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The New T-Nation.com Site Format

I’ve been a member of tnation since 2006 and have loved it over the years and still do. However, I will say that I’m not a big fan of the new site layout. Seems cluttered and difficult to search for things such as articles/authors and topics the way it was previously. Maybe I need to just try and get used to it but so far it’s been a rough go. Any one else feel similarly?

Their search is entirely broken (nothing happens when pressing enter or the search button) but I think the new layout is better looking and more digestible than the old one. Pretty positive as far as redesigns go.

I’ve been on here since the early 2000s as well, and I always liked the light text on a black background. The light on dark format was very distinct for T-nation; I’ve rarely seen it on other websites. I like the idea of splitting up articles into categories. However, this new format and color scheme looks EXTREMELY similar to other muscle mag sites (who shall not be mentioned).

If you click on the little red box with what looks like a little person in it on the bottom right of your screen and scroll down you can select “Dark contrast” and it will present the page with the dark background. Hope that helps !

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Honestly, I don’t think I even noticed… there have been so many reformats and changes over the years, and lately I’m on my phone while walking my dog, or eating lunch hunched over my desk anyway.


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Been here since '98. I don’t like the fact that they changed from dark mode to light mode. Hurts my old eyes

I don’t like the fact that I no longer have hours and hours to read everything posted on here every day -lol :slight_smile:


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Just tried it. It took a second for the site to process the search, probably because “bench” is super-vague and there was a lot to sort through, but it worked fine.

Changes are always going to ruffle feathers because different is different, but if it wasn’t for the positive, the guys up top wouldn’t have made the decision to make the upgrades. They’re still ironing out whatever wrinkles pop up, but they are on it.

Like ddel pointed out, you can also personalize your settings with the Color Adjustment options in the Accessibility menu if you want to switch back to a dark background (also change font size and all sorts of tweaks) using the Accessibility button at the bottom-right of the screen.

TN Accessibility

Any other constructive feedback about the new look of the main site, feel free to toss it up here and I’ll make sure they get seen by the decision-makers.

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when I have it set to dark contrast, I can’t tell which threads have new posts. They all look the same.

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That does seem to be one tradeoff with that setting. Try switching to Low Contrast and changing the background color to something other than black.

I have this problem too.

@Chris_Colucci the search function worked for me as well, but it did take a bit for it to load.

Is it possible to be able to see the author’s name along with the article title? Not sure if it’s a deliberate choice to just have the article name or something that’s still being worked out.

Just tag Chris, he’ll find anything faster than any computer algorithm anyday!

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Hey guys,

I’m not usually one to pipe up on these things but from a design standpoint the layout changes for T-nation seem to be a huge step backwards.

Not only the color schematic change from the more masculine black to white, but the fact that literally about 60% of the homepage is nothing but advertisements is pretty wild.

I’m assuming there’s a big need for revenue generation which prompted the switch but this website is more kitschy than a grandmothers wood-paneled basement. I don’t think there’s a comparable supplement website that has more than half of their home page real estate devoted to ads.

Also, just on a personal note, the topic segment division (split between more bars of advertisements) isn’t as logical as I’m sure it seemed on paper.

Just some general feedback here but I’d probably watch your benchmarks to see if overall views drops from these changes.

I tried the adjustments section but it doesn´t allow to make more than one adjustment; if you do it immediately undo the previous one

I really like these things for hearing, visual or attention impaired. Yet the interface make feel that I am not more into T-nation but on an any given fitness wellness magazine…LOL

I’ve been here since TC Luoma left Muscle Media 2000, and will keep here.

Hope you can include on your search engine the author option, sometimes one can not remeber the name of an old article (or viceversa) but can remember the author

Have a nice day

Here’s a third request for a search articles by author function. That feature was incredibly useful on the old site. It took me 20 minutes to find a fairly recent article because I couldn’t use the guy’s name in search.

I am afraid I have to second this. I have frequented this site since 2005. The masculine black background with red and white text gave the site it’s personality. It sent a message that this site was the real-deal, a site for hardcore lifters, and not Men’s Health. I’m sorry to say that it now looks too much like every other fitness site out there. It may just take me some time to adjust.

As much as I liked that look I see the difference as it grew up, shaved, got a haircut and put on its going to work clothes.

The internet as a whole has come of age as a device for business and exchange. Being hard core is cool, but having a clean, clear image that people are willing to do business with is also pretty cool.

Fair enough. I don’t agree with your point but I get where you’re coming from and it makes sense.

I guess I always thought of T-Nation as more of a “niche” site for people who were serious about their training. Not that it isn’t that way now but I just think the “new look” of the site is watered down. It looks “vanilla” to me and indistinguishable from all the other fitness sites now.

Maybe it needed to be more advertiser-friendly but I hardly think that it’s about the site “maturing”.

No disrespect intended to the administrators and users of the site by the way. It’s just my opinion.

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