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Take 2, Show in August

So now I’m back to 16 weeks out if our lame ass governor doesn’t keep us locked down.
265#, 6’4


Looking good… maybe hit some mandatory poses so we can comment and advise if you’d like.


Damn mate you’re huge; just tell the Governor to let you out and he probably will.

Got plugged in with a posing coach.
Should help some.
Aside from legs, any input on delts?
I was thinking lateral raises 4xweek?

I don’t have any advice for you, just wanted to say you have a really good physique in my opinion, and it’s the type of body I aspire to have one day.

I’d love to ready something about how you train and eat usually, if you felt like sharing that with us on here.

Sure man.
I’m one of those guys who loves to workout.
It’s usually the highlight of my day (boring life but I guess I’m easily entertained).
I’m in Medicine so my schedule allows it.
So pre corona it was 6 days a week of weights
Legs 2 x and each other part once. Cardio 6-7 days a week x 30 minutes.
My diet is prescribed by a coach
Post workout about 100g simple carbs and 60g protein
Then egg whites and eggs
Then it’s all pretty much chicken and rice or potato all day
Last meal is some beef and veg.

Boring but at 46 I’ve never been in better shape.