(Un)Official 2023 T-ransformation Challenge

No, I am taking Hot-Rox currently and don’t want to take Flameout because I am already on 4 grams a day of Vascepa (highly pure Pharmacy fish oil essentially).

Maybe need Rez-V?

I just figure the fats in the Flameout would slow down digestion of the protein for increase satiability. I could imagine Hot-Rox having the reverse effect, although the caffeine would act as an appetite suppressant too.

Perhaps time the Vascepa with the shakes for a similar effect?

EDIT: I realized I wrote satiability when I meant “satiety”, but also discovered they’re BOTH words, so that’s cool.


So how is everyone doing ? My weight is stable at around 88KG. Strongman comp in 2 weeks where I need to be under 90KG for my weight class so no issues there. Going on a 2 week vacation straight after the comp so that may present a few transformation challenges.

I will basically have just under 6 weeks when I get back from holiday to the end date for this challenge. Plan will be to program a simple strength block with moderate intensity and pair that with 3-4 days of conditioning and control, the food intake. Will be interesting to see what 5-6 weeks of focus can do.


Weight is still right around 280 lbs in the morning (but I have oblique definition if I flex). Going to tighten up the diet the last 2 months and ramp up the high heart rate work, keeping up with my treadmill walking.

I feel like even though I havent hit what I thought I would for weight loss I have recmped a bit. My back and shoulders definite feel bigger in my t-shirts and I feel different parts of my car seat hitting my back now (weird I know, but you get very use to what you drive in everyday so easy to spot a difference)


Doing my check in/progress tracking:

Weight from ~183lbs to 170lbs. Looking a lot leaner and feeling way better. Found some neat things to put into my training

Pic on right is without a pump but with cool lighting


subtle flex. here for it.

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Great example of how getting lean can give a more muscular look. Good job.


1/2/2023 212.1lbs
2/27/2023 180.2
3/20/2023 170.1 this morning after a refeed this weekend


I’m down 16lbs, from 240-224. From here 215 would be goal to hit, but 205 would be great. I have eight weeks of paternity leave starting around first week of June. Lots of time to train, eat and lay by pool for motivation to keep pushing.


Holy shit!


I’m down from 195 to 185-ish, depending on the day. I’d like to get to the mid to low 170s.

I experienced a drop in strength immediately, as soon as I lost the first few pounds and dramatically reduced carbs. The strength loss seems to have stopped and I seem to be slowly regaining strength. Based on what I’ve read, this seems unusual?


I peaked at 235 lb at the end of my Super Squats run (27Feb23). Currently back down to 228. Green line below is the rolling 7-day average. Purple line is actual day-to-day weight. This is starting from mid-November. Making progress.


Not a lot to show, ive had other things going on but made some progress:


Was actually 160.2 saterday morning but had a refeed over the weekend.

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Jesus man, contender for the win right here. Nice work.


Thanks, really appreciate it. Only leaner from here going back to jitz

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I’d ask if you cut off a leg, but clearly you didn’t. That’s an insane amount of weight loss (50lbs) in 2.5 months.


Curious if this is your first kid? I don’t know if your plans are gonna happen the way you think. I remember having a lot of plans too and none of them happened.

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Fourth kid. Garage gym workouts while kids play in driveway and HOA pools during day to get them out of house while wife rests with baby.

BJJ at night and early morning is only iffy thing.

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First day back after getting COVID last week.
First time I got it from the inception, so a little annoyed I didn’t go the distance :slight_smile:

Just swimming today, but managed to get my 30 laps in 10 seconds less than the last time I did it about 2 weeks ago, so that isn’t so bad.

Down to 208.4 after doing the Velocity for a week, so hopefu that my weights sessions starting tomorrow are going to increase that weight loss, maybe put some muscle on my very disproportioned upper body lol