Vertical Jumps, loaded stretching EQI

Incorporate some jumps in workout and do them as CAT training, there is no decelertion phase so muscle activation and aceleration is trough whole lift.
Becuse of practicing tehnique start with just barbell 20kg is optimal for me, but im not sure how to doe it.

Option 1 Do jumps from bottom position deep squat ATG every ten seconds one rep to eliminate SSC and set velocity drop 10 to 15% ( lets say 15 reps is done will i be able to do more reps next session becuse its small fatigue level for hypertrophy but can be neural strength adaptation)?

Option 2 Do countermovement jumps with fast eccentric to use SSC and progress lile in option 1?

Loaded stretching EQI
To do or not to do loaded stretching for bench pressing because increases range of motion much more below bottom position in bench, some benefits:

  • Increased muscle size when added to RT programmes

  • Increased ROM

  • Increased strength throughout full ROM

  • Improved torque, joint stabilisation, proprioception, and movement efficiency

  • Improved parallel and series elastic components

  • Improved inter- and intra-muscle control

  • Enhanced muscle stiffness with lower fatigue levels

  • Enhanced capacity to contract a muscle when it is in stretch

  • Stronger tendons, heals tendonitis

  • Enhanced IGF-1 signalling

  • Occlusion effects