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Thinking Another Cycle with Tren, Test & EQ? Deca?

I am a 37 year old male with two cycles under my belt. First was test e 250 mg with eq 400 which I was very uneducated on to say the least didn’t use or know about pct, but still managed to gain some much desired muscle. The second cycle was Test e 250 Deca 200 and tren e 200 which gave me a lot of size and strength. but again I wish I would have known about the benefits of hcg and pct then.

I am still very new to the fundamentals of pct and could definitely use some guidance in this area. So fast forward 6 years and a child later my training and muscle has all but evaporated into the same lonely existence that my dick seems to share. I know have made some life changing decisions and now it’s time to put my body back into what it meant to be on this short thing called life… a raging beast of a machine.

I am 6’1 200 lbs avg dad bod these days. As stated earlier its time for a change and I plan on using AAS for this. I have access to anything and everything out there. I was thinking of another cycle with tren test and eq? or Deca instead of eq? again I can read about this until I’m blue In the face but I’d rather have people with the real world experience help me with suggestions.

I’ve already started training again very minor at the moment but plan on being in the gym 5 days a week at 5 am religiously. So saying that my AAS feet have touched the water before are there any suggested cycles / pct regimes that you guys could suggest. Im going for Mass and slight endurance. Again. I can get my hands on literally anything so no holds barred. thank in advance

Doesn’t seem like a good starting point to cycle. Why not hit the gym for 6-12mo first and get a baseline of strength and fitness?

I don’t advocated non lifers cycle. What’s the point in risking your health if you’re likely to revert back to dad bod in a few years?

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Id agree, seems like you’ve been winging it a bit so far. Id consider myself an intermediate user, I’ve run 6 cycles now and not felt it necessary to run tren. Id spend some time dialing in your training and nutrition then go back to basics, test only cycle will do very well for you if the basics are covered

I appreciate the warnings. The tren was part of a pre stacked vial. I Not many sides as it was only 75 mg enanthate. Was really wanting anyone’s prior experience with maybe just an Eq and test cycle and maybe 25mg dbol on training days. how much more EQ should I run than the test and should I pin on different days. Front Load one or the other, etc. Also as far as an A.I. 12.5 aromosin e.o.d starting with the first pin ?

If you’re going to pct then you should put the deca and tren out of your mind. Test and EQ should be more than enough. Frankly test alone should be enough.

Depending on a ton of factors your cycle could range anywhere from 400/600 (test/EQ) to 600/800. But that’s a little more advanced than you need at this stage of life. You’re excited about this, obviously, but take a breath and think about the situation logically. You still haven’t even done a true beginner test cycle in any meaningful way. Why not try that first? Run test @ 500/w for 12 weeks, and maybe throw in a decent dose of anavar the last six weeks. You’ll make serious gains, assuming you do everything else right. If you don’t end up where you want to be then you’ll know it wasn’t the cycle design but rather your diet and training. In other words, you’ll get from that cycle exactly the experience that you earn. Since everyone who isn’t advanced grows from that cycle you should be happy with the results and the side effects are much easier to manage and understand vs EQ or nandrolone.

iron_yuppie, thanks for the response and the info it is greatly appreciated. I will take your advice on the test and var. Any advice on the dosage of var and with just the test and var what kind of PCT should I go with. I understand going too fast in this endeavor can have dire consequences so I will take it slow as I know, once the damage is done is harder to fix that to prevent.

Var is great at 50mg/d. Do your research and make sure you buy from a reputable lab that has verified tests confirming that you’re in fact getting pure oxandrolone. It’s expensive but it’s worth it.

If you’re running test e and anavar the last leg, you should be good with a Nolvadex only PCT 2 to 3 weeks after your last stick of test e. You will do 4 weeks at 40/40/20/20 (this signifies the amount per day on each week). Do not start the PCT after your last stick with test e. Your mind will try to make you do it, but wait the 2 to 3 weeks to let all the test e run its course.

I second starting with test alone with a var finisher.

I had a year off training due to personal reasons and covid. Started back 10 weeks ago, currently running 600 p/w test e, 200 p/w deca (more for joints and to see how i would react to nandrolone for possible use in later cycles/blasts). Just about to finish the deca and have just started the var for the heavy block of my program.

Went from 94kg when i started to 109kg currently. Aiming to hit 112kg in the last 6 weeks.

I honestly believe if your diet and training are on point youll be pretty happy with the gains you make on 500 p/w test.

Putting on 15kg in 10 weeks has taken its toll, i have some stretch marks and get really tired just walking for any prolonged period of time.

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Kudos to you, I am glad you sought advice and you are taking it. All too often it seems like guys just wants their decisions validated on their cycle and don’t actually want advice. @iron_yuppie is full of great knowledge.

Ok so here is the cycle as I have it layed out…

Weeks 1-10 500mg Test. E. Pinned weekly.
Weeks 5-10 Anavar 50mg Daily.
Weeks 13-14 Novaldex 40mg Daily
Weeks 14-15 Novaldex 30mg daily
Weeks 15-16 Novaldex 20mg daily
Weeks 16-17 Novaldex 20mg daily
Will there be any need for hcg post cycle?
Any tweaks or advice will be greatly appreciated.

I would recommend pinning 2x/wk based on test E half life. your blood concentrations will vary wildly pinning that infrequently. The constant fluctuation of blood concentrations will make side effects more pronounced and harder to deal with.

(500 mg 1x/wk, peak 82, trough 30)

(250 mg 2x/wk, peak 65, trough 41)


so …
Weeks 1-10 250mg Test. E. Pinned twice weekly.
Weeks 5-10 Anavar 50mg Daily.
Weeks 13-14 Novaldex 40mg Daily
Weeks 14-15 Novaldex 30mg daily
Weeks 15-16 Novaldex 20mg daily
Weeks 16-17 Novaldex 20mg daily.

any need for hcg you think?

As someone who has just done this exact cycle themselves, I do not believe you need it. I was paranoid enough to have an AI just in case, but did not even need it. As you put it above, you should be good.

Thanks I am putting my order in now and debating on whether to grab the A.I. it’s a matter of 65$. Does anyone else have an opinion on this. running test e 250 2x weekly and Anavar 50 mg on the last leg of the 10 week cycle?

Always have an AI on hand. And if you’re buying UGL and not pharma then go with aromasin instead of adex.

Im confused now. Can someone steer me in the right direction. I was planning on running 10 weeks of 500 mg test with the last 6 on var. with a pct of Nolvadex. should I go with that or use aromosin.

Your outlined cycle of 500mg test e (pinned twice a week) for 10 weeks with last 5-6 weeks of Var is fine. Your PCT is fine as well (start 3 weeks after last test pin)… Aromasin is an AI (aromatase inhibitor). This would be in addition to everything you just stated. Read more about it below. Arimidex is a different type of AI, but this link will help explain what they are used for. This is had some fearmongering in it, but just get out of it what AI’s are used for.

This ^ is spot on. Only use pharma adex. Overdosed UGL adex can cause serious issues and you wont know until you smash your e2.

Ok so in everyone’s opinion what is the best a.i. to use for a test e and var cycle. aromosin, arimidex or nolva. im getting conflicting anwsers. I know there is no one right anwser but I like to gather a collective of suggestions. TIA