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Training Write-up


I entered that crowded place. The smell of chalk, the weights clinging. There was a war taking place inside me.
Everyone looked at me, as they knew what I was for that day. Skinny kids, ha, I always give them the dirty look, scared they run away.
I am no longer a human being, I am an animal, a machine. Machine part animal.
I approach the squat rack. Some stupid guy is squatting 135 higher than my piss in the air. So I stand right in front and give him THE LOOK.

He inmediatly racks and goes away to do some useless shit, like egg extensions or some shit.
Anyway, I chalk my hands and back. Gettin' ready fo' the kill. Oh yeah. I begin to load the bar, mumbling to myself, cursing... They all look at me like if I was insane or something. Cunts! WEAKS! Thats what they are.
Begin working up. Everyone is looking in awe as I load, after a thorough warmup, the kickass working set. I shout. FUCK, SHIT, PISS. They all look at me in awe. They know well what I0m in for. I know well what Im in for.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 GOD. The pump just fliushed RIGHT into my QUADS. Everything, and I mean, EVERyTHING is on fire.
I do 15 reps. I collapse. I curse some more. Shout at my leg but they just don't respond.
That my friends is real training.


calm down bro


1) Maybe he leaves because you're pissing in the middle of the gym
2) Maybe it's not awe, but more "who the fuck is yelling this shit before even starting a set?"
3) Cool story bro


I've really tried not to post anywhere but my log or the BOI/T Cell, but I must say:

I hate you with every fiber in my being, down to the deepest depths of my core.




Just re-read this again, and this picture sums up how I feel..




Some people must be hilarious to watch in the gym.


Remember the guy who shouted "FUCK, SHIT, PISS" before he squatted?


uh.. in my book that's called being a dick.



Maybe meth isn't the answer.


Someone has been taking those Animal Pak motivational ads a bit too seriously.


Awesome. Hardcore exercise enthusiast. Real hardcore.

Try surviving in a foreign land with bullets whizzing past your head.

Real fucking hardcore.

Give me a break.


Ooooh! Are you Branch Warren?



Too much hot sauce?


They make medication for people like you.


How do you do egg extensions?? They sound fun


My biology may be a bit shaky but I think.you need to be a girl.


I hate it when the weights cling.


Dude....the last time I had a "war taking place inside me" I lost 15lbs and lived on the toilet for 3 days.