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Swine Flu


Anyone worried yet?


Not particularly.

Then again, I never watch TV. What is this "Swine Flu?" Another hyped up, bullshit "epedemic?"





X2 and no, anyone with the sniffles is going to be pissed!
"Oh god, i have swine flu!"


Sounds to me to be a distraction story. Makes you wonder what is really going on in the world.


I'm sure 90% of the outbreak in Mexico can be traced back to the United States. They should ban pandemics in the U.S. for the sake of Mexicans.


Hee hee.


not really.

and no im not worried, just like i wasnt worried about killer bees in like 1994 and wasnt worried about that mosquito thing recently, or sars or anthrax or getting herpes from beerpong.

this is why i dont watch the news.


Damn it, I avoid watching tv for a few months and completely forget I am supposed to be in a constant state of media/government sponsored terror.

My bad.


I never get sick. From anything. Ever.


Oh man, not again.

I've had E. Coli poisoning, Avian flu, a really nasty case of SARS, Anthrax, and even a mild touch of Ebola. Now I've got this swine flu to look forward to.

Whenever there is mass panic, I seem to get the brunt of it.

Did I mention my basement is infested with killer bees? Not the nice killer bees, either. The MEXICAN ones.


Nobody in the US that has been infected has died. They have all recovered.


Heard that herpes/beer pong thing. Hasn't stopped me from playing, but I don't play with people that have herpes either so...

And haven't there only been like 13 cases in all the US?


bpeloquin has the best avatar ever.


LoL k.. I have had the flu since thursday night.. Chills/Fever/Sore Throat/Vommiting... and I can't remember the last time I got sick. So I'm thinking what the fuck is going on with me... I live about 15 minutes from the Mexican border in Texas so I got hyped even worse on all these swine flu articles... I went to the Hospital this morning around 8 after a night of no sleep from a fever and said I had the flu and wanted a prescription for medicine and it was code red in there everyone put on face masks myself included of course they put me in a room and drew blood, took urine and of course the dreaded anal probe... Needless to say it was a rough morining. Turns out anyway I have a regular flu and not the hybrid type flu that is known as Swine Flu.

Anyways you can't be to careful everyone on this site is already ahead of the curve as far as health so you'll be alright but wash your hands more often and stay healthy.


Scary stuff indeed...


not as scary as the anal probe part


not this year, its probaly closer to zero

its like that story about the kid who took too much acid and now thinks hes a glass of orange juice, its some bullshit urban legend.


hell no I'm not scared. simply because all reported deaths/cases are of people who are in advanced age or already very ill

Its just way to try and distrac us from real issues

fuck the news and any sensationalized bullshit it reports as fact, realize that its just a fucking tx show

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Problem with Swine Flu, just like the global influenza epidemic of the early 20th century, is that the healthier you are the more likely you are to die.