(Un)Official 2023 T-ransformation Challenge

Terrific job! All that hard work paying off!

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Outstanding work!

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Ok here are the after pictures

Will update this post with weight gained ( once I’m home and can find my weight from the start of this challenge)

EDIT: weight gained is 13/14lbs


So much good work going in on here. Well done to all those who got to the end and posted a finished picture.


Progress pics posted over in my log, link below.


@TrainForPain My before and after, looking pretty much the same in both

And after


After pictures :

Not a lot of bodyweight difference but I’m happy about the look and all my numbers went up.

The only negative point is a pain in my right ankle due to the beginning of osteoarthritis and I will have either an infiltration or an operation in the coming weeks depending on the diagnosis following the MRI that I will have.


Everyone looks fantastic. Way to get after this!

~38 hours to get those pictures in. I’m posting up the voting thread Monday and will let it run for two days.


Hi Guys,
I made most change for this years transformation during a 6 week challenge. I made the top 4 out of over 200 entrants.
The organisers are deciding the winner based on comment section votes. If anyone fancies potentially helping a fellow T-nationer win £1000. The link to the voting post is below.


(@TrainForPain if you feel this is inappropriate or a thread derailleur, let me know and I’ll remove this post.)


This is awesome man - congrats so far!

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Y’all killed it! So many awesome transformations here. I’m so glad I’m not a judge and every damn one of you needs to be proud of yourself!!


Actually… we want you to vote too!




I’m not in a spot where i can take pictures in the next couple days, but luckily i anticipated this and took some a few days ago.
Life threw a LOT of curve balls during this challenge. Can’t get into that atm.
Most of my physical changes happened in the first 2-3 months.
Conditioning is dramatically better.
Last week i ran a 10k obstacle course with 4 buddies and kicked ass. Extremely proud of that regardless of how i look. I climbed a rope for God’s sake.
Have also made lifestyle (eating habit) improvements which i think will last.

Edit to add: i see lots of people are also posting their befores. I cant repost my “before” right now but its somewhere at the top of this thread.


Lots of good work going on in here! I didn’t feel like I needed the whole 5 months this year but I might do something silly like a v diet and 10,000 kbchallenge like punisher in June and maybe I’ll jump in next year again when both my kids are in school

So cool to see this thing still going after all these years!


Dude you can absolutely see a MASSIVE difference. Fucking A man. Well done

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Bodyweight somewhere in the low 210’s. Likely around 212-214 or so.

Made it from 210 in december to 227 sometime in the spring, and back down to a low of 210 shortly after that. Hit a bunch of PRs and tried out some new programs. I’ve settled into The Minimalist pretty quickly and my conditioning is improving. Looking to continue leaning up and getting stronger.

Thanks again @TrainForPain for putting this on. I love the transformation challenge.


From 240 to 219. Have about 12 more to go before July for another BJJ tournament. I’ll be super happy to go from Ultra Heavy Weight to Heavy Weight.


Welp… here are my before and afters.

My training and nutrition was less consistent than it had been in 2022. Nothing too bad, I still almost never missed a lifting day, and ate well probably 75% of the time. Just not as good as last year when I lost around 40lbs.

I still made some minor progress. Basically nothing in terms of weight loss (I’m only 2lbs less in the after pic, 203.4 to 201.4 lbs), but I’m holding this weight a bit leaner (waist measurement went from 37" to 35").

Buuuuuuut, looking at the pics, not much visible change, and I accept that I am a contender for least changed :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, my training and eating have gotten better in the last couple weeks, mostly anticipating having to upload the after pic here and of course summer weather coming up. I’m back on track now and looking forward to making some good progress in the next month (or two), which should get me to my goal weight (190 lbs). So despite the results, I’m glad I joined this :+1:t4: Thanks @TrainForPain for setting this up.




Here I am!

Not much to say, my friends. Due to work overload i do not have much time to workout as i want and my nutrition is something i would call… casual. I just reduced my calories intake and introduced some bike rides as cardio. I think i did a good move by switching to full body workouts to make up for the reduced training frequency.
I had major injuries last year, especially elbow tendons and right testicle, and this prevented me to get to my training goals. Elbow took 8 months to fully recover.

But I am still here. And I will be until the end of times.

Happy T-Ransformation to everyone, guys. A big hug!

This is my before/after. Nothing special, but not bad :wink: