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Attempts at Strongman



Boxed 3 minute rounds, alternating between 2 sparring partners (one of them would rest while the other sparred). I only threw jabs, and only wore a glove on the hand I was using for the jabs. Alternated stances between rounds. This was surprisingly tiring, which was good.

Box jump with 50 lb vest
Up to 42"x3x3

Clean and press, slightly less than strict but not a dedicated “push” to the press

Db laterals
15’sx150 RP

Overhead cable tricep extensions
100 RP

Tricep push downs
100 RP

Supinated tricep push downs
100 RP

Cable belt squat
Stack+25 lb plate x 5 minute timer, didn’t count reps


TBDL, high handle, no belt or straps. Band rotations between sets
420 for 15 singles, done EMOM

tbdl, low handle, straps. 5 second concentric and 5 second eccentric

TBDL row with fat grips


What’s the torso and knee angle on this? Intrigued on how it works.


I think john meadows put up a video of him doing it, if that would help. For me, it’s the higher torso angle of something like a Yates row. I slide my hands to the front of the grips so the back of the bar clears my backside. Weight stays light, pauses at the top.


Happening earlier than I thought, but I have my first martial arts related competition coming up in Feburary. Ameteur kickboxing match. Opponent is set, weight class is 170 lbs. Stalked my opponent and his gym on Facebook. Adrenaline is somewhat raging.






In addition to other things, I’ve been throwing 250 kicks per leg minimum on a heavy bag. My left shin especially is quite unhappy. The skin has what looks to be a burnt patch. I’m figuring that being comfortable with and subjecting myself to some level of discomfort will strengthen me mentally, but that could be a stupid way of thinking.


Plyometric pushups w/ 50 lb vest

Sledge hammer swings
100 “pullovers”
100 10-2
100 per side of round/cast movement

SSB lunge
135x100 RP
Foot near the big toe, both but more so the right foot, is quite painful in the bottom of a lunge. Not sure why or from what, but it was enough to make my gait difficult and wobbly without lots of concentration

Decline bench situps
I’m doing these by only being in the middle range of motion, and going up and down within that range until failure. Did 5 sets this way



Got a log for Christmas :grin:

Viper press
160 for 30 singles in 20 minutes

Log clean and press from hang
90x12x5, tried to be as fluid/continuous as possible
2 minutes between sets

100 chin ups

Few sets of various delt raises



First day of “camp” i.e. having various drilling and sparring sessions outside of regular classes that include more than me just working a bag. Have a primary sparring/training partner who moves well and is a couple weight classes heavier.

Prior to that:

SSB Squat, no hands, heeled shoe
255x2x12, 1 min rest

Cable belt squat
Stack+chains+25 lb plate+little add on weights+wearing 50 lb vest
100 RP, really more like 10x10 with a 20 second rest but I stood at the top without racking/unloading for the rest periods

Back raises
3x1 minute hold at top

Cable rows on back raise
4x15, pauses of various lengths with each rep




I wanted to see how much I could add without risk of things falling off or hurting thr cables. Next step is bands, I guess :sweat_smile:


You need a banana tree:



Warm up

Pull ups SS/ log clean and press
Switch to chin ups
Done in 18 minutes and change


SSB squat, heeled shoe
275 for 30 singles, 10 deep breaths between each rep
135x100. Why I choose this before muay thai class is beyond me.

Normal class, then conditioning at the end which consisted of
10 rounds:
5 squats
5 lunges
5 burpees
5 kicks on bag per leg

No rest between rounds, but I alternated from round to round with throwing the kicks as fast as possible vs as hard as possible. Done with this mouthpiece that I rigged up your make it so I can’t breathe through my mouth at all. Definitely sucks when congested.



Weighted pull ups SS/ W sumo deadlift
Dropped pull ups
Add belt
465 for 5 singles

Another long drill day outside of normal classes.



BB bench

Single arm supinated tricep extension x a bunch
Neutral grip tricep extension x a bunch



So I wanted to make sure making weight wouldn’t be a challenge, so I started cutting dairy about a week ago. Usually dairy (primarily whole milk) bloats me and provides around 1000-1200 calories. I started at 186 when I cut the dairy, so I was assuming I’d be in the 180 range today. Nope, 196. Also look leaner and actually had some arm development showing after today’s lifting. My brain is confused, but I’ll take it. Leave it to me to only be able to gain weight when my goal is to lose it.


+130×10 might be a PR? What the heck

Tricep extensions
3sets slow and paused
4 sets heavier and faster

Plate raise into plate curl, no rest
25 plate for 10 of each for 5 rounds

Why is my pressing stronger when fatigued? The mystery continues. Maybe I’ll shoot for a log PR tomorrow



Little conditioning with class, but nothing too crazy. Did a set of 22 pull ups while wearing hand wraps and 18 oz. Gloves, and my arms are quite sore today. Could barely get my fingertips over the bar.



Took a couple days off. Was feeling a bit weird, static strength was good but movement/quickness were horrible. I don’t feel sick, but I’m draining incessantly and its giving me a cough and some difficulty breathing. I think it has to do with my damaged nose, but who knows.

Front squat, front rack position, heeled shoe
245x2x8, 1 minute rest

One leg leg press on the weird cable leg press thing
I don’t really like this machine but I didn’t feel like doing free weight accessory movements for my lower body (i.e. lunges) because my left toe doesn’t like lunging right now.
3/4 stack, no lockout x a bunch x a bunch

10 rounds of:
5 push ups, 3 pull ups, 20 cable Kirk shrugs, 10 paused front plate raises, 10 paused plate curls

3 hours of various boxing and kickboxing drills. Weight is 181.6 post sweat, which sounds a lot better than 196 in order to make 170 without depleting.