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What To Do, Lower Pecs and Lower Back


I am looking to add as much mass as possible to my lower pecs, for cosmetic purposes.

My lower back is a part of my body that i've neglected and it's hindering my performance for other exercises.

What are some good exercises I can do for either of these situations?



Dips and deadlifts.




Do your dips as wide and as deep as your flexibilty allows. The stretch is very key if you can manage it.


I think you mean for "aesthetic" purpose.


No, cosmetic. Leave me ALOOOONE!


Cosmetic? Try smearing some eye shadow under your pecks to give the illusion of separation, maybe a little blush to highlight the spinal erectors!


lol you were just asking for it there

dips, decline bench press and for lower back deadlift and hyperextensions


Perfect advice. With my hypers I use bands and dips are weighted.