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Stopped Taking HCG - Feel Terrible

TRT is like puberty. You can come up with every possible assertation as to why your butt has acne now, but its very simple. TRT gets you back into the youth game, and that comes with increased libido, acne, emotions, erections, risk taking, and sometimes the need to sleep in, as if you were in a growing pains phase or something like that.

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HCG just complicates TRT for some of us. As soon as I stop HCG and raise my Testosterone C to compensate, I will drop 10 pounds in a couple of weeks and lose that puffy look/feel. When I restart back on HCG I will gain 10 the following couple of weeks. Like clockwork. I have always had some acne issues…on HCG my back/shoulders are a cystic mess…without HCG it is what I would call normal to me, with a bump here or there. All while my T levels stay in same range.

I love the sexual benefits it gives me, that is why I have not just totally gave up. I may try cycling as you noted in this thread. What the hell, I’ve tried all other protocols on it!

Its always going to be an experiment. Enjoy the ride

So for yesterday’s shot, I took .25 instead of .15. Let’s see how I feel this week after this one and say 2 more shots that size catch up and raise me some. I can already feel a tremendous difference this morning in my fatigue level. I am happy I respond so quickly to these adjustments. Slept great and had a rock hard woody this morning as well.

I am awaiting my Dr. to call me back to put in the script to Empower. Empower hasn’t responded to my request for a quote yet either.

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I never took HCG until a year or more of sole TRT use. Actually quite amazed by how much it helped the sexual side effects I’ve been dealing with for the majority of the time I’ve been on TRT. I didn’t really notice it like I did the ball atrophy and bizarre ejaculations, but mono TRT gradually steals dick sensitivity, causes a lot of rope pushing, ED, etc.

For me, and I suspect for many other men, testicular function must add quite a bit more than simple testosterone production. I don’t know if it was because I was legit low test prior to starting TRT, but once my natural production shut down is when the majority of the dumb side effects of TRT started up.

So just an update. I have taken .25 every other day totaling 5 times now. My mind is definitely sharper than my previous 2-3 years of TRT with HCG. going from 105mg to 175mg a week is quite a jump though (at least to me it seems that way).

I can strongly feel since the day after I took my first one that my desire for sex dropped. I went from wanting it every day and thinking about it every night at bed with my wife to not thinking about sex at all. This only took 1 week to happen. I have tremendous loss of penis sensitivity and as people have stated here, i went from awesome explosions to strange, almost twitchy/abnormal and slightly abnormal ejact. I could recover sexually every single morning from night hardcore sex. Now, one blowjob and I haven’t recovered in 3 days. I also went soft on her.

I realize there are stabilization periods when making changes so I am just making notes for myself and others to see what these changes are doing to me. I haven’t went in for a blood draw yet so I have no idea what the bloods would say at this point. I will go soon for that.

I plan after that, to drop down again and go back on HCG and see how I feel. I do currently feel a slight dull ache in my scrotum and I feel like my penis is losing size/fullness. I could be mentally making that up but it just doesn’t seem to get as full and hard as it used to and I was quite liking that (and so was the wife). Another thing I have noticed is that I feel a strange almost tired lungs feeling. As if I had done a major sporting event or long cardio session in the morning and now it’s late in the night and my lungs are “tired” and slightly raspy feeling.

I wish I could keep this mental sharpness I have gained and still have my incredible sex life I had for the last 3 years. Perhaps all I was missing before, was a little boost in Testosterone and keeping the HCG and would have been in a great place. I am also watching to see how this affects my weight gain/loss coming off the HCG.

More updates to come.

Pretty much exactly what happens to me when I try to increase my Test dosage too high (for me).

Mentally great plus bigger muscles, but a smoked libido.

So at this point, my libido is totally gone down the shitter and my dick is totally useless. Last night was my final attempt to have sex with my wife and within 2 minutes of not even having intercourse, I look down and my dick was completely soft and somehow I had mini ejaculated, never felt it, couldn’t get up and literally had no pleasure. I literally hadn’t even done anything yet but started to prepare her for the mood. My shit was so numb that I could have cut it off with a butter knife right at that moment and never even knew it was gone.

I am certainly enjoying not being as tired but this side effect is to much for me. I am also feeling a small bit of irritability. The irritability would probably reduce itself over time if I gave it more time however, I am not sure about this libido and complete numb/limp dick.

I scheduled my next appointment for the 29th and to get some new bloods done. I am going to go ahead and request that they send over a script to empower for HCG and get back on it. It will have been at that point, 2 months off of it so that’s plenty to know how I feel at that moment and then see how I feel getting back on it to. Then I can weigh in the benefits and cons and determine my next steps. I hope that I am not one of the people who holds on to 10+lbs of weight from being on this shit. So far after being off of it for a month I haven’t dropped any additional weight. I didn’t take photos to compare though so I will be sure to get morning photos the day I start back on it to see if I bloat up over the next few months after that.

I am familiar with what you are talking about. It blows my mind because I just think about how lucky I would have been if the Test worked like I thought I was supposed to work. I wonder what the reason is. Thyroid? Adrenals? Who freaking knows

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Thanks! Im going to use my first dose today. Sadly, the bac water i bought contains 0.9% of sodium chloride and i guess no alcohol… I will buy the correct one. Meanwhile im going to use my first vial with this water, i hope this is still ok.

One question, you added dots in front of numbers which confused me.

So what you are suggesting is, i should put 6ml of water into the vial, mix it with 1500iu and then take a full 1ml into my syringe and inject it to myself for 250iu?

My syringes are 5ml long. Thanks, i hope you see this before i use it today.

Hey man I’d rather hold 10lbs of water and be a little tired than have zero libido or sexual function and feel like shit

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.6ml, as in 6/10ths of a ml. That way you get 250iu with .1ml (10 units on a U-100 insulin syringe) of solution.

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I’m just seeing this post. I pay $78 from Revive Rx 12,000iu. I have to mix it myself.

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Hell yes, me too! I guess if I did have the weight, I had gotten used to it and my wife finally began to worship me in every way sexually from TRT results so I guess there’s no issues with that 10lbs of weight! It’s been the best sex of my life for sure. I at least know what my goal is for my sex drive. I initially was a little to high and would get around other women and literally begin to almost tremble wanting to have sex with them right there on the spot. I got that under control and had a really great balance of being normal and yet totally insanely crazy about sex with my wife.

That shit paid off 10000 times :). I plan to go back to that protocol and slowly add more testosterone and see if I can get a little more mental clarity and better feeling without losing the sex drive. Then just keep inching up a small amount each 8 weeks until I find a sweet spot between all the above and having healthy blood tests.

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I am totally cool mixing my own. Is that 78$ include shipping?

It’s really incredible how many things it can be. I swear it feels like there’s 5 billion combinations and becomes very overwhelming if I take time and sit around thinking about it to hard. After I did that about 1 year straight, I just decided to make it really simple. Take my testosterone, take my HCG and nothing else. See what happens and do blood tests. I would then try adding all my vitamins for 6 months. Never noticed 1 change. Stopped all vitamins completely and didn’t notice anything.

Doc told me my Vitamin D was low and I should take it. Started taking it, never felt any change but my bloods said there was a change. Nothing at all works as good for me as just Testosterone and HCG. In fact, in all these 2.5 years I quit all my vitamins except Vitamin D, not one time has my doctor or any blood test shown any differences in my bloods. I have saved hundreds of dollars a month by just eating food and taking my two shots.

Some of the guys on here have low numbers for all kinds of things related to thyroid and other things. I’ve never had that issue and don’t give it any looks other than blood tests, blood pressure and how I feel.

$72 including shipping. They are in Houston.

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Now thats a bargain. 2 months for that price is insane cheap. Going to check them out, thanks!

Did you find other vitamins/supplements were having a negative impact, or just a waste of money? How much vitamin D are you taking and what did it get your D levels to? Also as a guy who has tried seemingly everything for libido with no success I’m extremely jealous lol

I literally found them to do absolutely nothing. They didn’t affect the numbers on my blood tests and I never noticed any benefit while on them. As soon as I dropped all my supplements, I never even noticed. I literally feel the same with or without them.

I have gone as far as testing the ones the doc sells at his office, to Now Supplements, to powders for faster absorption etc. I really tried. I even paid not only my doctor but other professionals to give me supplement programs to be on (not illegal drugs, only vitamins and health benefit stuff). I was/had been taking vitamins and supplements for many years (around 20). The only thing that I feel ever made me notice anything was Creatine and Pre-Workout. I wish that I had known and been brave enough to investigate TRT many many years ago.

I have no desire to take any more expensive 50 pills a day of vitamins at this point. I am not suggesting anyone do what I do as it may actually make them feel better and affect their numbers. Have to try for yourself.

I will say, that if I were taking vitamins or felt some should be taken that I hear great things about:

Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Fish Oil type supplement
Multi-Vitamin for Men

At this point in my life once I am optimized, that’s probably about all I would consider taking unless something really stands out and I can feel the benefit because it begins to be a hassle trying to balance 50 pills a day or powders etc. I used to be interested in that being my entire daily focus but now I want my wife, son, work and play life to have more attention as long as I am feeling great and eating mostly good shit. It just feels like a money pit to me. Again, I stopped 100% of all supplements and the only thing my doctor seen was Vitamin D. I started taking that and nothing ever changed and they haven’t ever brought up anything in all these years that I need supplementation. Although they do try to get me to buy them every month (they put them on the charge sheet to buy them on the way out at the cash register). I simply don’t. My assumption is they still think I am taking them all since my numbers are/were so good.

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