Then I read an old article about 20 reps squats from the 60s. The author said that dudes intentionally bent the barbell (maybe with a sledge hammer?) so it stayed on your shoulders better. Then they used a pad or towel to make it more comfortable. A quick search totally verified.

Anyway, when this topic first popped up I thought about some kind of joke response involving tampons in the crooks of the elbows or something like that. I can’t believe it took almost 3 weeks for the first Puss comment. What’s wrong with this place?


Lol that’s just the only name I’ve ever heard it called. I’ve never seen anyone squatting big weights with them, but surely there are some who do. I wanted to try zercher squats one day at the gym, and put one of those things on there because it was laying around, and it worked well for that.

No it’s not strange haha. No worries. What is the proper name of that pad though? I’ve never heard it called anything else.

Barbell Pad, I believe. Think squat pad also works



Ah ok gotcha. Wouldn’t those actually be dangerous for squatting heavy? Doesn’t seem like you’d want that space between your body and the barbell. Do any serious lifters use them? Every time I’ve seen anyone use them they were “squatting” a foot high with a much too heavy for them 185-225 lbs. not that it matters, just curious.

I use them for BB hip thrusts. No interest in pulverizing my pubic bone :rofl:

I have a manta ray. Mostly I use it for an extra high bar since it sets the bar up a little higher. Makes it easier on my shoulders w/ the bar higher up and hips too since I can stay more upright. honestly don’t think it’s any more comfortable and I have to work just as with my upper back and arms to keep my position so I mostly think of it as a shoulder friendly more quad dominant squat variation.

Has anyone tried the sting ray from the same maker for front squats? Figured the question was relevant(ish) since it’s a squat w/ the bar in front of you like a Zercher. Zercher is a nice alternative if cross arm doesn’t feel right and mobility restrictions keep you from a proper olympic style front squat, but I wonder if the sting ray actually solves both issues maybe even allowing for higher reps?