Elbow Sleeves for Zercher Work

volleyball 2$ cotton knee pads on the elbows

The Van Hagen with a 565 without sleeves

Me with a 330 last week then multiple reps sets at 300

I’ve done my fair amount of Zercher and it doesn’t hurt much anymore. I just put some chalk in the crook of the elbows. When I started doing it I was alternating raw with either Fat Gripz, the pussy pad or wearing a hoodie. I was more hurt by the bar pinching my skin with the belt ahah, nice bruise on the abs

I got a cheap pad off ebay for like $8 that drastically helped. I think Zerchers are great but the idea of possibly hundreds of pounds resting smack dab on your tendons/ligaments doesn’t seem bright to me. My left shoulder is still jacked up from the bar resting on it from front squats like half a year ago. I thought it was temporary but it just never went away. Seems to be getting better now and I think somehow snatch grip high pulls are helping…

I had the front squat version. It’s good for light usage imo.

Develop the forearms and it gives a bit of padding.
I feel sleeves and additional padding lessen the stability of the movement. At truly challenging sets/weights this is paramount .
180kg does not hurt much. I do get little bruises a day or too later though.

It can easily slip on the sleeves. You could break or even lose your arm.

Another opition I have done in the past is Zercher with an axle bar. The wider surface area makes it more bearable.