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Vertical Jump Bible


I don't know if anyone is familiar with the programs in it but I had a question regarding the Intermediate Reactive Focused workout. I'm doing the reactive focused one because my weak spot is my explosiveness, not my strength, but 5 weeks into it I have noticed that my squat has gone down...drastically (By about 20 lbs). The sets for squat are like 3x8 or 3x6. I was wondering if I could change this up to something like 5x5 or 6x4. Also, the exercise after squat is leg curls. I was wondering if it would be OK to replace is with good mornings..something that hits the hammies a little better.

Or should I just follow the program how it was written?


Do whatever you think right, the programs were written just to let you see how to set things up. Not too sure why your squat has gone down though...


Is it working? If it is increasing your vertical than who cares about a few pounds on the squat.


Well no reason for squat to drop. Have you been eating enough with all the added activities?


It may have gone down because the set rep scheme isn't exactly one that you would build strength with (3x8). Also, my old squat workouts consisted of Squatting, Good Mornings, Bulgarian Split Squats....now its just Squat followed by leg curls. Also, the squats are performed AFTER all the jumping stuff, so I'm usually pretty tired by the time I do them. And I only squat once a week with this program, where in my old one it squatted once every 4-5 days...so frequency is down too. No, I have not been eating as much, but this is because I cut back on a lot of crap so that I could lose some fat. So far I have lost about 10 lbs in a month...nothing too much. I have gained a couple inches on my vertical, but I think it might be from the fat loss rather than the actual program.


I don't know what is right, which is why I made the topic.


Good point, I have put on a couple of inches, but I think it may have more to do with my fat loss than the program. Maybe not though?


For real your best bet is just to email Kelly Bagget himself man, I always email the guy lol..I probably annoy the hell out of him haha. But he's a real nice guy and answers all my questions n stuff..and has helped me tremendously I recommend him to everyone I know.

You gotta realize also though when going on a program that will solely focus on explosiveness you will lose some strength in the squat I'm guessing. To truly become explosive you have to really decrease what you do for squats and such because it causes so much fatigue in the legs.
For me I know I was squatting so much but wanted a few inches on my vert. Kelly told me to take 2 weeks off of squating and just squat once a week (so 2 times in 2 weeks) just low like 80% for a few reps only. And then perform depth jumps 6x3, 3x a week. My vert went up 3 inches. This was because teh fatigue disappated from my legs and I worked on the jumps. Pretty cool.

Anyays that probably didn't help you much lol but yeah just got email him man.


If your squat drops during this kind of routine, it is probably due to recovery issues. Do you sleep enough? DO you eat right? etc.


Squat decreases are bad for the vertical jump. If this happened, something is probably wrong. As has been said, talk to Kelly.



I've bit the bullet and cut back on squats, I was doing it 2-3 times a week and even if you feel fully recovered you really aren't when it comes to how fresh you need to be for vertical jumps. I found my stretching routine and hamstring work (stiff legged DL, hamstring raises) had more of an impact on my vert. than squats ever did.