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Unpopular Opinion: Baby Boomer vs Millennials. Both Sides Suck

I’m probably chasing unicorns and this will never happen but I think both sides we need to just come to grips with the fact BOTH generations have single handedly ruined this society. Babyboomers they experienced economic and physical security. Baby boomers received, by today’s standards, inexpensive and widely available education, preparing them for a thriving and open job market. Success at the beginning created a strong foundation for financial and personal success on a level the world had never known. They pretty much were given the fruits of a young and developed society. But this led to an economy flooding with greed and real estate collapses

Millennials (the ones growing up in the late 80s and throughout the 90smostly) are pretty much entitled shitbags self absorbed in their technology and their constant egotistical approach towards issues and topics today. No one ever sits down to debate anymore everything is always just memes, senseless name calling and talking over others. Yea we are masters of technology but such amazing power and advancements to make the world drastically better is wasted in Louis Ck’s words “the biggest piece of shit assholes the world has ever seen” The whole liberal, socialist and sjw mindset so many people adopt is just getting out of hand. majority have a very minimalist viewpoint of government and economics science and even love. God help them if you sit them through a Ben Shapiro or Milton Friedman video or debate they will probably sleep on it.

Cant we just offer a truce? lol although I’m a bit conservative myself the babyboomers probably wouldn’t be dealing with us if they didn’t have such a greedy, lax generation

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In general millenials have less testosterone, more body fat, less jobs with real physical work and have never lived through a conscription war. We are soft as a generation.

The boomers had a great run, but it’s over now. We will have it harder than they did, because of circumstances and our soft upbringing.

That’s good for individuals who can work hard, they stand out.


At the older end of the Millenials I agree with this. A common attribute through any generation of those who “over achieve” tends to be a strong work ethic, though. That and grit - being able and/or willing to learn from mistakes and move forward after a failure or setback. Maybe tenacity is a good word here? Anyway, yea, most of the millenials I know have these attributes, but then again I tend to only surround myself with people I have things in common with - another common theme amongst “over achievers” in any generation.

  1. This thread is stupid.
  2. There isn’t a war between generations.
  3. A metric shit ton of Millenial’s have fought for 16 years in Afghanistan
  4. A metric shit ton of Millenial’s fought in Iraq
  5. The majority of Millenial’s started a job during or just after the worst recession in US history.
  6. Most Millenial’s have lived the majority of their life with terrorism being a significant issue/threat.
  7. Lazy ass Millenial’s can’t work on an assembly line doing manual labor because those jobs don’t exist anymore and they wouldn’t be able to afford an apartment let alone a house, 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence anyway.

Millenial’s get shit on because they’re an easy scapegoat for all previous generations to dump their failures on.


Generation X rules!

Baby boomers and Millenias drool!


Rumor has it, Gen X’ers have small penasises.

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We are responsible for Bono.

We suck.


I’m not taking responsibility for him. No way.


Well, Bono’s a giant turd so…

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Well, he is over 80 Courics.


The only thing I really see is the lack of real creativity and uplifting art in my generation.

No more Zappa/Beefheart/Gong/Holdsworth

Basically it’s all corny empty stuff now.

Allan Holdsworth? I must say you have pretty good taste in music.

I think creativity is there … it’s just fucking tough to wade through the sea of over available crap that’s out there. With social media anyone can post their bullshit and the “popular” stuff really only caters to the lowest common denominator to where truly creative stuff doesn’t resonate or float to the top and is hence hidden in a sea of shit.

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Definitely this. I just happened to come across this girl on instagram:
12.3k Likes, 245 Comments - S A M I A 🎨 (@samiahdagher) on Instagram: “Progress..…”

Talk about talented.

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FYI, I am technically a boomer myself.

Posted this is another thread.

I watch movies like Interstellar and there’s maths, algorithms and stuff that I have no bloody clue about done by millenial nerds behind all the astounding visuals of space, blackholes etc. You blow my mind with a reasonably accurate depiction of things like that which I never imagined I would ever witness in my lifetime on fucking IMAX, I call it art in it’s highest form.

Millennials, you’re cool. Just don’t be socialists, ok?

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Well I don’t think there is really anything anymore.

Artists collaborate with each others, you can discover new things by starting with someone you know is good and look what musicians around him are doing/ who they collaborated with, etc

I haven’t seen any of the young people do anything new and good.

The Baby Boomers were an excessively large cohort of people who forced every American institution to expand to suit its needs, then didn’t have enough kids to sustain the new expansions and didn’t want to pay enough taxes to pick up the mess they left behind them.


Perhaps you are not looking in the right places.

Also, art is subjective.

I hear that children generally learn from their parents mistakes. In related news, birth rates have been in a steady decline in the US since 1939.

generation x rules, baby boomers and millennials drool