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Attempts at Strongman


Thank you sir! All in all, especially the prep/training, it has been a great experience.


Thank you sir. Although it was scheduled for 3 2 minute rounds (which is pretty short) I felt like coming out at a sprint would serve me well. Most of my other competitive experience involves that type of pace, so I figured to keep the nerves at bay I’d stick with what I know, at least for the first round.



Db seated press, 90° but arched back to make a high incline

Banded db floor press
40 & red band × 5 × failure

Db side laterals
10’sx100 RP

Isometric back work x a bunch



High bar squat, no belt

High bar against doubled light bands, done in one breath without reset between reps

Paused back raises
5 x fail/cramp

BW reverse hyperextensions on ball
5 x 15

5 sets of strict toes to bar

5 sets of new ab exercise I made up on an exercise ball. Transition from plank on elbows (on ball) to plank on hands without feet or torso moving



High bar squat
Add belt
295x5x3 one breath, no reset

Chinup SS/w paused cable row



Few accessory movements to warm up.

Log viper press
Up to 220x1
190x2x6, done EMOM

Log strict press, cleaned first rep



Log strict clean and press. Rode the momentum from the clean into the press, but feet stayed flat throughout and was more of a curl and roll rather than a clean. Cable rows and cable upright rows done between sets.
Up to 180x3x3

Log strict press, clean first rep

Banded DB Tate press

Banded DB neutral grip press

Bunch of trunk work



High bar squat, no belt
Up to 405x1. If not PR, definitely the easiest it has ever felt.
Add belt
405x1x4, each single felt like RPE 8 or lower. High bar actually feels kind of nice for once.
Remove belt
Next sets done in one breath without reset at the top



Various things with a 250 lb sandbag

Movements included:
Carry x 120’ x 5
Floor to shoulder x 2 x 8
Floor to shoulder then light jog in circles x a bunch for unknown distances over 200’



Belt Squat SS/w pull up. Wearing weighted vest
1/2 stack + 80 x 10/+80x3
3/4 stack + 80 x 10/+80×3
Stack + 80 x 10/+80×3
Stack + 80 + band strapping down stack x10/+80×3
Stack + 80 + band strapping down stack x 100 RP. Very sore, pretty difficult from 70 on.
Switch to pull ups only

Pullups done with one hand on rope connected to bar, one hand on bar. 100 total reps, mostly sets of 4

45° back raise against doubled mini band


Your training is so deranged man. Truly sick stuff.


It’s not so bad. I’m lucky enough to enjoy most if not all of the training things I do. To me, real difficult and uncomfortable training would include long distance running and high rep straight weight sets.



Bunch of scapular retracting movements. Lots of neck pain and bad posture lately

Few hundred band pull aparts

101 pushups while wearing 130 lbs in vests. Mostly sets of 6 done EMOM.

Box jumps, up to a 40" with 50 lb vest

10 3 minute hard bag rounds, 1 minute rest


Impromptu week off, had another bit of vehicle trouble and decided I had no interest in paying shop amounts for the repairs needed. Set up rides to work in the morning, rides home and worked on pickup till it was time for bed. Issues manifested Tuesday evening, pickup up and running as of Saturday afternoon. A large amount of YouTube DIY videos, multiple cans of rust penatrant, way too much sledge swinging and a decent amount of patient. Taking it into a trusted mechanic to check things out to make sure I don’t die early this week, but things seem okay as of now.


Multiple trips to auto parts store: check

Broken tools, bleeding and cursing: check

Watching real mechanics make it look easy on YouTube: check

Realizing you’re not saving much money fixing your own car: check

The satisfaction when it’s finally fixed and your wounds heal up a bit: priceless.


This would suck, a lot.


I had it quoted as a $1200 repair, which I did for $241 in parts and new needed tools. Now it took me a while, but the grand majority of the time was trying to unstick the back portion of a wheel bearing assembly from the hub.

This was difficult because the bearing assembly was expelling bearings and disintegrated bearing dust, and wasn’t securely held to the hub. Also doing the work in my driveway in occasional hail and rainstorms.

I’m a few miles from town and hate asking for help, so I improvised a few tools. One of my favorites was a dead blow hammer; i.e. a hand sledge wrapped in towels and bungie cords.


If I had done a higher rep set before or if this wasn’t the primary exercise, it probably would have been much worse. With moderate percentage weights, tricep fatigue almost always gets me first. That kicks in right around that 8-10 rep mark for me, so keeping the reps below that allows for the volume accumulation.

I don’t know if I’m inefficient at recovering, relatively neurally efficient and thereby my failure is quite taxing, or I’m just a wuss. One moderate to high weight set done to failure with an upper body pushing or pulling exercise usually wastes me for the rest of the training session. Triceps seem to take a day or more to recover, and one big set of pullups leaves me unable to usually hit even half the same number on subsequent sets.

I’ve been doing some daily body weight movements in the morning, after a small warm up doing a single set to near failure. I’m hoping this helps me build some tolerance. For pushups especially, I’m surprised and disappointed by how low my numbers are.



Giant set while wearing 80 lb vest
24"box jumpx3/bottoms up KB press x 15 (25 lbs)/pullupx5
6 rounds done building up to a 44"box x 3

Superset of, no longer wearing vest
Box jumpx48"x2
Log pressx80 lbsx 10
10 rounds done. Triceps struggled, which to me is sad.

100 seated laterals with 10 lbs dbs, done rest pause

100 seated front raises with 10 lbs dbs, done straight without pause

50 seated curls with 10 lbs dbs



Plyo push ups
8x3 with 50 lb vest

6x2 with 50 lb vest

TBDL, high handle
Up to 490x1x3
Remove belt, add straps