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Template for 41 Year Old Intermediate?

I am 41 years old, 5,8 feet, 159 lbs.
My stats:
Squat 225x7
Deadlift 251x6
Press 87x5
Bench 149x5
Pendlay row 149x7

Ido stronglift 5x5 and now 3x5 since June 2020.
But I want to do BBB 5/3/1.
I think I need to be more intermediate level to begin BBB.
So 5/3/1 beginner seems to be more complet than stronglift.
Is it a good idea to work with 5/3/1 beginner as an intermediate level or to continue with stronglift as stagnation?

Start 531 beginners. Make sure you read the book and understand the concepts.

I read the book!!! And I love!
But I am not beginner… Not intermediaire, I am still novice!!!
Is 5/3/1 beginner good for me and when to switch 5/3/1 bbb?

I don’t really know what any of these mean anymore. Think of 531 beginners prep school as a 531 program for people new to 531.

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OK thankq !

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I’m not familiar with what you are doing at this moment but you need to get rid of these phony ideas of “beginner/novice/semi-beginner/intermediate/kind- of -intermediate- but -still- a -bit- novice -but -only -if -one- doesn’t- include- the -14 -days- that- I -did- bodybuilding -but- really-let’s-be-honest,-I-didn’t-follow-a-diet.”

I don’t know why people are so obsessed with these labels and think Program A won’t work, etc. 20 years ago, EVERYONE thought they were an advanced lifter. Now, everyone is DYING to let everyone know that are a “novice”.

Do one of these programs:

  • BBB
  • 5x5 @ First Set Last (this would be combined with PR sets on the main lift)
  • “Regular” 5/3/1 with 2 assistance movements after (Triumvirate).

Which one? Whatever one you want to do. Do it for a minimum of 6 weeks and then, if you want to change, change to another one. Stop getting caught up in labels and get caught up in doing work.


Thanks Jim!!!
I will do the BBB first for at least 6 weeks.

I will begin BBB next week, is my template good?

Press 5.3.1
Press 5x10
Chinup 5x10
Triceps push down 5x10
Ab wheel 5x10

Squat 5.3.1
Squat 5x10
Upright row 5x10 light
Push up 5x10
Hanging leg raise 5x10

Bench 5.3.1
Bench 5x10
Kroc row 1x20.30
Triceps push down 5x10
Ab well 5x10

Deadlift 5.3.1
Deadlift 5x10
Pushjp up 5x10
Rear delt 5x10
Hanging leg raise 5x10

Supllemental lift 5x10 at 30.40%.


Just be aware that BBB is a huge jump in volume from where you are. You may have missed that Jim’s highlighted to do PR sets with 5*5fsl. Which I take to mean to do 5 pros with BBB. I like how you’ve set low supplemental %, much better than when I first tried it.

I read the book but I don’t remember why he advises 5’s pro and not PR…
Maybe too taxing…

Yeah it becomes a situation where you chase the pr and volume and miss both. I’m 42 and my slight joke is that BBB has never worked for my PRs but every programme after has always worked :wink:.

I was silly when I first tried 531 as I was so close to my targets after starting strength that I tried to rush it. Then I reset and did it properly, it worked.

Edit: the original BBB had prs and it worked for many, but not me.

Currently doing a BBS variant with 5 pros.

Hi, I followed Jim’s recommandations. I am on the 2 cycle of original boring but big with PR set.
Does this plan look good?
After my 2 Cycle of BBB, I will do…
7 week deload
5.3.1 pr set. First last set 5x5. 1cycle
7 week deload
FOREVEVER. BBB. 2 cycles
7 week deload
5.3.1. Pr set. First set last 5x5. 1 cycle
7 wk deload
Forever BBB. 2 Cycles…