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Strength Training in General for Fighters


so i've been training mma for around a year and a half, and on the side i do ss, and thanks to my squats and deads, my leg kicks are awesome! and overhead press and benching plus squat and deads all contributed to my explosive punches. in bjj all around i feel good

but i just wanted to know what else i could do, i really wanted to add some oly lifts or something, i'm just trying to increase my strength/athleticism all around.

any tips? also if you guys could post what your workouts look like that could help too!

thanks! :slight_smile:


On the side you do SS? Schutzstaffel????

If you want to do Oly Lifts, then just do them. No need to ask our permission.

"increase my strength/athleticism all around." is pretty generic. Maybe try being more specific. Then folks might be more inclined to help.


The Olympic lifts helped me a lot with speed, timing, and explosiveness. The Snatch and the C&J are awesome!
I hope this helps a little.


its called starting strength, and was asking tips on what oly lifts to do, maybe rep range, intensity stuff like that.

just basic insight in general no need to over think it so much


thanks i'll look into those! :]


I'm not claiming any level of expertise, however the O lifts are very technical and demanding. Due to their explosive nature the risk of injury is potentially fairly high, if your form isn't solid. If, like most of us, you've never had the benefit of any direct coaching in these lifts, I suggest you spend some time reading, watching videos and working on your technique with a broom handle or something similar before you start loading up a bar. Coach Burgener's(sp?) warm-up sequence breaks the snatch down into its basic elements and helps get things moving. You can do the same with the C&J. There is an article on here by Christian Thibaudeau (I think) that breaks down the clean nicely.

Although people use higher rep schemes of the O lifts for conditioning (and they can be awesome for this), it is my understanding that they are typically trained at very low reps (often singles) for multiple sets, with adequate recovery in between. Of course there are lots of different protocols but I would suggest a max of 3reps/set to maintain speed and technique while ramping the weights as you go (but only after your technique is at least serviceable). Like I said, I'm no expert and this is just my $.02, hope it helps.


If it's working don't change it.


If you're a fighter, the risk to gain ratio for the Olympic lifts seems a bit much to me.


I agree. Maybe something like clean and press, but if it ain't broke don't fix it brother


Doesnt starting strength have cleans already programmed in?
I think if you are a beginner- and it sounds like you are- keep it simple.

I found the o-lifts very useful- and not that easy to learn in the beginning

I do prefer them to other lifting because of their grace and they are fun
however I would recommend using them only if you are capable

Use the parts that with benefit the most and hurt the least.

high pulls or jump shrugs- will give you much of hip extension and pop,
with none of the catch or eccentric portion of the lifts.

OH squats - are a great programming tool for working on balance an posture

my 2 cents on the o-lifts for most beginners