Training for a 40yr old Newbie

Long time lurker, first time poster looking for some advice from those who know a lot more about this than me.

Quick background, 40yr old male 5’9, 177lbs in good health. Good mobility. Reasonable conditioning. No injuries. No idea of bodyfat levels and I’m not too fussed about it anyway. I can see the my top two abs when relaxed and the second row when flexed.

Previous training (or more like exercise) in calasthenics only - pushups, rows, dips & chins for the past 10 or so years and light cardio. That’s all I’ve ever done. Eat a good balanced diet, biased toward protein and not overboard on anything. Don’t drink. Gave up smoking around 6 years ago.

I have never lifted a weight before.

No desire to compete in anything, just want to improve my strength levels and any aesthetic changes will be a by-product of that.

I’ve come up with a basic MO/WE/FR routine to start with and was hoping that someone could offer some comment. Not decided on progression yet, but from the reaserch I’ve done on this forum, thinking about either 531 or a double/triple progression.

Monday: Squat, Chin-ups
Wednesday: Bench Press, Row
Friday: Deadlift, Overhead Press

Maybe add in one light isolation movement each day (arms, abs, shoulder health)

When I get used to things I’d like learn the snatch-grip high pull at some point… looks like a fun exercise!

I live in a semi-remote area with no gyms around. I have a squat rack, cable attachments, barbells, dumbells and more plates than I’ll probably ever need so no restrictions on equipment. I don’t want to use machines.



Are you thinking of creating a log?
I wouldn’t jump straight into 5/3/1, wait until you’ve ridden the conventional linear progression model for a while and built up a strength base. @throwawayfitness has posted a plan which should serve you well to begin with