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Trump: Starting Re-Election BID

“President Donald Trump’s first re-election fundraiser will be held at his own Washington, D.C., hotel, the campaign confirmed to NBC News Wednesday.”

“The event, supporting the joint fundraising committee of the Republican National Committee and Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, will be held on June 28th at the opulent Trump Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, according to campaign executive director Michael Glassner”.

One’s first reaction would be overconfidence…but I don’t think so.

As I’ve said time after time…the only person who can stop Trump is Trump himself. The DEMS are showing that they really don’t have a lot to offer…and if they choose to go all-out Progressive/Bernie/Warren…you may as well not even bother with an election in 2020.

One other thing. You could show Tapes of Trump beating puppies to death while getting a hummer from a Russian Tranny, and his support would not waiver.

Barring a huge misstep on his part?

It’s Trump Making America Great again in 2020.


We are going to need to start a preemptive investigation into any possible donors, organizers, facilitators, aids, assistants, and employees.

Once this is concluded we will know whether or not we should proceed with an investigation into the cause of any findings.

We’re going to have to get the circumlocution office into full swing for this one. Its going to cost a Lot of money and may take decades.

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It’s unprecedented, and I think it’s two things: one, raw desire for the adulation he got addicted to during the campaign, given that governing produces no substitute for the sugar high his insecurity requires, and two, it’s his crude way of measuring loyalty, which we know is essential.


I agree.

…and he held a Campaign-Style rally in Iowa tonight…

Your mind travels to weird places.

What about Eric Holder? He isn’t a Looney Marxist identity politics guy. He’s kind of boring though, very “low energy”.

Uh, he’s a politician? But yea, I’m sure there’s some grand conspiracy with the Kremlin, and there’s some random intelligence officer with a memo to prove it.

Until we get rid of our two party system we are probably stuck with a shitty Trump or a shitty whatever the democrats come with.

LOL! It can sometimes, BG!

I really wanted to illustrate a point that just blew me away as I was looking and listening to the Trump Supporters in the Frank Luntz segments I mentioned…defending every action of Trump.
I remember saying to myself "Wow…if this had been President Obama…1) He would have been burned in effigy and 2) Hannity and Limbaugh would have been screaming about it for weeks.

Believe me when I say that in no way did I defend every action of President Obama…and I could pretty accurately predict when the Right was going to go Ape-shit crazy over some statement and/or action of his (often taken out of context).

But the stuff being accepted…and even APPLAUDED that Trump does?

I feel as though I’m stuck in a Causality Loop in some Alternative Universe…or that I’m in some bad dream I can’t wake up from.

Everyday with Trump seems to become more and more surreal.

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Not quite sure where you were going here, BG?

Eric Holder may run. He announced yesterday. I consider him their most serious candidate thus far.

[quote=“Basement_Gainz, post:11, topic:231115”]
"…I consider him their most serious candidate thus far…"

Interesting…but I hope not.

I just don’t think the DEMS have a message that it connecting with enough of the electorate.

Now…one could ague that Trump is connecting with a lot of bullshit and empty promises…but he is connecting…

Trump won by coopting just enough of the Democrat platform to peel away some union voters and outlier democrats.

What if Mark Cuban ran as a pro jobs Democrat? All the social justice stuff with a jobs message? You haven’t had a pro business/jobs Democrat since Kennedy.

Just spitballing here.

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@Basement_Gainz I’ve been knocking this thought around lately…

I think the assumption is that young people are going all “Progressive/Bernie Ga-Ga”…and I think that it’s just as dangerous an assumption as the Polls that emphatically said that there is no-way that Trump could win the GOP Primary, much less the Presidency.

I would suggest that the young electorate (millennials and their kids)…is an unknown…and the “Polls” that suggest a Progressive/SJW lean are too biased and selective (IMO). In other words…I think that if you Poll young voters at California Colleges…you are going to get MUCH different results than if you poll students at say SEC schools. There simply is no way in hell that students at Berkeley will Poll in the same way as those at Alabama, Tennessee or LSU…or say at the Military Academies.

Younger voters are the key…and as it stands, I don’t think anyone knows the direction they are headed.

(Spit-balling here too, Brother…!)

Now That would be interesting. He’d probably do very well. Entrepreneurial tech background, all kinds of cool factor, probably doesn’t have any skeletons that would knock him out of the running- Isn’t a Clinton might hurt him with the DNC though.

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They do need to invent a way to poll that comes close to working in 2017. I don’t think people answer strange numbers anymore. If I see an 800 number I don’t pick up. I’m sure most people are like that.

If I ever did answer and it’s an opinion servey “sorry but no.” Click.


Of things to criticize Trump for, this is probably the stupidest thing to have a problem with.

I want the president to speak directly to the people as much as possible without media filter - tweeting and rallies are great.

What should be the focus of criticism is failure to deliver on campaign promises. Not Russia, not rallies

Having a problem with rallies is the same thing as having a problem with his failures to actually accomplish anything. If he’s out at rallies sucking dick for attention, he’s busy not actually governing.

I guess the silver lining is that if he’s not in DC, he can’t find a way to screw things up as bad.

I think a lot of moderate/center-right people could get behind that and move away from Trump. I think Cuban or Oprah would be a strong contender if they decided to run.

He is a serious and sober individual, and would deserve careful consideration. Unfortunately, fairly or not he has very high negatives–way too much baggage to be a serious contender in a general election. IMO, it would be the equivalent disaster of running Nancy Pelosi. (Not in terms of policy, but rather in terms of visceral dislike by the Democratic voters Trump peeled away.)

Not when he uses them as opportunities to obfuscate and demagogue.

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