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A stoner forum I used to post on had a "Random Topic" thread where people would just converse and post shit not quite worthy of it's own thread. Well, here it is!

You know when you grill and use that grill cleaner brush when you're done? Well, a little metal bristle got stuck on the grill, apparently, and then stuck to my chicken. I was just chewing and it sunk into my gums. I had to finish chewing, find it, and get it out with my mom's eyelash tweezer things.

Anyways, anybody seen a good movie lately, preferably one that's on DVD so that I can torrent it and watch it tonight?
I just saw Role Models the other day. It was my fourth time watching it, but my first time finishing it. epic stuff


I can not stand when the person I normally get my hair cut with is busy or closed and I have to go to someone else. UGH!

Although, the guy I saw tonight lined me up pretty good, it's a bit low, and I think the top is uneven. Although the hard part is a smoke show. So I'm thinking with a bit of practice I may have found a better cut. He can fade, the rest is just personal preference, which he will learn with practice.


I have that something-is-wrong sensation crawling at the back of my neck, and I feel very sad and depressed right now, and I just want to go hug my mother. Ever get that bad feeling that you can't really pinpoint? I feel lonely even though I'm surrounded by people, a dread like the inevitability of someone I'm not willing to live without is about to die and there's not a thing I can do to stop it.

I'm experiencing what is known as a bad period. And it's making my boobs tender.

How's that for a random topic?


I can relate to this both directly and indirectly. I both sympathize and empathize for and with you deeply.
Except my boobs aren't tender.


You should get your boobs checked.


So you're experiencing a bad period? Interesting ... and revealing


I'm not quite sure how to figure the area out of the corridors that are un-tagged in REvit unless I convert to AutoCAD and use that area-command.

It's bugging me.


Artem, i just saw Mutant Chronicles kinda old(a year) but fukin awsome.

Also i was having a bad day, went to the gym and gave the worst spot ever too the bigest guy at my new gym.....

Im thinking i just never go back..... Any suggestions?


I finally watched Planet Terror. I didnt really know what to think of it. I love fucked up movies but this was just...weird.

No Country for Old Men is a must see if you havent already.


As good as May was, June is it's polar opposite. Fuck man I hate summer. Busiest time of year, pulled in 17 different directions and it's hot.

Oh And NJ-Polska, you should ask him for a spot. Give him the opportunity to say no or to give you a bad spot. Then the circle is complete.


Can someone tell me how The Day the Earth Stood Still ended? I stopped watching it around the time they left the McDonald's and have no interest in wasting my time further.


haha, I kind of liked this movie. Well in summary, Keanu activates the sphere and it starts destroying everything manmade(including man) in its path. Well these little bugs do, not the actual sphere. Then they(the woman and kid) convince him they can change their ways, as they were dying, so he saves them, and sacrifices himself and its a typical hollywood happy ending.

I got a tax bill today for $453 for $1050 I didn't claim 3 years ago. Why I am getting taxed almost 50% is beyond me. Whats annoying is the fact I got a letter 3 weeks ago saying I didn't claim $1050 but no action needed to be taken, and I wouldn't be charged for it. Fucking government.


When I was a kid, I got my hair cut at the neighborhood barber shop about once every two week. My mom insisted on having a part on the side so that I looked like a Gary Coleman clone (only much better looking). One rookie barber dug the clippers into the skin on my skull so deep that I am sure I was bleeding....but I didn't act like I was hurt so he played it off like it wasn't that bad and hid it in my hairline.

Now that I shave my head, I have a scar on my forehead shaped like the edge of some clippers that I have to wear for the rest of my life all because some jackass didn't graduate from barber college in the top half of his class.

That is my story of why me and barbers are mortal enemies and are now sworn to duel until death upon making eye contact.




^When I was little, my mom's friend was learning to become a barber. She was cutting my hair and cut a straight line into the top of my ear...

Anyways, I've been trying to find a job for two weeks now to no avail. I've applied to probably like 15 places now and nobody is calling me back. I have job experience, references, filled everything out, and speak 3 languages, which is good for most of these low-end jobs. Why doesn't anybody want me? Am I doing something wrong?

Anybody in Illinois want to hire me to do anything?


i work at mcdonalds and i hate it, i have to work with dumb, slow, and retarted fucks who have been working there for 300000 years and have never been asked to be manager! ughh. but it pays the food bill :slight_smile:

oh and it seems like every time i put a pinch of chew in, i always make a mess


^ I turned in my app for McDonald's yesterday. I applied for BK the other day. My friend works there, so I'm coming in Saturday and he'll introduce me to his manager. Hopefully, that works.

I turned down an offer to work at my gym during the school year in favor of homework and lifting. I sort of regret that now.


Did you bother calling any of those places back to inquire about the status of your application, Artem?

I was just hired as a research assistant in the micro lab of my university.


Thanks. I can't say why I didn't like the movie other than it just didn't "pull me in"... although I think an emotionless, monotone, stonefaced alien is a part made in heaven for our good friend Keanu.


  1. You have a shirt?

  2. You'll get better at dipping. shake off the excess and put it way back in the corner.