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New Website Format/Layout

Hey guys,

I’m not usually one to pipe up on these things but from a design standpoint the layout changes for T-nation seem to be a huge step backwards.

Not only the color schematic change from the more masculine black to white, but the fact that literally about 60% of the homepage is nothing but advertisements is pretty wild.

I’m assuming there’s a big need for revenue generation which prompted the switch but this website is more kitschy than a grandmothers wood-paneled basement. I don’t think there’s a comparable supplement website that has more than half of their home page real estate devoted to ads.

Also, just on a personal note, the topic segment division (split between more bars of advertisements) isn’t as logical as I’m sure it seemed on paper.

Just some general feedback here but I’d probably watch your benchmarks to see if overall views drops from these changes.

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