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Thoughts on This Routine?

My primary goal is muscle gain but I don’t want to be a lard with muscles lol.

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na


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I’ll be honest here, it’s sounds like you have programme hopper mentality. Swinging between two totally different training approaches might make sense for an experienced lifter, it rarely makes sense as a newbie. 8 weeks is nothing.

If I was you I’d work out a routine which was basically: Upper body then lower body x 3 times per week OR just find a tried and tested routine which is consistent with your goals.

Nope just want to get better at the big 3 deadlifts, squats, bench.

Others in this thread thought it was a good idea. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion though just as they are, but it’s all just opinions.

If I switched to what you suggest then I would be a program hopper after just starting this new routine.

Ok, but do you want to bodybuild or focus on powerlifting movements or a combo of both. Because, you won’t in all honesty build a ton of strength in just 8 weeks.

Well that’s fine, we’ll just see. That’s the problem with these forums everyone has a different opinion so there’s no way to follow everyone’s opinion. I’m doing what I think is best I’m not going to abandon it after 3 days because of your opinion no offense, and if I’m wrong I’ll just adjust accordingly. Not the end of the world.

If you look at my original post though, I don’t know what you mean by only focusing on powerlifting movements. I think I’m pretty much covering all body parts.

You’re totally right on all accounts there. That was my point about getting off the internet for a bit - any of these approaches can work, but they can’t all work at the same time. More voices is always better, in my opinion, but they can distracting without the space of time.

I think, like it seems like you’re leaning, you should pick something and run it for several months. That will help you dial in your questions and filter opinions to what matches your preferences/ experiences. Like someone could tell me 45 minutes of cardio 7 days a week is the best move, and they might be right, but I now know myself well enough to know that will never happen regardless.

His question about the big three is one of specificity - getting bigger and stronger is a different goal than absolutely maximizing your big 3. That will become a bigger difference way down the road. At this point, I’d certainly agree you should just get bigger and stronger and practice good dietary habits. It’s unlikely you’ll accidentally get fat if you eat relatively maturely.


If everyone had the same opinion would that be less problematic?

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Well of course, but if two people are telling you two different things you can’t do both you have to choose one when it comes to a weight lifting program. Only 7 days in a week.

One week down 7 to go. It’s going well so far. I’m adding 5 lbs to each each time I go. I will plateau especially on bench because I’m already at a decent amount of weight for my own standards which are low but doesn’t matter. Deload, try again.

This is from the guy who trained Hugh Jackmon in regards to rep ranges.

Here is a quote from David Kingsbury, the man who train Hugh Jackman for his Wolverine role.
“Hugh hadn’t done much direct strength work prior to training with me. He mostly worked in the 8-12 rep range. I always encourage low, 1-5 rep heavy work to stimulate myofibril hypertrophy. Then after the heavy work is done we move onto the higher rep schemes to encourage sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. By increasing your strength with the low reps, you increase your capacity with the higher reps, so I always plan heavy sets of the compound movements. The combination of the two styles brings the best gains.”

That sounds a bit like 531 using a Boring But Big template. From my own experience, this combo gives great results.


Yeah why dont you just do 5/3/1 BBB? It’ll give you time for all the necessary movements, and as you progress and gain experience, you can frankenstein in some more isolation movements.

I decided to do 4 weeks instead of 8 because I’m getting shoulder pain from benching and just generally beat up. One more week to go.

I’ve seen some strength gains I never did deadlifts until maybe 5-6 weeks ago and had to start at like 185 today I did 230 just increasing 5 lbs each time. Squats went from 225 to 275. I’ve plateaued on bench because of shoulder pain only got to 165.

And no I did not do what I said in first post I only do the 3 days a week of squats/bench/deadlifts and some cardio.