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The Expendables Review


There's no ass to kiss here, my friend. This is about the Expendables. I'll call you when a T-vixen shows up.


Favorite Character: Dolph Lungren.


Dolph and JCVD don't like eachother, maybe that's why he turned it down?


Did you go to spill.com and listen to the audio review. I suggest not to.


Yeah, I'm listening to it. Those guys are acting really gay in that review. They loved the hipster the movie, but they're having problems with this.

Fuck them. They can eat a dick.

Watch this movie!


I turned it off, I have always enjoyed those guys, but come on. We know what this movie is and I for one cant wait.


Thanks, buddy.


LOL. that's a great analogy


by the way- going to see it right after work. Can't wait.


"What don't you like about what you see?" - Statham

"Everything" - Stallone

"Let's get out of here." - Statham

Actual stellar dialogue from the movie.

It'll be out of the theatres by next week.


To hell with all of you!!! When I take over the world, there will be theaters EVERYWHERE! And all the fucking movies will come out at the same fucking time worldwide! And while I'm still in uniform, we military folk will get first dibs on tickets! YEAH!! So until my time comes, all of you can kiss my ass!

I'm really glad the movie doesn't suck, though. It'll spread like wildfire out here once it's downloaded. Or a Hajji copy surfaces... Good times. Enjoy, all.


TYpical, he's a Canadian.


JUST CAME BACK FROM SEEING IT. DAMNNNNNNNNNN. The last half hour pissed on the last 30 action flicks that came out.

I was with you for fav character Dolph...UNTIL THE SCENE WITH THE NATURAL RANDY COUTOUR. I laughed so hard.

But trust me Crews not doing much was my second favorite behind Randy.



Pretty much the best action film in at least the last 15 years. Terry Crews and his gun were amazing. I pray for a sequel set in twilight world where the expendables get a contract to wipe out all the ladyboy vampire anorexics.


Terry crews + gun = awesome.

Jet Li's lines were probably the epitome of dialogue (yes Asian/short).


I caught the 8:50 show here. The theater was packed.

The movie kicked ass. It was everything I expected, nothing more, nothing less. Perfectly simple.

People got killed in spectacular ways. Shit blew up. Lots and lots of shit. There were no plot twists. There was no crazy metaphorical relationship between anything in this movie and anything in real life. I didn't leave the theater thinking about anything other than how fucking sweet it was.

This movie put a smile on my face for a little over 90 minutes. Just like I thought it would.

Mission accomplished Sly.


Does anyone else think that Christmas' relationship with that chick was put in solely so he could beat the fuck out of a basketball court full of dipshits? I think so.

Now THAT is character development!



Im not sure about you guys but theres only one actors that im willing to shell 12 bucks for a movie ticket to see;Dolph Lundgren!


You're def on the lower end of the IQ scale aren't you?

So you pick three lines out of a two hour long movie? Intelligent. You can do that with ANY movie.

What about all the stellar lines? Not going to start quoting them, bc A, I wont be able to quote them right and B, wont spoil shit. But there was a shit load of awesome ass lines.



You didn't think Dolph "dying" then coming back to kick some ass counted as a plot twist? That shit blew my mind...but I was also drunk

And yes, I think the relationship scene was just so we could see Statham rape some shit on the courts.


Terry Crews does not believe in Flesh wounds.