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Attempts at Strongman



Trap bar deadlift, high handle, no belt
550 for 10 singles, 15 t bar paused rows between each warm up and working set.

Sandbag pick and “throws”
Bag weighs 260+, so it’s not much of a throw. After I lapped the bag, I threw it as high as possible. Did 15 or so doubles and triples.

Farmers walk
250x5x300ish ft

200 body weight lunges per leg



Log clean and press
Single with 180 done EMOM for 20 minutes

Log viper press followed by 4 clean and pressed from hang
100x5 done EMOM for 10 minutes

5 plate curls, 5 plate raises, 5 plate tricep extensions. 25 lb plate, as many rounds as I could in 5 minutes.



Rested, healed, feeling strong and smooth. 32 days till kickboxing match, planning on pushing training for the duration of that.

Box jump
Up to 42"x3x5

Log strict press

Overhead lunge, 44 lbs in one hand
5x10 per leg

100 ab wheel rollout

250 decline bench sit up

Sandbag load to platform

Boxing class


Found a weighted compression shirt/vest at my local thrift shop for $12. Weighs 15 lbs and is very secure. I think it’ll be nice for plyometrics and such.

Seated box jump, wearing 15 lb vest
Add 50 lb vest on top of 15 lb vest
Remove vests, now jumping from standing

120 pullups in sets of 6, timed 30 seconds rest between each set.

One arm pushups, switching arms each rep

SSB lunge

Muay thai class followed by some hard conditioning. Not feeling so hot at the moment, but its probably because calories were a bit low today.



Band lateral raises x a bunch

Cable rows x a bunch

High pulls, alternating between clean and snatch grip between each set
275x12 all seemed pretty snappy, seem to be getting stronger/better at displaying weight related strength as of late with lower compound lift volume

45° back raise with SSB
65x20 ow

Boxing class



Muay thai class

Hour of sparring after

Ate a box of cheese-its and drank a couple of power-ades as a refill from my lower carb intake. This coupled with no lifting before had me feeling wonderful during sparring.



Did some strength and conditioning training with a guy training for the same kickboxing event as I and another with a couple of amateur MMA fights. Both are a bit less experienced with weights, so things didn’t get too heavy.

2 minute AMRAPS, 3 rounds of the following
Sandbag pick and load
100 lb log viper press
200 lb farmers walk,

Sandbag was around 15 per round, log around 25, farmers walk was no drops first round, 2 drops second, and more than 5 in the third. Grip was definitely the weak point.

Then did one of those deck of cards workouts with various calisthenics. Each person taking a turn drawing a card. While others were doing their movement, each person picked an “active rest” movement. I chose banded body weight squats, and did somewhere between 500-600 squats over the course of the workout.

30 minutes sparring. Pretty difficult with how fatigued my legs were.



Log Clean and press
90 seconds timed rest
210 for 12 singles
Felt horrible during the first 5, blacked out momentarily on the 3rd, but everything from 6 on was RPE 7-8.

Log viper press
Done EHMOM (half minute on minute)
150 for 30 singles

Band single arm OHP
5x20 per arm

Band lateral raises
5x20 per arm

Band tricep push down x 200 RP



SSB Squat, chin up, box jump
8 rounds of
275x3,+50×6, 44"x3

52" box jump for 5 singles

Waiter walk
50 lbs x 2 min, 4 rounds per hand

Hammer curls
50 lbsx10x5



100 situps on decline bench with 45 lb plate
100 situps with 10 lb dumbbell held straight overhead, alternating hands
100 situps with 10 lb dumbbell behind neck

200 single arm band rows per arm
200 3 second pauses in a clinch position
300 jabs per arm against band
100 band rotations per side against heavy band


Lots and lots of non weighted stuff that I didn’t bother recording


DE bench against doubled monster minis. 60 second timed rest

30 legless rope climbs

Lots of sparring.



Went to parents home last Thursday for a bit of a family emergency. Few days off due to that. Got back home today.

Squat against doubled light bands. Total deload at bottom, not sure on band tension at the top. The new heavy duty squat rack was being picked up every time I racked the bar, but the estimate of tension in came up with from the elitefts band chart seemed much too high.


Weighted box jumps
+50×3 to a 48" box as a top set. Lots of sets to get to that height

Boxing class with lots of conditioning drills

30 legless rope climbs
Right lat quite sore, left lat totally fine.



Push press SS/ box jumps

Crawling plank
2 min.x10



Snatch grip high pull

Back raises SS/w banded BW squats
(X25/average bandx25)×5



SSB Squat from pins, belt less, flat shoe (felt pretty weird) SS/w weighted chins


10 legless rope climbs

3 5 minute rounds of single arm dumbbell hang snatches. Switched hands every three reps. This DESTROYED me. Hands to base of skull is pretty sore.


2/23 Amateur Kickboxing Debut

Win by TKO, 37 seconds into first round. Decided to blitz, seemed to work. Little anticlimactic after all the training and worrying, but can’t complain.

Getting back to more of my regular training


Axle Strict press
20 pulls parts, 10 neutral pushups while wearing 50 lb vest between each set
Removed vest, continued pushups with bodyweight

Timed rounds of plate raise and plate curl, switching exercise when hitting fatigue. Tried to minimize/eliminate any rest. 3 3 minute rounds with a 25 lb plates, mostly sets of 5 before switching

Banded DB Tate press
New favorite tricep assistance. Three days later long head of tricep still quite sore, usually I struggle to get my triceps to actually contract. Hopefully building up my arms a bit will help with my lame-o strict press.
25’s and mini band x 15 x 5


Bunch of overhead squats and other movement-y things.

Snatch grip high pull from hang
Feel strong, traps very sore. May actually program and progress on these to see what type of carryover they have to other movements and such.

Banded Squat
Average band around neck x 100 RP

SSB squat
225x8x4 surprisingly difficult after above work

A few windshield wipers, body raises (locked arms on a pullup bar raising myself to a front lever type position, but obviously not gymnast quality) and other hanging abdominal movements.


37 seconds! That’s awesome! Any video?


Congrats man, nice work!


Hell Yeah! 37sec is fast man, good job!


I will ask around, there may be.

To be frank (although not what asked about or for), I wasn’t super eager to have my photo taken and such. My adult experience with a head to head sport has been really different than “heat” type sports. “Heat” sport meaning things like strongman or powerlifting where you’re comparing performances or times rather than actually being able to impact one’s opponent. I have weird thoughts about ego and interaction when actually laying hands on another person, especially after the event.