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W W Powerlifting Log

after a few years of training, in my final year of highschool i have decided to join my schools powerlifting team. im creating the fallowing log to chart my progress from now until the regional powerlifting competition on april 16th

i am currently 5’8" tall
body weight of approx 155lbs

max squat: 365
max deadlift: 355
max bench:240

for the past week i have been trying some labrada supercharge prior to my workouts but other then that i basicly have whey and multi vitimens

my coach has me on a program that il post as i go through the training sessions, but today i was feeling a little under the weather and pressed for time so i just free balled it.

so here we go

hang clean 135 2x12
Deadlift 6x135, 6x225, 6x315, 6x325,6x335, 6x345
chins 3x8

Doesn’t look like your max deadlift is 355 anymore! Assuming you did 1 set of 6 @ 345 and do not have a system of logging I have yet to see.

thats what im hoping thes max lifts were done in december
alright yesterday was an off day and i did essentially nothing today however was a squat and bench day

i shit the nutrition bed today eating only a fist full of grapes and a glass of chocolate milk between 73o am and my 12:00 workout

power press: 2x8 135
squat: 1x5 195, 1x5 235, 1x4 310, i was supposed to perform 4 sets of doubles at 350 but was only able to perform one and a half so i backed off the weight to 3 plates for the remaining reps (think im still fealing those deadlifts)

Claose grip bench: 1x5 120, 1x4 145, 1x3 170, 3x3 185 (these days are very light on bench)
tricep extensions: 2 strip sets from 12o-20
standing good mornings: 3x6 135

friday ended up being an offday with my school and gym shut down. i ended up going home for the weekend to catch up on sleep and eat some home cooked food. now im just getting ready for a squat and heavy bench day tomorrow. the end of this week will be the end of a 4 week cycle in my training and i will begin the program again

today squat and bench day , goals 4x3 squat 80% 3x2 90% bench

high pull: 2X8 135
squat: 135x5, 60% 230x4, 70% 275 2x3, 80%
310 4x3
bench: 135x5, 170x5,195x3, 220 2x2
db press: 80lbs db 3x8
one legged squats 3x8
dips to failure which only ended up as 12 instead of my usual 35 when fresh

i was dissapointed with my bench today, im not sure squats drained me pretty hard i just couldnt muster the strenth.

im right pissed >2.5 times bw squat but my bench cant even come close to touching 2xbw

today was supposed to be a very light dead;lift day maxing out at like 270 or some crap so i just free balled the deadlift again
also i was doing some redicuals fast/slow twitch muscle fber calculation activity in my exercise science class so i had to do alot of benching before my workout.
by bench is week it cant hurt

hang clean: 135 2x8 warmup
deadlift: 135x6, 225x6, 315x6, 335x3, 345x3
bent over row: 135 3x8
low pull on universal gym thing : 5ok 3x8 easy
chins to failure
negative chins 3x5 15 second negative
supersetted with reverse hypers for sets of 10

end of first training session (my lunch break)

during my spare i went back down to the weight room to try out some progressive movement training

i did 3 sets of 6 reps at 405 which is my goal for an opener by the contest
in my last set i had alot of trouble gripping the bar… my hands are failing me and the chronic wrist pain doesnt help.
i took the rest of the day to do some 5x5 chins with a rope for my grip
then i did a coulpe holds at the top of a deadlift to help with some grip

the day was almost over by this time so i just hung from a thick 2.5 inch bar until i couldnt resting about 45 seconds inbetween hangings for the rest
of the day

off day, tomorrow i squat!

alright well once again time limitations killed my workout
but here goes

clean and press 135 2x8
squat 135x5, 225x5, 315x4, 330 3x3
in the last set i only got half way up on my last rep before being slowly crushed down to the crossbars of the power rack
db shoulder press

i got off easy with an 85 % squat day i thought i was in for 90

tomarrow should be speed pulls and stiff legged deads

warmed up on friday with some high pulls for the usual 2 sets of 8

jumped into progressive movement training again wich is getting increasinly rough
3x6 405 lbs

bent row: 3x10 135

i knew i should have written this down before i went away for the weekend i honestly cant rememberbut i start a 4 week training cycle tomorrow so im not to worried

Good job bro. Good luck in April!

hey thanks,

ive been lacking on the log latly because ibeen away for a few days, i havnt had access to a training facility so i was doing a dip and chin focused program in a park for the week, surprisingly ive never felt stronger this week.

today was a squat and light bench day

i warmed up with the hammer strength hammer jammer machine , i love that machine if i stand on boxes its exactly like a tackle

then squat

160x5, 220x4, 270x3, 285 2x3, 310 4x3

some light medium grip bench
120x5, 160x5, 175x4, 200 4x3 i think the was only like 70 % or somthing
dips 4x6 45 lb weight on a belt
deadman leg extension 3x10
then my spare was over my workout had to end

so i went home and ate my usual unhealthy student diet of stolen dairyqueen frozen chicken strips cooking in olive oil with a can of peas on the side, mmmm nitrogen fixing legumes and grease

oh yeah i watched my gym teacher bench 530 in class today it was quality

again neglecting my log,
im in the final week before competition so my training sessions are beginning to taper off. today was a deadlift
(light) clean 135 2x8
deadlift 225x4 260x4, 300 2x3, 340 3x3 easy
then just high and low lat pulls, hammer curls and back extension , since a deadlifting injury in my left wrist i am unable to do any other type of curl or really anything that needs me to have a hand suppinated

im nervouse for the competition, im still skeptical of my one rep deadlift strength it seems anything i can lift off the ground i can lift atleast 3 times

today was my last squat day before competition

squat 255 1x4, 285 1x4, 315 2x3, 335 2x2
355 x2 my first rep wasnt quite low enough i wimped out on depth , the second however hit well below paralell… who left the fridge open

Who’s coaching your team? Is it a h.s. meet your competing in in April? Is Bill Jamison organising it?

ahhh i kinda started slackin on this pretty hard ! i competed in the hamilton region powerlifting championship on april 16th
wow what an experience i wasnt sure i would stick with powerlifting after highschool untill then.
i ended up winning the 75 kilo and under weight class at a 70 kilo weigh in

i didnt post any where close to my best lifts but my 205 bench opener some how didnt even get beaten

my resualts
365 squat (2nd attempt, i tried for 385 on my third but i set up so terribly in the video il post u can see the ber come offthe rack terribly)
205 bench - my opener stood strong and i some how got 2 failures at 235 just didnt have it that day i guess
and a 385 deadlift that felt like it flew off the ground

so now i am training for the provincail championship in cambridge on may 30th i lost the pound for pound by 4 wilks points at regionals and i intend to claim what is rightfully mine

oh my coach is dave walters he held the canadian bech press title for a while
he has started me on a new cycle of his program working arround a max squat of 385 max deadlift of 405 (should be easy ive been able to do my supposed 80 and 90% upwards of twelve times at the end of my traini9ng sessions) and a 255 bench

depending on how provincials go im looking at a tourniment in albany this summer i may attend

today was a deadlift day

warmed up with some snatch grip clean at 100 lbs ( all i had access to at the moment)
then into the deadlift 1x5 245, 1x4 285, 1x4 335, 4x3 365
bent over row 3x8 145
seated row 3x8 60 kilos
the some hammer curls and reverse hypers

ate a tomatoe sandwhich on some rye bread a turky burger patty a can of tuna and a ton of milk descent for post workout meal,

i find my biggest issue is simply not enough food and not enough quality food, today however was an exception since i drove back to school from home this morning

tomorrow i squat and bench

2 broken tarsels in the right foot 2 weeks before provincials… the x rays show 2 clean breaks but the doctor says the bones are heald in place well and i can try to compete if i want but he doubts il be able to get any drive out of the right foot
so i went to the gym

power press 135 2x8
squat :the foot in combination with no weight belt i kept it light 185x5 225x4 275x4 295x3 315 3x3
i should have been hitting arround 350 ish today but i was in an F THAT mood
close grip bench final sets at 3 of 205
then due to the condition of my foot and knee i just did a good old weighted dip session fallowed by some super sets of leg curls an extensions (first time ive done either in like a year)
pullovers tricep extension strip set to failure

today also marks the start of a quick mass cycle i can gain 6 lbs in my weight class i intend to try and throw it all on my back

got 2nd in the province
a greasy bastard dropped weight classes on the day of the contest some how and whipped me
i posted a 370 squat failed at 385, i got a bench of 215 and failed at 235, then finally a deadlift of 405 failing at 420 somthing

i had my prom the night before so i was up drinking until 4 am… woke up at 7 am for the contest weighed in at hung over 162lbs all things considdered im pleased

second season baby. back to school and getting ready for round 2 this year i will hold the record for longer then 2 minutes and i will win first place in the 165 lb division. my workouts thus far have been greatly hindered due to a broken foot again (this time i got my ankle run over buy a car) and miss guided stabs at trying a mass program which seemingly made me weaker by the day. my coach sent me a dr. squat program to use right now but i worry that the first 8 weeks are simply inadequate in volume and would leave me unfulfilled at the end of the day. its set up for 3 “exercises” per day 6 days a week
monday is dumbell bench 4x8 nose crusher 4x8 and an obscure crunch variation… then in the next cycle thats been deemed the power phase theres all these squats at 120% pf 1rm that from my searching on here i have figured to be negatives.

so before i shoot this plan down completely i was wondering if any one had any experience with a dr. squat program or if any one just has any good recommendations with regard to a good program i could use to put on a little mass and then begin a strength cycle

my training last year was all based around my coaches sheiko program
thanks in advance for any input