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What to Take with Test Cyp?

Hello, new here. I’m doing my research now like ive been told to do. I want to know what I am supposed to take with test cyp? Like an AI? and then also what should i buy for a pct? I’ve run one cycle a year and a half ago it was test prop and I diddn’t take anything with it, nor did i take pct. But I want to be safe this time. Can someone create a cycle plan for me, give me the exact name of the products, what they are for?

What is your goal and what is your accurate current bodyfat?

No offence intended here, but do some research then come back to the forum with questions. You should more or less know your cycle and how your going to approach it first, then start asking the little questions that will complete the picture.


Ok so I’ve done some research, I thought I’d ask the questions here though. I’m 6 ft 160 pounds. So what is a good brand name AI? I’m going to keep AI on hand in case I need it. What else do I take while I’m on cycle?

My goal is to gain weight and cut.

if you’ve done research, why do you want us to build your cycle from the ground up? the whole point of research is so you DON’T have to ask for this.

And you can’t ask for brand names and sources. This is not a source board, and you will end up getting banned for asking these sorts of questions.

you’re also not even close to ready for a cycle at this size. No one can give you advice in good conscience based on this.

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If your 6 ft and 160 pounds AND your goal is to cut aswel as gain size then your definitely not ready yet.
Train hard and eat big and you’ll put on mountains with out AAS.

Ok so I’ve done some research not all I need, that’s what I thought this was for. Basically, what else do I take on cycle other than an ai

Ok and if you don’t want to give me answers here, point me to an article or the right direction I can read on what else to take while on cycle because I’m hitting dead ends googling, and am still trying to learn the terminology. But like I said I’ve done a cycle before and weighed less.

that means you were stupid.


You’re 6’ 160lbs and you’ve already run a cycle? Wait, you’ve already run a cycle and you don’t know what to take on cycle? Dude.

Ok so any reason why you need to weigh more? I feel like ppl say things but provide no explanation.

You can get your info on here, just simply scroll the forum a bit. Look for ‘first cycle’ threads. The response is almost always the same. You will find what you are looking for. Best of luck to you.

Bro you need to put the computer down and pick a sandwich up. Drugs aren’t gonna help if you can’t help yourself first

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Because at that height and weight you don’t have a lot of muscle mass. The good news is there’s a way to gain lots of muscle: train hard and eat well. You can do that—for free!—for another two years before you’d need to pick up a needle. Do you seriously not have any concept of how building muscle is accomplished? I’m genuinely asking.

Yeh ran a cycle a year and a half ago. And probably will again but want to educate myself of the risks first.

Oh and I’m 170, not 160… that was a typo

He’s either a troll or wants to be spoon fed.

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Spoon fed more like it. I remember researching these forums for 3 months before I even created an account or said anything just so I wouldn’t look like an asshole or dumbass.

I am curious of the OP’s age. I am guessing low 20’s.

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Upper twenties

You’re upper 20’s, have already run a cycle, and presumably have been lifting for a while. So why are you so small? Unless you’re 170 with 5% bf you’ve got a lot of gains left before you need to be running cycles.