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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?


The rattling of the plates really adds to the pain/strain you were experiencing!


That was actually my vertebrae clacking together like a Newton’s Cradle.


To pull 600 at 215 lbs is impressive. To pull it at 275+ lbs is not. If you are that big and you lift, you damn well better be able to.


Photo taken today.


640 at 220 about 8 days ago.


Here’s 605 for me.

Here’s a more recent set of 545x5. This is more-or-less what a training work set has looked like for me since I started lifting 3.5 years ago at age 33. I’ve always worked up to one top set, sometimes heavy singles, sometimes both. I’ve never pulled more than once per week. I’ve always done touch-and-go deadlifts.

I kinda feel like I’m living in the Simpson’s episode where Homer started training with McBain and ate a lot of PowerSauce bars. Fortunately, I’ve continuted to become both stronger and leaner as a lifter, just not usually at the same time. I’m almost always progressing on one or the other. Getting stronger definitely comes easier for me.

In my 3.5 years of barbell lifting, i’ve taken maybe 3 months off, tops. Not counting deloads. That’s my secret I suppose. I just show up and put a lot of heart into my lifting.


Not in the 6 hundo club yet, but I hope to fix that soon.


You should follow along. In the past year i’ve made 600 into warm up weight with 700 closing Very fast.


How tall are you, Reed? I’ve got about 12 pounds on you but I’m 6’5". Just curious how my frame compares to a beast like yourself.


650-700 to me is where the herd thins out, not 600. Of course it depends on the individual, just as I overhead pressed 300 for the first time when I was 17, but didn’t deadlift 600 until somewhat recently.

Depends on how bad you want it, and how astute you are to expedite your work ethic.


Getting in on the fun. 660@181 from my comp that got turned down for slight downward travel at lock out. Since hit 655x2 in the gym.

Heres my good side ha ha for you guys


Yes, dedication to one lift and, as I said, his nature-given potential that he utilized. Perhaps he simply has an efficient nervous system, natural inclination for speed and/or strength, or whatever.

There are many men that specialize in one lift, usually the bench press from what I’ve seen. People like Glen Chabot and Ryan Kennelly specialized, but dedicated as they were, did not simply achieve their feats from their die-hard dedication alone.


But your also talking top of their classes where as a 600 lb is not top by any means in 198+ classes. I think 650 was 50 on pl watch this year at 198

Fairly sure even number 50 in the 165 class is still high fives


If I recall correctly, and I can be wrong because I am not a PLer or the most avid PL fan, Chabot benched 600-something raw. He did 700-something single ply at an Arnold Classic. Let me get the video.

Gym lift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATE25rWMdSs


Like a freaking cannon! :slight_smile:


@strongmanvinny2 I completely agree. I’m confident I will get 660 lbs (300 kg) in time. Whether in a year, or two, or five, or eight, I don’t know - but I’m confident I’ll get there because I won’t stop turning up and I have some kind of idea of how to train. Whether I get 700 lbs (320 lbs) is another matter entirely. I think I have a decent shot at it, but I won’t know if I’ll get it until I know what 660 lbs feels like.


Brutal close gripping in gym, with Titus spotting.


Lol… I am 5’6 and change with my shoes on…


@Yogi1, I feel like I got called out. I went straight to the gym. Just pulled 550 beltless in heeled shoes because that’s all I had in my bag. I’m gonna drive home, get my belt, and come back.


Out of all the lifts being obese will increase deadlift the least, it will help in bench , in squat to a point harder to breathe.
Anthony Clark would have pulled well over eight but short arms and big belly on top huge thighs, hurt his pull , think of pull from a six inch deficit, he still pulled 770.
I think if he would have got under 310 ish he would have lost 20 in bench and gained 50 in total .
I have seen him do 585 easy in bo row i think he said he could go 635 for like 3
For those of you not familiar with Anthony Clark, first 1102 sqaut, first 804 bench single ply.